Spy on Instagram Effortlessly

Instagram Spy Feature

Use ClickFree to keep tabs on someone's Instagram account remotely.

Follow their Instagram activity secretly from your web browser.

  • Read all their outgoing and incoming messages.
  • Find more details about their Instagram followers.
  • View uploaded and exchanged Instagram photos and videos.

3 Simple Steps to Spy on Someone's Instagram

Sign Up for ClickFree

Get a ClickFree account, with your email ID as the username.

Get ClickFree Set Up

Install ClickFree. It's web-based for iOS and an app for Android.

Start Monitoring Instagram

Access your Instagram account to view your target's activity.

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ClickFree Offers Full Access to Instagram

ClickFree provides instant access to someone’s Instagram account. The app is discreet, powerful, and works remotely. You can use any web browser to begin monitoring the user’s device. All you have to do is get the app up and running first.

instagram spy

The ClickFree dashboard gives you an overview of the device activity. The Instagram monitoring option can be found in the window to the left. Click on it to bring up the Instagram window, which shows you an overview of all the recent user activity on the platform.

If you click on the Refresh button, the chat lot will update. The page displays up to 100 entries, with 10 being the default number of entries. Each message comes with a timestamp, allowing you to tell exactly when the conversation happened. You can find out more details about the followers via the Contacts window, if information about them has been saved.

All Instagram messages get archived by ClickFree automatically, meaning you will always be able to access the user’s conversations online from your account. Even if the user deletes a message, it will still be visible in your account. ClickFree backs up conversations as soon as they happen, so you don’t ever have to miss a message.

Are They Hiding Something From You?

ClickFree allows you to find out whatever it is they are hiding from you with little trouble. If they spend a great deal of their time on Instagram with unknown people, giving you cause for worry, then use ClickFree to find out what they’re up to:

Supervise Your Children

Are your kids on Instagram? The fact is that Instagram attracts perverts, bullies, sexual predators, and other people looking to exploit children in some manner. You can keep an eye on your children remotely and make sure they’re not being targeted. You can also ensure they don’t share inappropriate photos with their followers.

Keep an Eye on Your Spouse

Is your spouse maybe cheating on you, but you don’t know for sure? Their Instagram activity might be able to clue you in. If they’re in touch with the person on Instagram, you’ll be able to find out by using ClickFree. The app lets you monitor your partner’s photos, followers, private messages, and other activity.

Further, the app can also keep track of deleted messages. As soon as a message is sent out, a backup is made on ClickFree’s servers. If your spouse happens to delete a message she doesn’t want anyone else to read, you will be able to access it via your account.

Use ClickFree Without Root or Jailbreak

ClickFree was designed to work without root or jailbreak. You can monitor a variety of device functions – including Instagram – with ClickFree without having to risk causing problems with the device’s operating system. This makes it easy to set up, use, and even uninstall the app after you’re done using it. Note that Instagram support for iOS has been disabled recently, pending a future update.

View Instagram Without Being Seen

You won’t have to worry about being found out if you use ClickFree. The iOS version of ClickFree works as a web-based app, without you needing to install any software on the target device. The Android version is a small app you download, install, and then hide. This makes ClickFree impossible to detect.

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