10 Best Facebook Hack Software

Do you need a way to get inside someone’s Facebook account and read their private messages? There are multiple Facebook hack apps out there that can supposedly help.

What do we mean by “supposedly help”? Not all of the Facebook hack software and services work. At least, they’re not very reliable.

10 Best Facebook Hack Software

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best Facebook hacker programs on the market. With this list, you should be able to get into someone’s Facebook account in no time – and also finally get some peace of mind:

  • Find out if your partner is cheating on you.
  • See if your child has fallen in with the wrong sort of people.
  • Check whether a close friend selling out your company secrets.

Without further ado, here is a list of the 10 best hacker apps on the market.

#1 ClickFree – The Pro Hacker Facebook Can’t Beat

ClickFree is one super well-known Facebook hacking software. The app has been featured in top portals such as CNET, Digital Trends, New York Times, and TheVerge. ClickFree is used by over a million people worldwide at the moment.

You can use ClickFree to hack into anyone’s Facebook account if they own an Android or iOS device. For target Android devices, you will need to install a small 2MB app on them. This app can be hidden. You can then spy on the device remotely via any web browser.

If the target owns an iOS device, you won’t need to download or install an app. ClickFree for iOS works fully remotely. You can set it up via your smartphone or PC web browser. ClickFree works with the target’s iCloud account and can’t be detected.

Get around Facebook’s defenses in one of two ways with ClickFree

How can you hack into someone’s Facebook with ClickFree? There are two methods. Both are easy to try:

  1. Hack Facebook directly

When you install ClickFree on the target’s device, the app will directly hack Facebook. You don’t have to do anything manually. Instead, the app sends you automatic updates of the target’s Facebook activity:

  • Read Facebook messages: ClickFree can fetch your target’s personal messages as well as group conversations. You can see who your target is talking to and what they’re talking about.
  • View timestamps: Every message your target sends out or receives has a time and date stamp attached. With this information, you’ll know when an incriminating conversation took place – like when you were out of town.
  • Find deleted messages: What if your target deletes a message or conversation they don’t want anyone else seeing? No problem! ClickFree logs all messages to your private account. You can access all messages, including the deleted messages.
  • See Contact information: Who is your target talking to? What are their names and what do they look like? With ClickFree, you can get access to your target’s contact book.
  • See media files: Is your target uploading private photos or videos to Facebook? Are they receiving any private photos? You can download all the photos in your target’s gallery, including the ones they uploaded to FB.

  1. Figure out someone Facebook username and password

The second way to hack someone’s Facebook with ClickFree is to use the keylogger. ClickFree comes with a powerful, built-in keylogger tool. What’s a keylogger? It’s a program that records all the keystrokes made on the target device.

Essentially, ClickFree can record whatever your target types on the phone. When your target logs into Facebook with their username and password, ClickFree will log this information. It will then send the information to you.

You can use the credentials to log into your target’s Facebook account yourself. This may be risky, not to mention illegal. But we’re not here to judge.

Why is ClickFree the #1 Facebook ID hack?

What makes ClickFree such a great Facebook hacking tool? Here are some of the top reasons why ClickFree is #1 on our list:

  1. ClickFree is stealthy

When you hack someone’s Facebook account without a password, you don’t want the person finding out. It could lead to a lot of trouble and maybe even permanently spoil your relationship. If you use ClickFree, you can hack someone’s FB discreetly.

ClickFree for iOS, as we mentioned earlier, is a fully web-based app. It works with the target’s iCloud account and can’t be detected. You can use it from any PC or phone browser discreetly.

ClickFree for Android is a small app, less than 2MBs. Once you install the app, you can hide it. It works in the background without the user’s awareness. The app won’t drain the phone battery or slow it down in any way. This makes ClickFree next to impossible to detect.

  1. ClickFree works without jailbreak or root

With most Facebook hacker apps, you have to jailbreak or root the target’s phone before the solution works. Hacking and jailbreaking take time, it’s risky, and is likely to make the owner suspicious.

ClickFree was built with advanced technology, however. It’s one of the only apps in the market that can hack Facebook without jailbreak or root. You’ll be able to view the target’s FB without any risk.

**Beware: No Android solution can monitor Facebook without a software download and install first. If someone says this is true, they are lying to you. It could be a scam or a virus!**

  1. You can set up ClickFree in minutes

Don’t have any technical skills? No problem! You need zero technical skills to either install ClickFree or to use it. You are given simple, clear instructions on how to set up ClickFree. And after ClickFree is installed, you can control it remotely from any browser.

  1. ClickFree is enormously popular

At the moment, over a million people from 190+ countries make use of ClickFree. The user base includes parents, employers, and people in relationships. With ClickFree, you’ll get a reliable app that works as advertised.

  1. You can do more than just hack Facebook

ClickFree is a full phone monitoring app, not just a Facebook hacker. ClickFree lets you read the target’s text messages, see call logs, view their social media activity, check their browser history, track their location, and much more.

  1. ClickFree is affordable

Finally, many Facebook hacking tools are expensive. ClickFree is very affordable, however. The app gives you a full range of Facebook spy and other features at a pocket-friendly price.

Interested in ClickFree? Try out the free live demo here!

#2 Spyic – The Discreet and Powerful Facebook Hacker Tool

The number #2 Facebook hacker recommendation on our list is Spyic. Spyic is a phone spy app with an effective Facebook hacking feature. If your target owns an Android or iOS device, you can use Spyic to hack their Facebook Messenger and view FB messages.

Spyic is a super-discreet app. You can set up and use the iOS version of Spyic remotely, from any web browser. You don’t need to install a physical app. The Android version of Spyic is a small, hidden app that can be used remotely once installed.

Hack Facebook usernames and passwords

You can use Spyic to hack someone’s Facebook username and password directly. Here is what the app can do for you:

  • You can read anyone’s private and group Facebook chat.
  • You can download any exchanged photos or videos.
  • See the target’s contact information and display pictures.
  • Check the contents of deleted messages.
  • View timestamps to see when a conversation happened.

Take a look at someone’s account directly with their credentials

Spyic can also help you figure out the target’s username and password. The app comes with a built-in keylogger. This keylogger can record your target’s keystrokes. So when they type in their username or password, Spyic will show it to you.

Spyic is a world-famous Facebook hack software

Did you know that Spyic is a top-rated phone monitoring app? It’s been featured online on top websites such as Tom’s Guide, Mashable, and Wired. People from around the world make use of Spyic. Here are some of the reasons why Spyic is #2 on our list:

  1. You can hack someone’s FB with just a computer or smartphone

Spyic allows you to hack someone’s Facebook with just your computer or smartphone. You don’t need any special equipment or hacking skills. You can set up Spyic in a matter of minutes on target Android or iOS devices.

  1. Spyic can be controlled remotely

You don’t need to be in the same room – or even the same country – as your target. Spyic, once you set it up, can be controlled remotely. You just need to log in to the Spyic dashboard from any PC or smartphone browser.

  1. Spyic can’t be detected

Worried about being detected when you hack someone’s FB? If you use Spyic, you won’t be detected. The iOS version of Spyic is a web-based app. That’s why it can’t be detected. The Android version of Spyic can be hidden, making it very hard to detect.

  1. You’ll get to download a trusted Facebook hack tool

Many of the Facebook hacker software tools out there aren’t trustworthy. They can be scams. Sometimes they may steal your personal information or be a virus in disguise. Spyic, however, is a user-vetted tool and can be trusted.

  1. You won’t have to jailbreak or root

The final – and perhaps biggest – advantage of Spyic is that the app works without jailbreak or root. It’s one of the limited few apps capable of doing so. You’ll be able to spy on someone’s Facebook without too much hassle.

Spyic is available at a pocket-friendly price. It works with both Android and iOS. Here’s a look at the free Spyic live demo!

#3 Spyier

SpyierSpyier is one of the best known online Facebook hackers. This is a web-based service. You don’t need to download it to get it to work.

How does it work? You just enter the profile details of the person you want to hack. The service’s server will then use this information to figure out the person’s password.

  • Hack someone’s FB in 5 minutes.
  • Find passwords.

They can only hack 80 out of 100 accounts

Be aware that there are several limitations to Hack Facebook. They can only hack an account 8 out of 10 times. Also, you have to get 10 referrals to receive the password once they decrypt it. Finally, you will have to fill out a questionnaire to use the service.

#4 HackFreeOnline

HackFreeOnline is a browser-based hacking tool. Apart from their hacking service, they offer several tutorials on how to hack someone’s Facebook.


Here are some highlights of the service:

  • You can use your target’s profile URL to find out their password.
  • They offer other tutorials on how to hack someone’s password.

Note that you got to do a survey

Note that to get results from HackFreeOnline, you have to fill out a survey. If you don’t want to do that, you will have to share the page with 5 of your friends. It can be a little annoying and time-consuming.

#5 Faceckear

Next up on our list is Faceckear. It’s also an online tool. The makers of the service have 6 years of hacking experience. You don’t need any special skills to use their service. You can do so online from any browser.


There are some benefits to using Faceckear:

  • Faceckear is anonymous.
  • You can get someone’s password in minutes.

Faceckear isn’t reliable

According to many users, Faceckear isn’t the most reliable utility around. While the service is free, you do need to fill out a survey to get the decrypted password. Survey filling, as you probably know, can be very time-consuming.

#6 SicZine

SicZine is a Facebook password cracker that’s been around since 2015. They use “raw socket requests” to hack someone’s Facebook account. The service has been featured in several news outlets since it launched.


Here are some of the top benefits of SicZine:

  • SicZine works fast. It’s automated and also anonymous.
  • You only pay after the Facebook account has been hacked.

They don’t guarantee a Facebook Hack

Note that SicZine can’t guarantee a Facebook hack. They only succeed 4 out of 5 times. Also, you do have to pay them after the account has been hacked. Their services aren’t exactly cheap.

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#7 SpyHuman

SpyHuman is a well-known phone spy app. The app is mainly a parental control tool – it’s used by parents to keep tabs on their children. You can use it to hack someone’s Facebook account, though.


Here are some of the top benefits of the app:

  • SpyHuman is discreet and can’t be detected.
  • The app offers a range of phone monitoring features, including a Facebook hack.

SpyHuman has several limitations

Be aware that SpyHuman comes with many drawbacks. The app only works with target Android devices. It won’t work with iOS phones or tablets. Also, note that it doesn’t come with a keylogger feature, so you can’t find that target’s FB credentials.

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#8 Flexispy

Flexispy is a popular Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android hacking app. With Flexispy, you can see what anyone gets up to on their personal devices within minutes. This includes their Facebook activity.


Here are some of the top features of the app:

  • You can view someone’s Facebook activity.
  • See calls, contacts, call logs, and listen in on calls.

You need to jailbreak or root the target phone

Note that Flexispy is limited in that you will have to install it on a jailbroken or rooted phone. If the target device isn’t prepared, Flexispy won’t work. This can be a serious drawback, especially if you want to view someone’s FB on the sly.


XNSPY is a well-liked parental control and employee-monitoring app. They have been around for a long time and have a good reputation. They also have friendly customer service. You can use XNSPY to hack someone’s FB.

Here is what XNSPY can do for you:

  • Monitor FB chat activity.
  • Find out the target’s credentials with the keylogger.

XNSPY won’t work without jailbreak or root

XNSPY can’t hack Facebook on a non-jailbroken or rooted phone. This is a major drawback. It’s risky to jailbreak or root someone’s phone, as we’ve mentioned before.  Also, note that the monthly edition of XNSPY is expensive and costs $35.99 per month.

Hack someone’s phone with ClickFree

#10 Copy9

The final entry on our list is Copy9. Copy9 is a top spy utility with a good reputation. You can use Copy9 to hack someone’s Facebook as well as monitor their phone.

Here are some of the top features of the Copy9 app:

  • Copy9 includes a keylogger that can help you crack someone’s FB credentials.
  • The app includes several extra phone monitoring features.

Copy9 needs jailbreak/root and is expensive

Interested in using Copy9? You should know that you will have to jailbreak or root the target’s device first to make the app work. Also, Copy9 is an expensive app. The Gold version of Copy9 costs $30.2 per month to use.


We hope our selection of the top 10 best Facebook hacker apps helps you out. All the apps here will work. However, we recommend ClickFree and Spyic above the rest of the solutions. Both apps are reliable, affordable, and stealthy. They also work without root and jailbreak.