How to Spy on Facebook Messenger Chat

Spy on Facebook Messenger

Follow someone's Facebook activity remotely from your web browser.

Wondering what's going on on Facebook? Use ClickFree to find out:

  • Read both private messages and group chats.
  • Find their uploaded photos and videos.
  • Access details like contact names and profile picture.

Spy on Facebook Messenger in 3 Steps

Sign Up Free

Sign up for a ClickFree account with your email ID.

Set Up ClickFree

Follow the provided instructions to install the app.

Check Facebook Activity

You can use your web browser to monitor their Facebook activity.

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Track Their Facebook From Your Web Browser

ClickFree allows you to track their Facebook messages by using your web browser. You can install the app in a matter of minutes and then log into the dashboard to track messages remotely. The app works discreetly, allowing you to monitor anyone without having to root their device.

Log into the dashboard to get started with the Facebook monitoring. The dashboard is accessible after you install the app. Look for the Facebook option in the selection menu to your left. The Facebook window is where you can see all incoming as well as outgoing messages. You can also view various other pertinent details.

You can find out the person’s chat history on Facebook via the Messenger window too, which is again found in the selection menu. The Messenger window can track their private messages as well as group messages. Their contacts information is logged in the Contacts window, which records details like names, display pictures, and email addresses.

Chats come with timestamps attached, allowing you to find out when a particular conversation took place. You’ll also be able to download media files if necessary.

Facebook spy

Find Out What You Need to Know

If someone you know if hiding something from you and you think they’ve shared it with someone on Facebook, then you can secretly monitor their social media account to ferret out the information:

Facebook Without Root

You can monitor Facebook without having to root the user’s device, a feature which not many other spy apps can offer. Because you don’t have to root their device, you don’t have to worry about infecting it with malware or accidentally causing data loss. It also makes ClickFree simple to install.

ClickFree is Stealthy

ClickFree is risk-free to use on account of its stealth mode. If you want to spy on your partner without them knowing, then you can make this your tool of choice. The app will work remotely and discreetly from your web browser.

Is Your Partner Cheating On You?

If your partner is cheating on you, they could be in touch with the person they’re cheating on you with on Facebook. ClickFree enables you to track their movements discreetly. You can read their personal messages and check their exchanged photos to determine whether your relationship is at risk.

Find Out What Your Kids are Doing

Children can get into trouble on the internet, even on a supposedly safe platform like Facebook. They can be targeted by bullies, perverts, and even sexual predators who send out friend requests and attempt to befriend them.

You can use ClickFree to monitor your child’s Facebook usage. If they’re in touch with the wrong sort of people, you will know. You can also use the app to limit their screen time, making sure they’re not spending time on Facebook when they should be studying or doing something productive.

ClickFree doesn’t require any technical knowledge to install or use. You can use the app reliably and conveniently from any web browser. A million people all over the world use ClickFree in some manner. Most importantly, the app is discreet, meaning you can use it while remaining hidden if you need to.

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