Is My Husband Cheating? 20+ Signs Your Husband is Cheating

Cheating is, unfortunately, a common malaise. It can happen to even the most loving and settled couples. Married life is full of stresses and challenges. Sometimes it can be too much for a partner to bear. Cheating can be a welcome distraction.


It’s a known fact that men are more likely to cheat than women. Think your husband is cheating on you? There are some behavioral signs that can confirm your suspicions.

You can also monitor his movements to find out whether he’s cheating. And no, you don’t have to do it personally – or even hire an expensive private eye to do it for you. Instead, you can use software to spy on his phone.

This article is divided into two parts:

  • In Part 1, we talk about the 20+ behavioral signs cheating husbands commonly exhibit.
  • In Part 2, we offer a simple, stress-free way to spy on your husband secretly with the help of a popular spy app – ClickFree!

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Part 1: 20+ Signs Your Husband is Cheating on You

Let’s take a look at the ways cheating men tend to commonly behave. If several of these signs apply to your spouse at once, chances are he’s cheating on you.

Signs your husband has cheated and doesn’t feel bad about it

There are husbands that don’t feel bad about their behavior:

  1. Your husband’s behavior toward you has changed

Your husband doted on you once. You were a very important part of his life. These days, though, he doesn’t treat you the same way. He doesn’t talk to you as often. He forgets important dates and doesn’t meet relationship goals.

If your husband doesn’t treat you the same special way anymore, he may have found someone else.

  1. His habits have undergone a transformation

People need free time to cheat. If your husband’s daily habits have changed so he spends less time at home, it could be he’s spending the extra time with someone else.

For example: Your husband comes home later than usual from work. Or he meets friends three times a week now instead of once.

  1. He finds reasons to be away from you

Does your husband make up excuses and find reasons to be away from you? If he doesn’t show up for shared family events, for example, or goes on extra-long business trips, he could be using the time to be with the new person he’s found.  

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  1. He spends too much money

Cheating is expensive. If your husband is suddenly spending extra money, he could be treating a new lover to expensive dinners, taking her out for shared activities, and the like.

  1. But he can’t afford to take you anywhere

Is your husband spending more but says he can’t afford to take you anywhere, even though you know for a fact he has a one plus one free coupon for a hotel? This is a classic sign of cheating behavior.

  1. He spends extra time grooming

When you’re trying to impress someone, you dress well. If your husband is suddenly spending more time with grooming himself and he’s dressing better than usual, it could be a sign he’s found someone new to impress.

  1. He’s buying strange gifts for his friends

Is your husband buying weird gifts for his “friends” such as expensive hair and beauty products? It could be he’s actually buying gifts for his fling and says it’s for a friend to try and hoodwink you.

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  1. There’s less sex than usual

If your husband is suddenly less interested in sex, it could be his energy is tied up somewhere else. More likely, he’s having sex with someone else, which limits the amount of sex he can have with you.

  1. He’s evasive and defensive

If you try to confront your husband, how does he act? Is he genuinely surprised? Or does he clam up and become evasive and defensive? The latter shows he’s probably hiding his cheating behavior from you.

  1. He’s started lying

You can probably tell when your husband is lying. If he lies to you about his activities or makes up fanciful stories, it’s a surefire sign he has something to hide. He could be covering his tracks by lying.

  1. He’s prickly

Is your husband constantly on edge? Does he appear stressed, even more so than usual? It could be he’s worried about you finding out about his new relationship. This is especially true when he snaps at you or argues with you often.

  1. He doesn’t enjoy spending time with you anymore

When your husband is distracted and looking uncomfortable while spending time with you, it’s a sign he’s unhappy. He’s probably wishing he could be somewhere else – like in the arms of his new lover.

  1. He’s overly protective of his privacy

In healthy relationships, partners have nothing to hide from each other. If your husband hides his behavior and activities from you or doesn’t let you near his phone, it’s a sign he’s doing something he knows you won’t like.

Signs he’s cheated and is regretting it

Some husbands cheat a few times but then end up regretting it:

  1. He tries too hard to make you happy

 Is your husband too nice to you all of a sudden? Does he volunteer to do chores and help you around the household, when before he was content to sit back and relax? It could be he’s trying to make up for his recent lapse.

  1. He can’t sleep right

Does your husband toss and turn in bed all night? Being unable to sleep is a sign of a disturbed mind. It could be he’s feeling guilty about his recent affair and it’s giving him a lot of grief at night.  

  1. He blames you for everything

Sometimes people blame others instead of accepting responsibility for their own shortcomings. Does your husband seem to find fault with your every move? He may be making up reasons in his head as to why he cheated on you.

  1. He buys you expensive gifts

Some husbands regret cheating on their partners so much that they lavish them with gifts. If your husband has surprised you recently with an expensive dress or gadget you had your eye on for a while, he could have cheated on you recently.

  1. He wants reassurance from you

If your husband has cheated on you recently, he may seek forgiveness from you – without admitting to his affair. In these cases, he might ask for reassurances and “I love you” from you.

  1. He constantly apologizes

Does your husband constantly apologize for everything he does wrong lately? He may be feeling guilty about an affair and it’s eating him up inside. He needs forgiveness from you but doesn’t have the courage right now to own up for his bad behavior.

  1. He becomes overly attentive

Has your husband been paying you too much attention all of a sudden? If he suddenly wants to spend a lot of time with you and wants to be around you constantly, he may want to forget a recent mistake he made.

  1. Your husband is having a crisis

It’s a known fact that people who have a mid-life or even a quarter-life crisis often cheat. This is a time when they question all the life choices they have made to date – including their marriage with you.

People with personal and financial problems will often cheat and act out in other ways. If your husband is having a personal crisis of some sort, he may cheat just to cope. Or he may use it as an opportunity to find out whether he really wants to be with you for life.

Part 2: Catch Him in The Act without Him Knowing with ClickFree

Of course, all the signs of a cheating husband we gave above are nothing but speculation. You need solid proof if you want to know for sure.

How do you find solid proof? We recommend spying on his phone. If he has found someone new, he’s likely in touch with her via his phone. He may call her often, send her texts, and interact with her on social media.


ClickFree is a top-of-the-line phone monitoring app that makes it easy to spy on your husband’s smartphone. The app is used by over a million users worldwide for exactly this purpose.

You can trust ClickFree to do a good job of spying on your husband discreetly. The app is a globally-recognized leader and has been featured on known platforms such as Forbes, Mac World, Tech Advisor, and Life Hacker.

2.1 Gain Full Access to Your Partner’s Phone Remotely with ClickFree

You can see what your husband gets up to on his phone:

  • Read messages: Read your husband’s private texts and iMessages. See if he’s sending inappropriate texts to his new lover.
  • Access call logs: Is your husband frequently in touch with an unknown woman? You can check his call logs to find out.
  • View media files: Has your husband been exchanging photos and videos with a woman? Download his media files and find out for yourself.
  • Check locations: Does your husband visit his lover’s home? ClickFree tracks your husband’s movements on a virtual map. Just trace his location to find out.
  • See social media: ClickFree allows you to check your husbands’ WhatsApp, Messenger, LINE, and other social media activity.
  • Keylog passwords: ClickFree also comes with a built-in keylogger. You can use the keylogger to capture your husband’s username and passwords for multiple accounts.

ClickFree offers two dozen unique features in total, including a note reader, email reader, calendar event viewer, browser history checker, and more! Be on the lookout for common cell phone signs of a cheating husband to confirm if your husband is straying.

2.2 You Need Zero Technical Skills to Use ClickFree

Step 1: Get a free ClickFree account. You can use your email ID for the username.

Step 2: Purchase the ClickFree monthly plan you need. If your husband owns a single smartphone, a premium subscription is enough. Otherwise, you will need a family subscription if your husband owns multiple devices.

Step 3: You will get an email with the setup instructions. To install ClickFree, start with choosing the target platform, depending on which device your husband owns:  iOS or Android.

You can set up ClickFree for iOS remotely from any browser without downloading any app. Simply enter your husband’s iCloud details. Then wait for ClickFree to sync with his device.

clickfree verify icloud

If your husband owns an Android smartphone, you will need to borrow it until you can install ClickFree on it. You just need 5 minutes for this.

Step 4: That’s all! ClickFree will now sync with your partner’s phone. This only takes a few minutes. Afterward, you can access the ClickFree dashboard from any PC or smartphone.

clickfree dashboard

The dashboard gives you a complete overview of your husband’s phone activity!

**Please note: If your husband owns an Android device, you will need to install software on it first to spy on it. This is an unavoidable prerequisite! Remote install Android spy solutions are scams or phishing attempts!** 

Want to try out ClickFree before you use it to spy on your husband? Here is the online free ClickFree live demo!

2.3 Here is Why ClickFree Makes for the Perfect Cheater Buster App

Why do we recommend ClickFree? Turns out it’s a great tool for catching your cheating husband:

  1. ClickFree is super-discreet

ClickFree is a super-stealthy app, so you can spy on your husband undetected. The iOS version of ClickFree is a remote, web-based app. It works with your husband’s iCloud backup, without any installs or downloads. As a result, it’s impossible to detect!

The Android version of ClickFree is a tiny app you install on your husband’s device. After you install it, you can hide it. The app is small, hidden, and runs in the background without draining the phone battery. As a result, it can’t be found out.

  1. ClickFree needs no root or jailbreak

Most spy apps on the market will work only after you root or jailbreak your husband’s device. Rooting and jailbreak should be avoided. They can cause data loss and other problems. Also, your husband might get suspicious.

ClickFree, fortunately, is an advanced app that works without rooting and jailbreak.

  1. You can use ClickFree remotely

Not only is ClickFree easy to set up and use, but you can also use the app remotely from your PC or smartphone web browser! That means you don’t need to be in the same room – or even the city – as your husband to spy on him.

  1. The app is trustworthy and secure

ClickFree is a legitimate, user-verified, and virus-free app. Over a million people worldwide use it to protect their interests. Your private data is also safe, as it’s never stored on ClickFree’s servers or accessible to the developers in any way.

  1. You only pay a reasonable price

Finally, ClickFree is available at an economical price, especially in comparison to other spy apps. For most spy apps, you pay about twice or thrice as much. You also don’t get a discount if you want to spy on multiple devices.

See ClickFree in action before you buy it! Here’s the ClickFree iOS demo and the ClickFree Android demo!


Trust is the bedrock of every relationship. When your husband starts losing your trust, it can be traumatic and shocking. You wanted to spend your life with the man, but here he is cheating on you.

We recommend that you confirm for sure your husband is cheating – you can do it easily with ClickFree. If he is, you have to make a hard decision. You can try to salvage the relationship or decide to continue on without him.