How to Hack Someone’s Instagram Without Their Password

Last week I was having one of those times where a work deadline was approaching and I had to stay up all night working to cover it (you understand; you have been there too, right?).

Suddenly, I noticed my wife’s phone buzzing and there were so many Instagram notifications all at once. Obviously, someone had sent her an array of messages.

Getting so many messages this late at night is obviously going to arouse a spouse’s suspicion. I knew I had to check them, but how?

The only thing possible was to hack her Instagram account. I knew I had to do it, but I didn’t know how to do it.

And therefore, I put my work aside and started searching for an Instagram hack that actually works (without all those scam human verifications and fake surveys). After hours of searching, I actually found the perfect thing I needed!

I used it and I was able to get in her Instagram account within 5 minutes and know the answer to my solutions. However, I know there are many of my friends like you out there who are in need of something like this.

Therefore, here it goes:

Part 1: How to Hack Someones Instagram Without Their Password

I had ideas in my head that hacking an Instagram account would be a herculean task. I often hear about these people paying ‘hackers’ to hack into an Instagram account and ending up getting cheated. I was surely not up for this.

However, when I found out about this method that I am about to tell you, I realized that it was one of the easiest things that I have ever done. I was relieved when it worked, and let me tell you this- it worked like magic!

And mind you, this comes from a guy who doesn’t know anything about programming or coding. Yet, I got to see every message on someone else’s Instagram account with this trick.

I know you are at the edge of your seat already. Therefore, I wouldn’t keep you waiting. Here is the perfect way to hack someone’s Instagram without their password:


1.1 Cocospy- Nothing Is Better When You Need An Instagram Hacker

Cocospy is the most popular Instagram hack used all over the world. It can get into any Instagram account without a password, and that is why millions of people are using it globally.

In fact, Cocospy is so awesome that I have even seen it reviewed in the biggest media outlets like Forbes, TechRadar, PCMag, etc. It works for both Android and iOS.

I know what you are thinking- ‘Why haven’t I heard of Cocospy before?’ Well, I thought the same. But the reason is simple- when someone has found a working Instagram hack that can get them into ANY Instagram account, they obviously aren’t going to share it with you no matter if they are a friend or family.

Cocospy is not just an Instagram hack; it is the BEST Instagram hack and so much more. It is the best app that I have seen, and I will tell you why in the next section.


Meanwhile, you should check this free Cocospy demo. It will give you a clearer idea about what I mean, what Cocospy can do, and how does it look while hacking an Instagram account.

1.2 What Makes Cocospy The BEST Instagram Hacker

Cocospy is the perfect Instagram hacker for more reasons than one. In this era when it is hard to find even a working Instagram hack, Cocospy offers you not only that but so much more. Here are a few of the salient features of Cocospy:

Web Based Interface:

Cocospy has a 100% web based interface. You won’t have to download any app on your phone or PC to access it. You can use it remotely through any web browser of your choice. This makes sure that your system is safe without any risk of viruses, at the same time increasing portability.

cocospy dashboard

No Root or Jailbreak:

Cocospy doesn’t require you to root or jailbreak the target device. This is unlike most other hacking apps that I have seen. Rooting or jailbreaking can compromise the security and safety of data. Therefore, Cocospy makes sure that your data is safe.

100% Secure:

Cocospy will not store any Instagram data (or any other personal data) that you hack from the other phone. Everything is just between you and the other user- on your browser and on the other person’s phone. There is nothing stored on Cocospy’s servers.

35+ Features:

With Cocospy, there are more than 35 features for you to enjoy. From hacking ANY social media platform to recording their phone call conversations, Cocospy does it all. And everything comes in the package deal already. You don’t have to pay extra for any feature.

There are of course many other reasons for why I love Cocospy. However, it is better you check it out for yourself to see its awesomeness.

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Hack Instagram Account Quietly

With Cocospy, the other person will never learn that you have hacked their Instagram account. This is because of the special design of Cocospy.

When it comes to hacking Instagram on the target’s iPhone or iPad, Cocospy doesn’t require you to touch the other person’s phone even once. You can hack their Instagram account remotely.

Since iOS devices come with iCloud backup inherently, all the data of the iOS device gets uploaded to the iCloud servers automatically. Cocospy utilizes this data to extract vital information about their account.

Check Cocospy’s iOS Solution Here>>

When it comes to hacking Instagram on an Android phone, you are required to install the spy app on the target phone in order for it to work. This is true whether you use Cocospy or any other spy app.

However, Cocospy for Android is different as compared to any other spy app. Cocospy is designed to work in 100% stealth mode.

The app size is less than 2 MB and it installs within seconds. Once the app is installed, the app icon will vanish from the app menu of the target phone.

Further, the app is designed so as not to drain any battery at all. It works quietly in the background without any notifications.

And when you wish to uninstall the app, you can do it remotely through Cocospy’s dashboard from ANY web browser.

Check Cocospy’s Android Solution Here>>

**If any app claims to hack Instagram on Android phone without an app download, that app is a scam or a fraud. It can steal your time or money, so it is better that you stay away from any such app.**

1.3 Steps to Hack Someone’s Instagram With Cocospy

Hacking Instagram with Cocospy is a piece of cake. You just have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign up for Cocospy and get a subscription plan based on the target phone’s operating system- Android or iOS.

cocospy sign up

Step 2: Follow the on screen setup wizard. It will guide you through the process of configuring Cocospy:

a.) If the target phone is iOS, you just have to verify the iCloud credentials of the target device.

cocospy verify icloud

b.) If the target phone is Android, you can download and install the Cocospy app from the link mentioned in the setup wizard.

Step 3: Hit ‘Start’ and you are ready to monitor the target device.

cocospy finish installation

Once you hit on ‘Start’, you will be taken to your dashboard. You can use Cocospy’s Instagram Spy here under the ‘Social Media Apps’ tab on the left.

Instagram Spy

The dedicated Instagram spy will give you complete data of the other user’s Instagram account, from their messages to posts to the pictures and videos they share privately.

There are also dedicated modules for other social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.



The keylogger feature is one of my favorite things about Cocospy. It keeps track of all the keystrokes that are made by the other user. These are arranged by the apps that they are made in.

Therefore, you can learn about all the messages that the user has typed through Keylogger. You can even learn about their Instagram searches here.


If you think that is cool, you will find even cooler things in this Cocospy web demo. It will give you a glimpse of how Cocospy is going to work for you.

Part 2: How to Hack Someones Instagram Without Their Password

If you are looking for an alternative for Cocospy (which is a rare case), here is another app for you that you would love using.

2.1 Spyic- The Remote Instagram Spy That Works Without Password

Spyic is a web app that can give you 100% data of the target phone, including their Instagram’s private messages.

And all this happens through a beautiful and convenient UI that doesn’t require you to possess any technical knowledge at all.

Further, the pricing of Spyic is so cheap that you will feel they are giving it away for free.  And if you face any problems, there is a whole team of service executives that will be happy to assist you 24×7.

You can check out Spyic in action here with the free web demo that they offer. There is no signup or download required.


If you were wondering how to hack someone’s Instagram without their password, this guide is more than enough to teach you the entire process. If you have been following it side by side, I am sure that you have the data of the target phone on your screen already.