Track the Browser History

Browser History Tracker

View the browser history on the phone or tablet.

Remotely monitor someone's web browsing habits with ClickFree:

  • Find out which websites a person loves to visit.
  • Check mini-descriptions of unfamiliar websites.
  • Access details like timestamps, bookmarks, and visit frequency.

3 Easy Steps to Monitoring Someone's Web Browser

Sign Up For ClickFree

Create a free ClickFree account with your email ID as the username.

Install ClickFree

Install ClickFree on the Android or iOS device.

Access the Browser History

You can begin monitoring the browser history by logging into the dashboard.

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Access Someone’s Web Browser History Remotely

ClickFree makes it possible for you to monitor someone’s web browser history remotely. You can access the information using any smartphone or PC. You receive regular updates and you have the option to change the update frequency.

Once you have the ClickFree app installed, look for the “Browser History” option in the selection panel on your left. Click on it to load up the Browser History window. This window provides a detailed overview of anyone’s personal internet use.

Some of the information you see includes the website URL, the site title, frequency of visits, bookmark status, and a visit date and time. There are a limited number of entries displayed per page, depending on your settings.

The browser history information is backed up to your online account. Even if the browser history and cache are cleared from your device, they will still appear in your account. When necessary, you can choose to copy the information to your hard drive.

You have the option to follow the browser history in real-time. If you think the user is browsing the history right now, you can click on the Refresh button. This will cause the newest entries to load up, allowing you to see exactly what the user is doing at present.

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Are They Keeping Something From You?

When someone is keeping some information from you, a look at your web browser history might help you figure it out. Besides that, the browser history can tell you a lot about the person, including their likes and dislikes.

Do you think your partner is keeping secrets from you? Could they be cheating on you? If they are visiting dating websites very frequently or looking for relationship advice on the internet, it could be that they are not as invested in the relationship as before.

Are your children secretly visiting websites they should be staying away from? The internet is a dangerous place sometimes, as you probably know. If they are visiting shady websites or playing too many games instead of studying, you can put a stop to it with ClickFree.

You can keep tabs on the user’s smartphone or tablet 24/7. You receive data remotely and discreetly.

No Root or Jailbreak Needed

Not many phone monitoring apps in the market can be installed without root or jailbreak. ClickFree doesn’t need either of the two, though. You can install the app in a matter of minutes, without fear of discovery. You won’t need any special technical skills or know-how.

Secretly Track the Browser History

You can secretly track the phone’s browser history without them finding out. It’s an invaluable feature if you’re trying to monitor someone on the sly, without making the suspicious. The iOS version of ClickFree is a web-based app that works remotely and discreetly. The Android version of the app can be installed and then hidden.

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