How to Hack A Facebook Account Easily Without Surveys

Do you want to know how to hack FB account easily without surveys? It’s indeed possible to do so once you know the right strategies to accomplish this. And what are those? Well, you will need a very powerful spy app that can break into an account without being detected.

Who might need to use such software? Parents, spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends or business partners could use such tools to catch inappropriate behavior online if they suspect something is wrong. By hacking their Facebook account you can check if they’re cheating on you.

Part-1: How to Hack FB Account Easily Without Surveys

Those who are wondering how to hack FB account easily without surveys need to know that there are a number of ways available to hack a Facebook account without knowing the target person. However, the best way is nothing but to use a spy app.

The latest apps are not only very efficient but also allow you to access all activities performed on the user device without knowing the user.  No login details of the user’s account are required when you use spy apps to hack the Facebook account of a user.

Spy apps are the best to hack someone’s Facebook account as they support easy installation on your device in minimal time. The apps function in stealth mode on the device. This means that they can work without being detected by the user.

However, most spy apps require that the user jailbreak or root the user device. Further, you will find that most apps are too complex to use even for advanced users who are familiar with such software.

1.1 ClickFree Solution to Monitor Facebook

From the number of spy apps available today, the best option is the ClickFree app in which taking no survey is required to hack a Facebook account. Many apps claim to be able to hack Facebook but will ask you to complete some surveys first.

They are mostly scams. Many such apps can also put the integrity of your own information at stake as they are prone to attacks by malicious players. ClickFree is different as the app does not store any user data on the servers. Only you have access to the data and no one else can access it.

Furthermore, itis a user-friendly, reliable, and trusted spy app. By using ClickFree you can hack Facebook account effortlessly in a simple way. Due to its simplicity, foolproof results, and efficiency ClickFree app is very popular globally amongst masses.

It is used in more than 190 nations all over the world and has also been featured in international media outlets such as The Next Web, Mac World, and others.

You require access to the target for this app’s installation only in Android devices and you can then do everything remotely. On iOS devices, the solution is completely cloud-based and there is no need to install anything on the device.

1.2 Why You Should Use ClickFree

ClickFree has many advanced built-in features to perform hacking activities flawlessly. The Keylogger feature is one of those advanced built-in features that helps you in capturing the credentials of the device which the user the information needed to log in to Facebook.

The unique feature of the ClickFree app is that it hacks the target’s Facebook account without jailbreaking or rooting the target.

ClickFree provides you remote access to FB Messenger including other activities performed by the user on Facebook. You can also easily access the other details like the messages exchanged, media files, and the profile pictures of the Facebook account on the device.

Discreet hacking, reliability, and remote monitoring features make ClickFree a unique and outstanding spy tool to hack Facebook account of the users without them detecting anything. Why not try using ClickFree today?

1.3 How to Hack Facebook Password for Free Without Surveys

Now, the big question is how to hack a facebook account for free no download no surveys. Well, this is where the Keylogger feature comes to your rescue. The Keylogger is an advanced and unique spy tool that is not visible on the device to the user as it remains hidden.

It records every key that is pressed by the user. When the users type any password and username of their respective FB account, the keylogger feature not only logs it but also sends it to you remotely.

After getting the credentials on your device dashboard, you can directly access the Facebook account of the user without participating in any survey.

You can also hack the Facebook account of the user by installing and using the ClickFree app without knowing the username and password in a few minutes by following the simple process given below. Ensure that you follow all steps closely.

Step-1: Open the official ClickFree website and make a new account. Now complete your registration on it by creating a username and password. Keep a note to ensure you remember your credentials.

Step-2: Now check the operating system of the monitored person’s phone. If it is Android then download the ClickFree Android Solution that will take hardly 5 minutes to install. For proper downloading and installation, allow all permissions asked by the app.

**Beware of those apps or other solutions that claim to hack the Facebook account of the monitored person without downloading and installation of any app for Android devices, as it is technically not possible at all. Never compromise your data with such types of malicious sites and apps.**

Further, if the operating system is iOS then you require the cloud-based ClickFree iOS solution. Using this solution, you can set up the device completely remotely.

To use this cloud-based solution select an appropriate browser as per your liking. You will need just the iCloud credentials to access the device. The app may take some time in synchronizing; it depends upon the data that is stored.

Step-3: Now just feed the username and password which you created in the beginning on the control panel to access the device remotely after completing the setup process.

To access the Facebook account, select “Social Media Apps” on the dashboard from the available options. Now you are ready to access Facebook messages, posts, media files, and other features with the timestamps of Facebook.

The amazing feature of this app is that you can also access the messages that are deleted by the target person.

It is always advisable to see the live demo of the ClickFree app for a better understanding of its features prior to installation.

1.4 Stealth Technology

Apart from its Keylogger feature, the amazing thing about the ClickFree app is its cutting-edge stealth technology. Due to this technology, the app never comes in light and always remains hidden in the background. It is necessary for spy apps to perform discreetly in Android devices.

The app icon automatically disappears just after the completion of the installation. Above all, the most important thing is this app consumes minimal battery which is really almost negligible and hence it never draws the attention of the user. In comparison to the other spy apps,

ClickFree uses almost ten times lower memory (less than 2MB space) that makes it stand truly apart from the other spy apps. In the case of the ClickFree iOS solution, everything is remote and discreet as no installation is done on the device.

To access the user device you just need to enter iCloud credentials.

Part 2: How to Hack A Facebook Account for Free No Download No Surveys

The other completely safe and secure way to hack a Facebook account without downloading anything or taking any surveys is to use the Spyic App. Due to its small size, it consumes less space on the phone and takes less time for installation.

It works in a completely discreet way. It is very popular globally amongst the masses due to its good reputation. Now, if you are wondering why people prefer using Spyic, you will appreciate that it is a very powerful app that is undetectable and allows you to remotely monitor the device.

It allows you to carry out digital surveillance with as many as 35 unique features and is specifically designed with spy activities in mind. Spyic comes with solutions for both Android and iOS devices which are available for easy use.

2.1 How Spyic app Hacks A Facebook Account Without Download and Surveys

For Android devices, its keylogger feature provides you the credentials of the Facebook account. Keylogger logs each click and press of the keys by the user. After saving the typed words in a file, the Keylogger shares them with you.

Now, by using those Facebook credentials you can access the Facebook account of the person remotely without download and surveys.

A remote possibility in case of using the Keylogger feature is that the user can discover you. Hence Spyic has another foolproof way to hack the Facebook account by using its unique direct Facebook feature.

You can easily, discreetly access media files, messages, and even the contact details of the Facebook account. As all activities are conducted remotely and discreetly, the user cannot discover you.

The best part is that there is no need to root or jailbreak the device which voids the warranty. Moreover, the Android app is very lightweight and can be remotely uninstalled from the Control Panel using only one click. The iOS solution does not even need anything except for a simple browser!

Part 3: How to Hack Facebook Account Without Survey

A number of websites claim that by downloading a specific software one can hack the Facebook account of a target person easily. These types of claims are completely bogus and false in most cases.

It is just impossible to hack any social media account of a third person by downloading any software as claimed in the websites without compromising your own data security. You should never try the instructions illustrated on such websites as their software can destroy or misuse your data due to their malicious nature.

3.1 Using The Forget Password option

How to hack a facebook account for free no download no surveys? You can hack the Facebook account of the user without surveys by using the ‘Forgot Password’ option. To use this option you should know some details of the user.

You will definitely get access to their Facebook account but be informed that the users cannot log in and access their account then.

The biggest drawback of this hacking method is that when you initiate the process of resetting the password the user is also informed about it through an email from Facebook. Hence, it may fail if the user checks it before the completion of the reset process.

3.2 Using Phishing Sites

Phishing is another option used by hackers to hack the Facebook account of the user without a survey. To use this method one should have good knowledge of website designing. The method uses the principles of social engineering to create a site that looks just like Facebook.

Although this method never compromises the safety and security of your personal data but apart from technical expertise you will require spending a good amount on the domain and hosting name.

Rather than using such a complex process, which is also illegal, it is best to use a spy app such as ClickFree or Spyic which are easy to set up and require no technical expertise. Anyone can use these apps without possessing any technical background.

3.3 Using Free Hacking Tools

A number of websites claim that one can hack the credentials of the Facebook account of someone without download and survey by using their specialized tools. Be aware that these are mostly false claims by malicious websites.

Facebook is a very secure, safe, and globally recognized site. It is not easy to hack a Facebook account by breaking its safety and security. Remember that such websites are scams and work only to gather your personal information and data for their database.


In this article, we have discussed many answers to the question: how to hack FB account easily without surveys. Yes, surveys and downloads are time-consuming and using spy apps is the best way to monitor Facebook quickly and efficiently.

We saw many options that can help you in hacking someone’s Facebook account. We have thus concluded that only spy apps like ClickFree and Spyic are the best and wisest choices to hack the Facebook Account of a target user remotely and discreetly.

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