Telegram Hack: How to Hack Telegram

There are so many of us out there looking out for a Telegram hack. But wait, haven’t you heard Telegram is one of the most secure messaging platforms on earth? How then is it even possible to monitor someone’s private Telegram messages? The answer might surprise you!

Well, it’s much simpler than you think. If you use the right spy tools, you can get past Telegram’s security measures and scan Telegram chats. In this piece, we will see what makes this possible and how you can get started right away.

Part 1: How to Hack Telegram Account

The big question is how to hack Telegram. As you have already known, millions of people around the world use Telegram as their messaging app. The platform is known mostly for its superb security and privacy features. It relies on powerful encryption to shield messages.

However, nothing can ever escape from the eyes of a powerful spy app that uses cutting-edge technology to break through layers of security! Yes, we are talking here about ClickFree, a well-known name that is being used around the globe and is popular among millions.

ClickFree has been featured in several big media outlets including Mac World, The Next Web, and TopTenReviews. When there are so many people out there who use and trust ClickFree, you know it has to be special!

The app can be used to spy on both Android and iOS target devices with ease. The setup process is very simple and straightforward. Let us explore the app and its Telegram hack features in greater detail now.

1.1 ClickFree: The Master Spy Tool That Can Hack Telegram

ClickFree is an incredibly powerful Telegram hack tool. The best thing about the app? Well, there is no need for rooting or jailbreaking the target device at all. Yes, ClickFree simply functions out of the box without any complex rooting or jailbreaking.

This might come in as a surprise for most readers who are accustomed to spy apps that only perform advanced functions including social media monitoring on prior rooting or jailbreaking. This really makes it extremely difficult for first-time users to use these apps.

ClickFree, on the other hand, is different. It is a very intuitive and user-friendly app that is super easy to use. You could use ClickFree to see Telegram chats on the target device. It is also possible to see the timestamps of the messages.

ClickFree also reveals if and when people made calls on Telegram. You can see the contact details of the person to whom the call was made too.

What’s more, ClickFree shows you the photos and other media files exchanged using Telegram. Now, you might have heard how Telegram is notorious enough for deleting the chats as a security feature.

However, using ClickFree, you can also see deleted messages. Isn’t that amazing? You can check ClickFree’s free live demo to see how it works.

1.2 How to Hack Someone’s Telegram Account Without Them Knowing

Let us now see how to use ClickFree yourself as a Telegram hack tool. To start, you will first need to install the app. The ClickFree Android app is lightweight and is easily installed in under 5 minutes. The app takes less than 2M of space and will not drain the target’s battery.

The ClickFree iOS solution, on the other hand, needs no installation at all. Everything is done remotely without ever needing physical proximity to the device. The app works out of the cloud and syncs all data therein.

Step-1: Visit the official ClickFree website and sign up for a free new account. Remember to take a note of your username and password as you’ll need them shortly.

Step-2: Now, if the target device runs Android, get the ClickFree Android app and complete all steps as per the instructions. Provide the app all the permissions that it needs to work correctly. The installation process takes a few minutes and your app will be up and running soon.

Do not worry as the app will automatically delete its icon after installation and run in the background. The ClickFree app features what is called stealth technology: it works in a very discreet manner. What’s more, you can uninstall the app remotely in just one click.

**Caution: Remember to stay away from spy apps that claim to be able to hack Telegram messages on the target device without installing any app. This is not technically possible. Such malicious apps can actually compromise the integrity of your own data.**

If the target runs iOS instead, you could use the ClickFree iOS solution, you will just need the iCloud credentials of the target device. Simply enter the username and password and allow the app to sync.

The cloud-based app will now begin syncing data in the background. This can take some time depending on the volume.

Step-3: Once the setup is complete, simply log on to your Control Panel using the username and password you obtained in step-1. Now, proceed to your Dashboard. You will find several options here. Click on ‘Social Media Apps’ and now select ‘Telegram’.

You can now see all incoming and outgoing messages on Telegram along with the media files exchanged, if any. You will also find that each message also has the timestamp that shows when it was sent. You can also check out who sent a message or the recipient of a message.

The best way to see how to hack Telegram using ClickFree is to use its live demo service. This way, you can see the various features and tools that the app offers at a glance without having to install and set up the app.

1.3 Hacking Telegram Using The ClickFree Android Keylogger

If you thought that’s the only way to implement a Telegram hack using ClickFree, think again. The ClickFree Android app also features a built-in keylogger. The keylogger is basically a tool that logs each and every keypress the target user makes.

When the user logs on to Telegram using his/her phone, the ClickFree keylogger will log that username and password too. You can then see these credentials in your Dashboard remotely. ClickFree syncs all information remotely to your account.

You can then use these credentials to gain access to the target’s Telegram account with ease. Not only Telegram, but you can also capture the usernames and passwords of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat as well. Thus, as you can see, the keylogger is a powerful function indeed.

You can also check this guide to use ClickFree to hack an iPhone.

Part 2: How to Hack Telegram Online

spyic boxIt’s time now to see another Telegram hack. We will be discussing here another extremely popular app called Spyic. The app functions out of the box and does not require you to perform rooting or jailbreaking on the target device at all. All monitoring is done remotely.

The Spyic iOS solution is completely cloud-based and you need nothing more than a browser to access Telegram messages. You can also see Telegram media files and the timestamps of the messages in addition to the information about the contacts.

Simply fire up your favorite browser and log on to your Control Panel. Now, you can view all the monitored data on your Dashboard remotely. Spyic uses stealth technology and works without drawing any attention to itself.

The best thing is that Spyic will even show you the deleted messages on Telegram. As you already know, the app can self-destruct the messages. Spyic can even pull out deleted messages and show them to you.

To get started with using Spyic, you will first need to sign up for an account on the official Spyic website. Once you have done that, you can simply download the Spyic app or use the iCloud credentials (if the target runs iOS) to begin syncing data.

Spyic will then show everything: all Telegram messages and chats. You can browse through contact information and check everything out. Like ClickFree, the Spyic Android app also has a built-in keylogger. You could use that to get access to the target’s accounts as well.

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Part 3: How to Hack Someone’s Telegram Account Free

Spybubble can help you to hack Telegram as well. The spy app lets you browse through the target user’s chats on the messaging platform. While many versions of the app claim that it can spy on Blackberry and Symbian too, in reality, these OS platforms are not supported.


Despite the features that the app has, it also has several shortcomings. First, the app does not have a built-in keylogger. If you need to log every key press the target undertakes, you need a keylogger app and will need to download it separately as Spybubble does not support one.

If you need the keylogger functionality out of the box, you can try either ClickFree or Spyic, both of which have this feature. Further, another shortcoming of Spybubble is that many of the advertised functions do not work as indicated.

You will find that Facebook monitoring, for example, does not work as advertised. Furthermore, many of the advanced features require that you either jailbreak or root the target device before you use Spybubble. Otherwise, the app will not work properly and will have only basic functions.

However, rooting and jailbreaking require a great level of technical prowess and are very complex processes, to say the least. It is not at all easy for a beginner who has never rooted a device before to perform this activity. Further, it also voids the warranty of the device.

If you are looking out for an easy to use spy solution to hack Telegram, visit for ClickFree or Spyic site instead. Both of these apps work in a simple manner and there is no need to jailbreak or root the target device first. These are intuitive and simplistic apps.

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If you’ve been looking for a Telegram hack, you will have observed that there are indeed several options out there. However, you should exercise great caution in picking a spy app as there are several malicious apps out there that can damage your own data and privacy.

Two of the apps that truly stand out from the rest include ClickFree and Spyic. Both of these apps have large user communities who trust them and have been featured by reputed organizations.

Plus, these apps do not require that you jailbreak or root the target device first when you use them. This makes it really simple to use them, even for first-time users who have never used any spy app earlier.