How to Hack a Twitter Account

Being active on platforms like Twitter has become a rage for the young generation. But often, in a bid to gain popularity, youngsters make mistakes like posting inappropriate messages or images, or leaving offending comments.

While it might give them their two-seconds of fame, such occurrences can leave life-long impacts on one’s reputation. And that’s why you as a parent might want to keep an eye on your child’s Twitter activity.

But finding out how to hack a Twitter account might not be that easy. After all, giants like Twitter take high-end measures to secure user accounts and data, right? Well, what if we told you that with the right phone tracking app you can snoop inside someone’s Twitter account!

Intrigued? Read on to find out more.

Part 1: How to hack a Twitter account?

Getting into trouble on Twitter is something that can happen to anyone. Not only teens, even adults can fall into traps by following fraudster Twitter accounts or engaging in untoward activities like online affairs.

If you wish to spy on your teenage child or a cheating partner, getting to know who they follow on Twitter and what kind of interactions they engage in can give you significant clues. And while Twitter password hack may not be very straightforward, there are certain unconventional ways to hack Twitter account.

One such method is taking the help of a secure and reliable phone monitoring app. Such an app can help you get inside someone else’s Twitter account by capturing the keystrokes they use to enter their account credentials. Not only this, it can make sure you stay hidden while doing so!

In our opinion, the best solution for achieving such a feat is ClickFree.

1.1 ClickFree – One-Stop Phone Monitoring Solution

ClickFree leads by example in the phone monitoring niche and millions of users across the globe trust it for varying purposes. The app is equipped with several beneficial features that make it stand out from its competitors.

In addition to anonymous phone tracking for iOS and Android, the app lets users capture key inputs on target device to facilitate social media account tracking. ClickFree is trusted and featured by huge organizations such as Digital Trends, Mashable, Tech Advisor, Mac World, as well as The Next Web.

Wondering what makes it so special? Have a look here:

  • To work with the iOS version of ClickFree, you don’t need to download or install anything on your phone or on the target phone. All you need are the iCloud credentials of the phone you need to track, and you can monitor it completely remotely.

In case of the Android version of ClickFree, you’d need a 5-minute physical access to the target phone during which you can easily setup ClickFree. Once setup, the app can be hidden so the user of the target phone won’t realize it’s there!

  • The iOS version of ClickFree doesn’t need you to jailbreak the device to facilitate complete phone monitoring.

On similar lines, ClickFree’s Android version doesn’t need you to root to access any feature. Even the social media tracking and keylogger features don’t need you to root.

  • Once you’ve purchased the software, you can monitor the target phone from a web-based dashboard which you can log-in to using ANY browser. It is completely web-based and helps the app run in stealth mode.
  • ClickFree guarantees that no user data is ever stored on its servers. That means you can rest assured your personal information won’t go anywhere.

In addition to the above, there are multiple other advantages you can derive by using this intuitive software. Check out the live demo of ClickFree on its official website to get a glimpse of the tool in action.

1.2 How to hack someone’s Twitter?

Thanks to ClickFree’s user-friendly Setup Wizard, you can start working with it in no time. And the best part is that you don’t need to have any prior experience to do so.

Step 1: Go to ClickFree’s official website, sign up for a free account, and select a subscription plan.

Step 2: Once you’ve purchased the license, you’ll see a Setup Wizard which will prompt you to select the OS of the target phone. Here, specify Android or iOS depending on requirements.

Step 3: Now, the steps will vary a little depending upon the OS you have selected:

a) For Android solution:

As already mentioned, for the Android version you will need a 5-minute physical access to the target phone. So, once you’ve selected the target OS as Android, the Setup Wizard will guide you with the installation of the app on the target phone. Follow the instructions and then choose to hide the application from the settings to enable stealth mode. Check out detailed steps here.

b) For iOS solution:

Once you’ve select iOS as the target operating system, the next step will be to verify the iCloud credentials of the target phone.

Next, ClickFree will verify and sync the data to get things up and running.

Step 4: At this juncture, ClickFree will present the finish installation screen for you signaling that you’re good to go.

Following the above mentioned steps, you should be able to quickly start monitoring the target device.

Just log-in to your ClickFree dashboard using the ANY web browser and use the keylogger feature to check the login credentials used to sign into Twitter account.

Then, using those credentials, you can login to the respective Twitter account to check everything you need to track.

Are you ready to do some spying? Don’t forget to check out ClickFree’s free live demo before purchasing.

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Part 2: How to hack someone’s Twitter with just their username?

Although the keylogger feature can give you access to Twitter login credentials, if the person being spied on changes the passwords too quickly and for some reason, you’re unable to keep track of the most recent password, there’s a way you can hack their Twitter account using just their username.

The app you can use for this purpose is called Cocospy, and it is just as powerful as ClickFree and comes with almost the same feature set. You don’t need to root or jailbreak the device to use Cocospy and working with it is a cinch.

Here’s the link to Cocospy’s official website where you can find all information related to how to hack someone’s Twitter with just their username.

To sum it up

Twitter is a power medium to voice one’s opinions. But it can just as easily turn into a platform where people get distracted with untoward actions. Lest your partner or child faces embarrassment because of their Twitter activities, you should keep an eye on what they follow and who they interact with on the platform.

Applications like ClickFree can help you do this while keeping your identity hidden. Through this guide, we’ve tried to demonstrate just how powerful an app ClickFree is by decoding how to hack a Twitter account using it. But if we’ve missed anything out, do drop in at ClickFree’s official website to clear all your doubts. Click here to know more social media spy apps.