How to Tap a Cell Phone

Tapping a cell phone is a handy tool for anyone. It can help track your loved one’s communication and gives you precious insights into their lives. A good phone tap app for cell phones go a long way in simplifying your life and revealing the truth about your relationships.

In a technology-dominated modern era, a secure phone tapping app is fast becoming a necessity. From parents to teenagers to law enforcement agencies, everyone is on the look-out for a perfect app that helps them tap mobile phones without alerting the victim.

Part 1: Can A Cell Phone Be Tapped?

The Internet is full of solutions about how to tap a cell phone with just the number. A generic search will bring up thousands of links, all claiming to possess the expertise of helping you with phone tapping software, even for iPhone tap. Be careful!

Even though most of the claims are false, there are many genuine apps that will help you tap phone calls through software. We did extensive research about top apps that actually help tap a cell phone and summarized it here so that you can make an informed decision.

Part 2: How to Tap a Cell Phone?

We have filtered out the fakes from the original and our results are here to help you out. Tapping a cell phone no longer requires physical wires and transmitters. The advancement of software has made it possible to monitor a cell phone from the comfort of your home.

Our research and extensive product testing revealed that ClickFree is by far the best call tapping device for someone looking to tap a mobile phone. It is a genuine, affordable and secure application that works stealthily in the background, going completely undetected.

It comes from a globally trusted brand, putting to rest all apprehensions you might have about using it. It is driven by a satisfied user base of more than 10 million, spread all around the world in over 190 countries. It has been mentioned on numerous occasions by established technology blogs and media portals such as BuzzFeed, TechRadar, CNET, The Guardian and many more.

Before we get into the details, please be mindful that there are a lot of websites and apps that claim to tap Android phones without installing anything. Let us warn you beforehand that these are all fakes and you will regret using those. Here is what we want to know before proceeding:

The architecture of the Android operating system mandates installing software for tracking its applications. Beware of websites that claim to do this without installing an app. They are fakes looking to steal your money and data.

How to Tap a Mobile Phone Using ClickFree?

Whether the target phone number uses an iPhone or an Android device, monitoring it by using ClickFree is extremely simple. The following steps are easy to follow and do not require you to be a technology geek. Nor do you need to jailbreak or root the target device. Simply spend 5 minutes setting it up and you will be able to monitor the device remotely.

  1. Setting up Android phone tapping without root access

ClickFree for Android does not require you to root your phone and 5 minutes is all it takes to set it up. You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Create an account for FREE!
  2. Download ClickFree app on the target device
  3. Start tracking

Other than the easy to follow installation steps, the icing on the cake is that the software works in stealth mode and goes undetected in the target phone. You do not need to install any shady app on your own phone, which is ideal from a safety point of view.

You can monitor it through your ClickFree account from anywhere in the world, by using a browser of your choice. It takes less than 2 MB of space, which helps it work silently. As you do not need to install anything on your own device, there is no risk at all.

  1. Setting up ClickFree to monitor an iPhone

There are a lot of expensive solutions in the market that claim to help you tap an iPhone. They often get very technical and are difficult to implement for a layman. Many of them can even be misleading. ClickFree can do all kinds of tapping (messaging, calls, auto-forwarding, social media monitoring, WhatsApp, etc.) in a simple, secure and economical way.

The best part about ClickFree iPhone solution is that you do not have to install anything on your phone. Nor are you required to play with the technical aspect of the target iPhone by jailbreaking it. All you need to do is create your account, get the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone and you can keep an eye on it from anywhere in the world.

Here is how you can set it up for an iPhone:

  1. Create an account for free
  2. Enter and verify iCloud credentials of the target device.
  3. Hit start to begin monitoring

As the app relies on the iCloud backup of the target Apple device, it will take a few minutes to sync with it. This time is usually between 2 and 10 minutes. Once done, you can access your ClickFree account from anywhere in the world and keep a track of the target phone.

Part 3: How to Tap a Phone Call?

Ever wondered why your partner walks away from you while attending calls? Have you seen similar behavior from him on many occasions and are suspicious about his loyalty? Tapping his phone call might be the perfect answer, isn’t it?

Cocospy is a trusted solution when it comes to tapping your partner’s phone calls. It has become one of the most trusted spy apps around the world, thanks to its presence in every corner of the globe.

It does not require you to root and Android phone or jailbreak an iPhone. It comes with very easy installation steps and gives you complete peace of mind with respect to privacy. Visit the website now to know about its feature list in detail.

Part 4: How to Tap a Cell Phone with Just the Number?

Imagine being able to track what’s going on in your wife’s or kid’s cellphone by just using the number. Won’t it be the best thing in the world? Well, you can stop imagining now as it is already a reality.

All you need to do is to visit and watch the magic unfold with your own eyes. You can be located anywhere in the world to use this service.

Click here to hack WhatsApp messages.

Part 5: 5 Other Phone Tapping Apps

There are many apps that can give you the key to a target phone. Other than those already mentioned, we have many more apps that you can explore. They all provide basic spy features such as monitoring calls, sms, and social media messages.

However, some of these are really nifty and have additional features that are really cool to use.  Here are some more apps that can be used as a phone tapping software:


It is a versatile phone tapping solution that is available for both Android and iPhone. Please note that the Android device must be running on version 4.0.3 to 7.1.1 for this to work. If you are targeting an iPhone, you will need to jailbreak it first.


It is common to be bugged by spam phone numbers. If you ever wanted a solution that could do a reverse phone number search and reveal key information about the user, this is it. The best part is it is absolutely free to use unless you want to lookup more than 25 numbers a day.


This is another good option if you are looking to monitor the usage of cell phones or tablets. You no longer need to worry about your kids watching adult content or your employees using office assets for personal use. Just choose the solution that suits your needs the best and you are good to go. Please note that it is only for Android devices.


Appmia is a comprehensive phone tapping application that lets you access calls, messages, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS, etc. You could click here to know how to hack social app. It even allows you to access live GPS location, which can be very useful. It works for both Android and iOS and has over 250,000 users across the world. It uploads target device’s data to a cloud hosted location, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.


It would be apt to round off the list with another popular app that can perform all the spying functions and guestspy is exactly that. Other than the usual spy features it has a couple of interesting features that are worth mentioning.

You can remotely access the sound of the phone’s surroundings by just sending a message. There is another useful option through which you can record phone calls and hear the conversations through a cloud-hosted dashboard. These features are a welcome addition to the otherwise similar feature list of phone monitoring apps.

Now that you have eight different options to choose from, it might sound like a task to choose one. Although this is a matter of personal choice, it really comes down to individual requirements.

All these apps have the basic features to tap a mobile phone but if we had to recommend an all-rounder that would do most of the things you are likely to need, we would strongly recommend going with globally trusted ClickFree.