How to Hack Facebook Messenger

How to hack Facebook Messenger? We’d like to set you straight: You can’t hack Facebook Messenger, not unless you’re a genius hacker with a ton of special equipment. Facebook Messenger is heavily protected.

How to Hack Facebook Messenger

But what do you then if you desperately want a Facebook messenger hack anyway, so you can view someone’s Facebook inbox messages because of various personal reasons?

There is a solution. In fact, it’s pretty easy. Instead of hacking Facebook Messenger directly, you can hack the person’s phone instead and get into Messenger that way. Phones aren’t as protected as Facebook accounts.

How do you hack Facebook Messenger on the person’s phone? We offer two tools that do all the hacking work for you! You can have them up and running in just 5 minutes – without any special skills or expensive gear.

Part 1: How to Hack Someone’s Facebook Messages

The most straightforward way to hack Facebook Messenger is with the help of a phone spy app such as Clickfree. You just install the app on the person’s phone. You can then read their Facebook messages and see their FB use in general via the app.

Clickfree also comes with an in-built keylogger. This can help you potentially crack someone’s Facebook username and password!

Clickfree is a recognized, trusted spy app. The app has over a million active users around the planet at the moment. It’s been featured on platforms such as PC World, MacWorld, LifeWire, and CNET. The app works with both iOS and Android target devices.

And what’s the best part about Clickfree? The app is 100% discreet. It’s the only way we know how you can read Facebook messages without being seen. We’ll explain why it’s discreet later. First, we’ll give you an explanation of what the app can do.

1.1 Clickfree – Makes Messenger Hacking a Walk in the Park

Clickfree gives you full access to someone’s FB messenger activity:

  • Read Facebook messages: Clickfree allows you to read someone’s private as well as group Facebook chats. You receive periodic updates, so you can read new message activity too.
  • Check timestamps: Every message has a time and date log. That way, you can tell when a particular conversation took place.
  • View contacts: Who is the person chatting with exactly? You can view display pictures, names, email addresses, job information (if available), addresses, and other relevant information.
  • Find deleted message: Has the person deleted an incriminating conversation recently? Clickfree will retrieve the deleted message and share it with you.
  • Access media files: Is the person trading pictures, videos, and audio files with someone on Messenger? Are they uploading photos on FB? Clickfree gives you access to their entire media collection.

Did we mention that Clickfree also comes with a keylogger? A keylogger program tracks all keystrokes made on the target device. When the user enters their FB username and password, Clickfree will save this information and share it with you!

You can then directly log into someone’s FB account from any PC, if necessary. Though note that this method is not as discreet as Clickfree’s direct Facebook messenger hack.

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1.2 How to Hack and View Someone’s Facebook Inbox Messages

Want to get starting with the hacking and viewing someone’s Facebook messages? Here are the simple steps you can follow to set up Clickfree on iOS and Android devices:

Step 1: Sign up for a free Clickfree account. Use your email ID for the username.

Step 2: Pick your monthly Clickfree subscription. If you want to hack Messenger on a single device, buy the Premium plan. If you’re looking to hack Messenger on several devices at once, you’ll need Family.

Step 3: Check your email inbox for setup instructions. You can install Clickfree for iOS remotely. All you have to do is set the target platform to iOS. Then enter the phone’s linked iOS account. Finally, wait 10 minutes for Clickfree to sync with it.

Installing Clickfree on an Android device? You will need to download a 2MB app on the target phone. This is easy. It takes only 3 minutes. After you install the app, you can hide it. Wait till Clickfree syncs with the target phone.

Step 4: Congratulations! You can now log into the Clickfree dashboard from any web browser. The dashboard gives you an overview of what’s happening on the target phone.

If you want to read someone’s Facebook inbox messages, go to “Social Apps > Messenger” from the selection panel to the left of the screen. You can also potentially crack their FB credentials from the keylogger option.

Click here for a free Clickfree live demo and see the FB Messenger hack in action!

**Beware: You can’t hack Facebook Messenger on Android phones without installing software first! If a service or app claims to be able to do so, it’s a scam or a phishing attempt. Don’t fall for cheap tricks!**

1.3 What makes Clickfree a reliable Facebook Messenger hack?

Clickfree is a super-reliable Facebook hacker. Here are some reasons why the app makes for the perfect Facebook hacking tool:

  1. You don’t need to root or jailbreak

Most spy apps in the market require you to jailbreak or root the target device. This takes a long time. It can also cause data loss and increase your chances of being caught by the FB user.

Clickfree is a risk-free, highly advanced app, though. It’s capable of hacking Facebook messenger without the necessity of rooting or jailbreak. This is a massive advantage.

  1. The app is super-stealthy

The iOS version of Clickfree can be remotely set up and operated, without any software downloads. It works with the iCloud account and not with the phone directly. This makes it impossible to detect!

The Android version of Clickfreeis a tiny 2MB app. It leaves no traces on the phone. You can hide it after you install it. It will run in the background without making the user aware or draining the phone battery. The user will never know!

  1. You can trust Clickfree

A million users from 190+ countries around the globe make use of Clickfree. The app has been tried-and-tested by countless users. You can trust the app to offer your money’s worth. It’s also legitimate and virus-free.

  1. The app is secure

Unlike some phone spy apps, Clickfree doesn’t steal your data. Your personal information isn’t stored on the app’s servers, nor can the app access it in any way. This makes Clickfree a super secure, private, and trustworthy app.  

  1. You get multiple added phone monitoring features

Clickfree is more than a tool to hack Messenger. It’s a complete phone monitoring solution with over two dozen advanced features. You can use Clickfree to read texts, track locations, check calendar events, view call logs, check installed apps, and much more!

  1. The app costs a reasonable amount

If you opt for another Facebook hack, you may have to pay two times as much, without getting any special features. Also, you pay separately to hack multiple devices.

Clickfree, however, is available for a reasonable price. It only costs about as much as a small meal at a restaurant. You also get a discount if you want to hack Messenger on multiple devices.

Check out all of Clickfree’s supported features here!

Part 2: How to Hack into Someone’s Facebook Messenger

The second Facebook Messenger hack we have for you is ClickFree. ClickFree is a leading phone monitoring solution. It’s used around the globe and has made appearances on major platforms such as Forbes, BBC, and The New York Times.

You can use ClickFree to hack into someone’s Facebook messenger on Android and iOS devices. The app is simple to set up and offers an array of powerful features.

2.1 ClickFree – Hack Facebook Messenger without Breaking a Sweat

ClickFree gives you periodic updates on the target’s Facebook Messenger activity:

  • Read personal as well as group Facebook messages.
  • Check exchanged media files, including videos and pictures.
  • See Facebook contacts, including their display pictures.
  • Use the built-in keylogger to figure out someone’s FB username and password.

The app does the hacking work for you. All you have to do is install it, which doesn’t take more than 10 minutes.

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2.2 Why should you use ClickFree to hack Messenger and read Facebook messages?

We recommend ClickFree because it’s a solid, all-around solution:  

  1. ClickFree is a hidden solution

ClickFree is undetectable. You can read anyone’s FB messages without being detected. The iOS version of the app is a remote, no-downloads solution. It’s undetectable. The Android version needs an install, but it works hidden in the background.

  1. It’s simple to set up

You can set up ClickFree in minutes with just your smartphone or PC. You don’t need any special technical skills or advanced equipment. Additionally, ClickFree is advanced enough to work without jailbreak or root!

  1. ClickFree is user-verified

Countless users rely on ClickFree. You can trust the app’s Facebook Messenger hacking capabilities. The app works well and is super-secure. Also, your personal data remains safe as it’s never stored on ClickFree’s servers.  

Try out the ClickFree free live demo here to see how the FB hack works!


Don’t fall for online Facebook Messenger hacks and tricks – most of these are just scams. The only legitimate way how to hack Facebook messenger to view FB inbox messages is via a good phone monitoring app such as Clickfree or ClickFree!