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Keep tabs on all their incoming and outgoing calls discreetly.

Find out who they frequently call by taking a look at their call logs via ClickFree.

  • Track all recent incoming and outgoing calls on the user's device.
  • Find important details like call durations and time and date entries.
  • Check a list of popular callers and the call frequency..
  • Access in stealth mode without rooting or jailbreak.

3 Simple Steps to Tracking Phone Calls

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Track Phone Calls from Your Web Browser

ClickFree gives you the ability to track the user’s phone calls from your web browser, at any time and with any device that’s convenient for you. All you have to do is install the app, which only takes a few minutes on any Android or iOS device.

You can look at the phone call activity from the “Calls” option in the dashboard, in the selection menu on the left. Just click on the option to bring up the detailed call log window.

Find Out Everything You Need to Know

The user’s call log has a lot of information to offer and it can help you discover the truth. Are you wondering who the user is in touch with? Taking a quick look at their call log will help you determine if you should be concerned.

If you’re the parent of a child, you can find out who they are in touch with. If they keep getting calls from strangers or from people you don’t want them hanging out with, you can investigate and put a stop to it.

view call logs
  • Is a problem employee secretly working for someone else? You can find out by keeping an eye on their company-issued phone. You can find out if they’re loyal to your business or not. You can then take the steps you need and fire them if you have to.
  • The app can be installed without rooting or jailbreak. You can set it up in a jiffy on target Android or iOS devices in a stress-free way.
  • ClickFree is a stealthy solution, allowing you to monitor calls in secret from your web browser. You can monitor your children without them finding out.

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