About us

Having built my first PC when I was 16, I fell in love with technology right away. There has never been any going back since.

From fiddling with technology to writing about it, the journey has been fun. And then came smartphones and expanded my interests further.

I have written for tech blogs all around the world, including TechRadar, PCMag, etc. And it is not just to find an outlet for my interest.

Every day I get countless questions from people who are stuck in problems that only technology can solve. From parents who want to keep their kids’ safe through location tracking to people who were suspicious of their partners, I have helped countless individuals all over the world.

However, since helping everyone individually can be a tough job when you get flooded with thousands of similar requests, I have decided to upload all the solutions in the form of self-help blogs on this site.

You can enjoy for free here all the miracles that technology has to offer. Although I should advise you- to gain the best benefit you would have to try them out yourself!