See Saved Contacts

See Saved Contacts

Access someone's smartphone address book and earmark people who look to be trouble.

Check the phone's address book and find out who they're in touch with.

  • Get a detailed look at their contacts book.
  • View names, pictures, addresses, and much more.
  • Download any information to your hard drive.

3 Simple Steps to Tracking Contacts Online

Sign Up

Sign up for a ClickFree account, using your email ID as the password.

Choose iOS or Android

You can install ClickFree on any modern platform by following the set up prompts.

View Contact Data

Log in to the ClickFree dashboard and view the user's contacts remotely.

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Use Your Web Browser to Access Their Contacts

ClickFree makes it possible for you to access the user’s contacts remotely through your web browser. Once you install ClickFree, you’ll find the Contacts option in the dashboard in the selection panel on the left of your screen.

The Contacts screen provides access to the person’s address book, almost as if you were opening it on the user’s device. You will see 10 contacts per page on your screen, including an option to see up to 100. Some of the details you get include names, phone numbers, and display pictures.

You can further get a closer look at any contact entry by tapping on it. The details you receive include the person’s full name, address, email address, phone numbers, display picture, and even a job designation if available. You can choose to save this information to your device for later.

Figure Out Who They’re in Touch With

Finding out who the user is in touch with can help you discover the truth. It’s priceless information if you’re trying to keep an eye on your child or are wondering if your significant other is cheating on you in some manner.

Does your child know the right kind of people? Or are they associating with people who would lead them down the wrong path? You can find out simply by taking a look at their address book. You can use the information to look up the people and have background checks made on them.

Wondering if your spouse or partner is faithful to you? If you’re worried about them having someone else in their life, you can take a look at their contacts book and figure out for yourself if you should be worried. You can do so discreetly with ClickFree, without the user knowing.

No Root or No Jailbreak Needed

Worried about having to root or jailbreak the user’s device? You don’t have to be worried! ClickFree works without root or jailbreak on stock devices. The app is easy to install, meaning you don’t need any special technical skills. You won’t expose the device to any particular risk either. .

As Discreet As It Gets

ClickFree is a discreet monitoring solution. If necessary, you can use the app to monitor the user’s device without them finding out. This is especially useful if you want to monitor children who don’t like being supervised. The app allows you to keep an eye on them remotely.

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