Track Installed Apps

Track Installed Apps

Take a look at all the installed apps on the user's phone or tablet.

View, monitor, and manage all the apps present on the user's phone.

  • Keep an eye on the apps installed on the user's phone.
  • Learn when new apps are installed or uninstalled.
  • Figure out if any apps are being hidden from view.

3 Simple Steps to Monitoring Apps

Get A Free Account

Get a ClickFree account, with your email address as the username.

Set Up ClickFree

Download and install ClickFree on the target user's device or use completely remotely on iOS.

Check Installed Apps

Find information on how well certain apps are being used at a given time.

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Have ClickFree Up and Running in Minutes

You can install ClickFree in quick time and start monitoring the user’s installed apps immediately. You don’t need to tinker with the device too much, if at all. Once the app is installed, you can access the dashboard from your phone or PC.

The installed apps monitoring section appears under the Applications option in the selection menu, which is to the left of the dashboard. Click on the option to get the screen to open up. You get to see a list of all the apps installed on the user’s phone on the screen.

12 apps are shown by default. The log information shows you when the app was accessed last, and you even get timestamps with detailed app usage. If you’re a parent, you can choose to block your child’s access to any inappropriate apps.

track install apps

Figure Out If They’re Using an Inappropriate App

If someone is hiding something from you – like an app they shouldn’t be using –, you will be able to figure it out by using ClickFree. You can take the steps needed to protect the user or look after your personal interests.

Children are often targeted by malicious apps. They can get trapped by games, for example, which cause them to spend all their spare time and allowance on the pursuit of in-game rewards. You can make sure your child isn’t being trapped by such a game or spending money on it with the app.

Think your partner is cheating on you in some manner? If they have inappropriate apps such as dating apps installed on their phone, then you know they’re probably seeing someone else behind your back. You can also keep tabs on their phone long-term to figure out what they’re up to.

ClickFree can be installed without rooting or jailbreak, making the app effortless to install. The app works remotely and safely. It’s also easy to access. You can use the app via any smartphone or PC browser.



View Installed Apps While Staying Hidden

You can remain hidden while using ClickFree. It’s a risk-free option if you’re trying to monitor someone without being discovered. The iOS version of the app is fully web-based and can’t be detected. The Android version is a small app that you install and hide on the user’s device.

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