How to Hack Facebook Password

Facebook is one of the preeminent social media platforms that connect billions of people without any geographical boundaries. Now, distance doesn’t matter. You can share pictures, videos, and texts with anyone sitting miles apart over a single click.

Sounds good, isn’t?

Yes. But the same ease has given birth to cyberbullies, online threats, illegal use of pictures, and various other crimes. That is why keeping an eye on your near and dear ones’ Facebook activity is the need of the hour. But, do you think someone ever will share their Facebook password with you?

No one will ever do.

So, what the solution?

Well, go ahead and hack the Facebook password.

How to Hack Facebook Password Online?

Facebook is one of the most secure websites ever made. As FB uses SSL encryption and dozens of validations, Facebook password hacking seems like a next-to-impossible thing.

But, don’t lose heart, you can still do it, that too – without much brainstorming and without spending millions of dollars on it!

We have come up with the three most effective and easy-to-implement ways to hack Facebook account password. So, let’s know more about them.

Method 1 – Hack FB Password Online

ClickFree Solution – Your messiah for a lifetime

If you are wondering how to hack Facebook messenger online then only ClickFree Solution can bring relief to you. A product of high-end technology, ClickFree Solutions is a well-known remote monitoring app that permits you to have a sneak peek of any other Android-based smartphone and tablet without violating any laws.

The fashionableness of ClickFree Solution is widespread and millions of people in 190+ countries are already using it to gain root-free access to any Android smartphone and tablet.

As it works with such perfection that it’s hard to identify whether someone is spying on us or not, parents are having a good night’s sleep these days. Now, they can easily observe their children’s activities on Facebook and any other platform.

What makes us prefer ClickFree above all?

As they say, there is a reason behind everything; there are reasons behind our strong valence towards ClickFree.

We’re giving a quick list of reasons that make it our first choice in this section. However, if you trust us enough and are in a hurry, skip this section and go to the how-to part to learn FB Hacking.

  • It won’t let you caught red-handed

Would you like to put behind the bar while you are trying to hack a Facebook account password?

Obviously not! So, we recommend using ClickFree app for this. It is a web-based application. So, no one can actually find out that you are spying on someone. Also, it works in full stealth mode.

After the download, you can hide the app icon and run it in the background. If you no longer require its assistance, you can stop its functioning from your control panel.

Also, it hardly requires access to the targeted device. With one-time access and no extra battery drainage, it is too tough to find out if someone is spied on.

Rooting and jailbreaking of any device is risky, and has several disadvantages. While you need to hack password of Facebook messenger in the targeted device, ClickFree eliminates the need for these two. So, whatever you are doing with ClickFree is totally legal.

In short, you can spy on the targeted device without anyone letting it know and get labeled as a criminal.

  • You need not be a techie or nerd

Hacking is not everyone’s cup of tea. The general perception is that you need to be a tech geek to do so. Only a trained and seasoned hacker can do that.

But, ClickFree is your personal Facebook password hacker that doesn’t demand you to be a pro in hacking. With its user-friendly interface and hassle-free installation, any novice can hack FB ID and password.

  • It is more than a Facebook password hacker software

ClickFree does a lot more than FB hacking. By using this remote monitoring app, one can easily track call logs and phone’s contacts, get the live GPS device location, hack the social media messenger like Snapchat and Whatsapp.

Not only this, you can create a geo-fence and make you ensure that the target is not crossing that virtual limits, keep a note of media, vides, and notes shared with others, and even take note of browsing history.

In short, it’s a complete monitoring tool that helps a user to stay tension-free for once and all.

  • Trusted by many; praised by all.

ClickFree has been trusted by millions of users across the globe. All the leading platforms like PC World, Mac World, New York Times and Android Authority have already applauded ClickFree for its impressive features, powerful performance, and user-friendliness.

With more than 96% of the customer satisfaction rate, this is indeed the best personal FB password hacker that anyone could ever have.

Want to know more about ClickFree? Click on this live demo link.

This is how ClickFree hack FB ID  and password for you

You must be wondering how ClickFree let you barge into someone else’s Facebook account without putting you into any troubles. Well, let us help you understand how –

  • Keylogger – Gets all the details exclusively for you

The first one is a powerful keylogger. When you wish to hack Facebook password online, you need to have the Facebook credentials of the target.

The keylogger function of ClickFree Solution takes note of every single keystroke made on the targeted device and saves the data in a log file. The log file will be shared directly with you. Hence, you get to know the FB password and ID details without much brainstorming.

Is it yet hard to believe? Then just have a look at keylogger function in the live demo.

  • Facebook Tracker – Never miss any details

ClickFree comes with a powerful Facebook tracker facility that tracks everything and anything from media to chats. You can peep into the recently exchanged media as well. All the chat logs come with live timestamps. So, you can know what was shared when.

The best part is that all of this can be done remotely from a centralized dashboard.

How to let ClickFree hack Facebook account password for you?

By now, you must be well aware of the capabilities of ClickFree and understand that it is the only way to lead a tension-free life in this world of vulnerabilities. The next thing to know is how to bring ClickFree into your service.

Well, to bring more relief for you, ClickFree can be at your service in five simple and quick steps.

Step 1 – A free sign up

To start with ClickFree, you need to do a free sign-up on ClickFree’s official website. Thereafter, enter your existing email ID, set the password and hit the ‘Sign up for free’ icon.

Step 2 – Choose the right plan

Once you complete the free sign-up process, you will be directed to the official ClickFree purchase page where various ClickFree subscription plans must be mentioned.

In general, the pricing plans are categorized in Basic, premium, and Family. Depending upon the targeted device and your requirement, click on the right subscription package and proceed.

Step 3 – Set the targeted device details

In the next step, you need to step the targeted device information in ClickFree Set-up wizard. Here, details like the name of the targeted, nickname, age, and targeted device type are needed to be filled. After that, just hit the ‘Proceed’ button.

Then, you will be directed to your ClickFree control panel from where you can do a lot more than hack the Facebook password. You can track SMScall logs, WhatsApp, contacts, LINE, notes, and much more from here.

Step 4 – Pre-Installation Settings

Now, you need the target phone.

To hack Facebook password and ID, you need to install ClickFree software on the targeted device. Before installing the ClickFree App in this phone, you will need to –

  • Enable installing of apps from Unknown Resources by navigating to Settings > Lock Screen & Security or Settings > Security and searching for relevant option for it.
  • Open Google Play Protect from Settings > Security section and disable the options such as scan device for security threats & improve harmful app detection.

This is a one-time access thing that can be done as quickly as eye blinking, so don’t be stressed. It runs in the background and hard to identify.

Step 5 – Install ClickFree on the targeted device

Find the app link in setup wizard, and slide right the ‘Slide Right to Download’ button to begin the downloading process. Once it completes, install the app, accept the app’s T&C and follow the wizard to make it work.

Step 6 – Start monitoring

Now, to hack FB password and account, you need to log into your ClickFree account from any browser again. Do it using any device (not just the target device) and reach the dashboard.

In the dashboard, look for the Social App section and click on the ‘Facebook’ option. Follow the instructions and use a keylogger to hack the Facebook password online.

Isn’t so easy?

But, if you still face any hassles in getting started with ClickFree then don’t hesitate to get in touch with their ardent tech support that is all ears to you.

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Can you hack Facebook on iOS using ClickFree?

Unfortunately, for iOS devices, ClickFree works by utilizing device backup file from the iCloud. Therefore, app’s keylogger won’t work for Apple phones. However, you can easily track WhatsApp, calls, SMS, LINE, camera, location and shared media activity on an iOS device without any hassles.

Note: No jailbreaking is required to use these features.

Method 2 – How to Hack Facebook Password Free?

Cocospy – The trusted alternative

Cocospy is another trusted spy app that can assist you to hack Facebook password free in fewer efforts.

This app functions more or less similar to ClickFree Solutions and helps you get the Facebook credentials of the targeted device using keylogger utility. All the FB details of the targeted device will be directly shared by you just like ClickFree.

Sharing another similarity with ClickFree Solution, Cocospy also lets you have a sneak peek on media shared, chats, and FB messenger’s messages without letting the target aware of it.

With rooting or jailbreak free operations, Cocospy enables you to spy on the targeted device, gain access to contacts and locations, and hack the camera remotely.

Method 3 – How to hack Facebook password without software?

If you want a Facebook password cracker that comes with the obligation of software download and set-up then you must understand that it is going to be a tough journey.

Hacking FB account and password using remote monitoring apps like ClickFree is by far the best way to infringed someone’s phone without putting yourself into any dangers.

However, if you want to know how to hack Facebook password without software then we will surely help you out in this as well. Here are the ways to achieve it.

  • Use the Facebook password reset

Facebook has a password reset facility to help you recall your password if in case you have forgotten it. But, this facility can be used to hack other Facebook account. Yes, you read it right.

The key here is to fooling Facebook by making it believe that the targeted accounts belong to you and forced it to send you’re a password reset link.

Once you get the password reset link of a particular account, you can log in to the targeted account and know what all is happening.

The process becomes easier if the targeted account is on your Facebook friend list. However, you need to be extra smart and diligent while doing so. The success rate is not that much good.

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  • Use phishing

Phishing is one of the most common ways to steal anyone’s virtual world identity.

In this method, you need to create a duplicate Facebook login page that should be the exact xerox copy of the original with a different URL. When your target user enters his/her Facebook ID and password here, the different URL sends it to you rather than sending it to Facebook.

This way you get the target’s Facebook credentials and hack Facebook account online. But, to make this method work for you, you need to have an exceptional webpage up and running ability.

Also, it is an illegal activity. Hence, if you are planning to go this way then kindly hire an attorney prior to this.

Before you leave

Whatever your reasons are, hacking Facebook was never as easy as it with powerful remote monitoring apps like ClickFree. Without asking so much, it is here to make remote monitoring 100% safe, discreet, cost-effective, and hassle-free. Also, you need not be a pro in coding and hacking.

Methods like password reset and phishing are tedious enough to give you a migraine and risky enough to put you behind the bar. ClickFree sets your free from all these. Just an email ID and basic computer skills are what needed while using ClickFree.

So, don’t live under the fear of your kids being exposed to digital vulnerabilities and your employees wasting resources provided and start hacking iOS device with ClickFree.