How to Catch Cheating Spouse Text Messages

You love your spouse, but you see them drastically change and drift away from you. They stay on their phones all day, and you are no more than strangers at your home.

We know how worrying it may be for you. It might also frustrate you so much that you would be thinking about ending this relationship; after all, marriage is all about being closer.

But don’t you want to know the reason behind your spouses changed behaviour? Do you want to see why they are on their phones all day and when you come they hide their phone? Have you noticed that they have changed their phone passwords and are hesitant is telling you?

We know how fishy this looks. But make sure you have concrete proof that they are cheating before you take any decisions. Since they are not sharing their phone passwords with you, the only choice you have is to hack into their phones.

In this article, we will help you out in how to catch a cheating spouse through spying on their phone.

Part 1: How to get your spouse’s text messages

Individuals of the modern-day world use text messages to keep their affairs secret and cheat on their spouses. You can use the same technology to monitor them.

ClickFree is a widely renowned software that helps you read your cheating spouse’s text messages. If you are curious to know how to catch a cheating spouse’s text messages via ClickFree keep on reading!

1.2 ClickFree – The leading spying software

We know how worried you may be because of your spouse, to make it easier for you, we have brought you ClickFree.

ClickFree is one of the most innovative and versatile monitoring apps that you can use to spy on your spouse. ClickFree is featured by Forbes, TechRadar, and Mashable; proving that it is a market leader and used by more than 1 million people from 190+ countries.

Many of them use it since they are doubtful about their relationships. With ClickFree, many people have found the cause of their spouses changed behaviour and fixed the issue to live a happy life: With or without them.

What makes this app even more amazing is that it works on both iOS and Android due to which there is no escape for your spouse. To try out their free live demo here >>


ClickFree goes absolute Ninja with its Stealth Mode

For the Android target device:

ClickFree’s Android Solution is by far the most appealing choice for you to know what’s happening behind your back. ClickFree recognizes your modern-day needs. It operates in a stealth mode that runs unnoticed and undetected, and your spouse will never know that they are being spied on.

Just like any other phone spy, you will need to download ClickFree on the target phone, however, what sets ClickFree apart is that its size is less than 2 Mb and will easily go unnoticed.

When you install the app on the device, it disappears from the app menu like it was never installed. There will be a secret code that will only be known to you so you can open the app by dialing it, now this is something very cool as the app stays hidden from everyone.

No alerts will be sent on the target device, preventing your spouse from having a clue about what’s happening. Moreover, ClickFree does not drain the battery, and you will stay up to date about all the actions of your spouse.

We know ClickFree is incredible; what makes it even better is that you can uninstall the app from the dashboards control panel, which means you won’t have to access the phone ever again to uninstall the app. You don’t need to jailbreak or root any devices when installing ClickFree. It is not a high maintenance app at all. Check out its Android solution here >>.

For iOS target device:

Good news! If your spouse uses an iPhone, it makes your task way easier. For iOS you won’t have to download the app on the target phone, and you can easily allow ClickFree to spy the target phone from their iCloud credentials. This will help you prevent leaving any traces of your spying.

Inherently, iPhones come with the iCloud backup feature, which uploads information to a cloud server.

ClickFree uses this iCloud backup and provides you with all the data from the target without having to do anything! If you want to spy an iPhone, just check it here >>

1.2 Read Cheating Spouse Text Messages for Free

Installing ClickFree is no rocket science, all it takes is less than 5 mins to install the app, and you are good to go. However, the steps may differ a bit depending upon the target’s phone; if it’s Android or iPhone.  But don’t worry, we will talk about both. You don’t have to worry about whether the target phone is and Android or iOS, you can view data on any browser and on any device.

Configuring ClickFree for iPhone

As you know, If your target device is an iPhone, you do not need to access the target phone to download the ClickFree app. All you need to do is to get the iCloud details for the device, it doesn’t seem hard, right? Let’s dig into the steps to make it even easier.

Step 1: Sign up with your email address and password on the ClickFree website. The next page will ask you about the operating system of the target phone, select iOS.


Step 2: Buy the subscription for ClickFree iOS. You can also select different add ons, including the time frame you want it to run. A quick tip: buy the plan for a longer period as it leads to more savings.

Step 3:  You will be led to a page to verify the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone. It will take less than a minute. Next, choose the device from the list of devices that are linked to that iCloud account.

clickfree verify icloud

Step 4: Once all the previous steps are done, press start. You will be taken to your dashboard and you can access all the data there

clickfree dashboard

Easy isn’t it? It will take you a maximum of about four minutes to set it up.

Now let’s see how to set up ClickFree on Android.

Configuring ClickFree for Android

You will need to download the app on the target phone since, due to Android’s design, no software can spy on an Android without downloading the app. But don’t worry, and the app will be hidden.

Step 1: Sign up with your email address and password on the ClickFree website. The next page will ask you about the operating system of the target phone, select Android.

Step 2: Download the app on the target Android phone.

Step 3: Now use ClickFree remotely, you can access all the data on the ClickFree dashboard.


So, with ClickFree, you can sneakily spy on your spouse. The app will keep a very close eye on your spouse 24/7 and will help you figure out exactly what it is that they’re hiding. As you’ve seen by now, ClickFree is easy to set up, has a lot of useful tools and is inexpensive as well. It’s an absolute win-win package for you. So, what are you waiting for? Join ClickFree now!