3 Steps to iPhone Parental Monitoring


Register for a ClickFree account using your email ID as the username.

Verify the iCloud Account

Enter the iCloud details of the account associated with the iPhone.

Monitor Your Kids Online

Keep tabs on your child or children from your web browser, remotely and discreetly.

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ClickFree – Track Your Kids and Keep Them Safe

iphone parental control
Screen Time Limiter

How much time do your children spend on their phones? Many kids spend hours and hours a day watching videos, playing games, and chatting with their friends. Needless to say, it’s not good for their health. ClickFree allows you to find out how much time your kids are spending on their phone and then limit it.

Kids Safety

Are your kids safe when they spend time online? They may be targeted by people with bad intentions, perverts, bullies, scammers, and the like. It’s common, unfortunately, for children to be targeted by sexual predators too. With ClickFree, you can keep an eye on all their activity and kepe them safe.

iphone parental control app
iphone parental monitoring app
Location Tracking

ClickFree offers a powerful location tracking feature. You can follow your child wherever they go in the real world on a virtual map. If they enter areas they shouldn’t, you’ll know. Some operating systems also support the geofence feature, which allows you to create monitored zones on a map and receive notifications when your child enters or leaves these zones.

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