Geofence Zone Alert

Geofence Alert

Create a marked zone on a map and receive notifications when the device enters or leaves the zone.

When the monitored device enters a forbidden zone, you will receive an alert.

  • Set up one or more geofences on any electronic map.
  • Get an alert when someone enters the zone or leaves it.
  • Figure out the device's real-time movements and location history.

3 Quick Steps to Geofencing

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Install ClickFree

Set up ClickFree on the target Android or iOS platform.

Set Up a Geofence

Use your web browser to set up a watched perimeter.

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Geofence Effortlessly

Even if you are non-tech-savvy, you can set up a geofence in no time using ClickFree. The app offers a geofencing functionality built-in, which saves you the trouble of having to download or buy a separate software application for the purpose.

All you have to do is install Spyier first, which takes only a few minutes with your smartphone or PC browser. Log into the dashboard after you have the app installed and then look for the Geofence option in the selection menu. Once the window opens, click on the ADD NEW FENCE option to mark a perimeter on a virtual e-map. That’s it, you’ve successfully installed the geofence!

After you’ve added the perimeter, you will receive an alert when the device enters or leaves the marked zone. The exact time of entry or exit along with the date will be logged for you. Finally, you can also view exit or entry frequencies over a given time period.

Geofence Alerts are Enormously Useful

Why would you want to use a geofence perimeter? They can be very useful in several scenarios – like if you want to track someone’s movements without them finding out. You can also use them to keep an eye on your family members and make sure they reach home safely.

If you’re a parent, you can mark restricted zones for your children in places on the map where they shouldn’t be going. You can also keep an eye on their everyday movements – like their school. When the child enters school or leaves school, for example, you will receive a notification.

As an employer, you can set up a geofence around your office or other work area. When an employee enters the zone or leaves it, you’ll receive an alert. That way, you’ll know if someone is leaving work when they shouldn’t be. It’s a good way to keep an eye on problem employees.

Set Up Without Root or Jailbreak

Note that ClickFree offers several advanced features without rooting or jailbreak. However, geofencing isn’t one of them. You may be required to root or jailbreak the device to get this to work. But you can still utilize the other features.

Geofence in Secret

You can set up virtual geofences in stealth mode with ClickFree, which can be a priceless ability. You can track your employees, kids, or partners without them ever knowing, if necessary. The stealth mode feature works with both iOS and Android devices.

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