10 Best Keylogger for Android

There is not a single person in the world who hasn’t wanted to snoop in on another cell phone wanting to see their messages, social media chats, and other whatnots. However, no one tries to do it or even know how it happens because they think it might be very hard to do.

However, if you try any of the Android keyloggers that I am about to mention today, you will regret why you haven’t been using these apps so far. They are best in the business and they can do things you never imagined were possible.

Therefore, let me tell you about the best Android keyloggers that you can use:

What is an Android Keylogger?

An Android keylogger is an application that keeps track of all the keystrokes that are made by the other user. This includes their chat messages, the usernames and passwords of social media sites, and even their browser searches.

If you know about the key logs of a user, there will be nothing about their life hidden from you. Therefore, without any waiting, here are the best keyloggers that you can use for Android devices:

10 Best Android Keyloggers

Part 1: ClickFree

If there is any Android keylogger that I can bet my money on, it is ClickFree. It is one of the best phone spy apps available in the market today that can give you complete details about the other phone, including their key logs made on ANY application.

ClickFree is the most popular name on the internet when we talk about Android phone spying solutions. It is used by millions of people globally, most of them being long term users. In fact, I have even seen it reviewed favourably by the biggest media outlets such as Forbes, TheGuardian, PCMag, etc.

And it is not because of coincidence or favouritism. ClickFree indeed offers the best services I have seen in phone monitoring sector, especially when it comes to Android keylogging. And the price of these services is so low that it makes ClickFree all the more irresistible.

**Due to Android’s design, an app installation is needed on the target phone to monitor the key logs or any other data. If any app claims to accomplish this without app installation, it is a fake and it can steal your time as well as money.**

Why ClickFree Is the #1 Android Keylogger

There are many reasons which make ClickFree the best Android keylogger that you are going to find. Some of these include:

Web Based Interface

ClickFree has a 100% web interface.  You do not have to download any app on your phone or PC in order to use ClickFree. You can do it remotely through ANY web browser of your choice.

No Root Required

Generally, most Android keyloggers ask you to root the target phone as the first necessary step. However, when you are using ClickFree, it is not needed at all.

Trusted App

ClickFree is used by millions of users in over 190 countries. This means that your data is in safe hands with ClickFree. It is a well-established brand.

There are many more features that make ClickFree so awesome. However, I suggest you try out free ClickFree demo to know more about them.

Android Keylogging Without Being Caught

If you are using any keylogging app for an Android phone, it is necessary to install a keylogger into the phone to spy on it. This is a compulsory requirement no matter what kind of keylogger you use.

ClickFree understands this and also wants to keep your comfort at the top end. This is why ClickFree has designed a unique solution for Android keylogging for you.

The app size for Android is less than 2 MB and it installs within seconds. Once installed, the app icon will vanish from the app menu.

The app does not drain any battery and it works in the background very quietly. And if you ever wish to uninstall it, you can do it remotely from the ClickFree dashboard that I mentioned earlier.

And all this comes without the need to root the other device (unlike 99% of other Android keyloggers). Therefore, this is another thing that makes ClickFree so special.

How to Use ClickFree for Android Keylogging?

Using ClickFree for keeping a tab of Android keystrokes is very simple. All you have to do is follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign up for ClickFree and get a subscription plan for an Android phone.

Step 2: Follow the simple setup guide. It will lead you through the installation process.

Step 3 Once ClickFree has synced the data, you can click on the ‘Start’ button. It will take you to your dashboard.

When you are on your dashboard, all of ClickFree’s features are available here as tabs on the left hand side. To view the Android key logs of the person, you can visit the ‘Android Keylogger’ tab.

Android Keylogger

ClickFree’s Android keylogger is not like any other Android keylogging software. It has a unique algorithm that is going to not only show you the key logs, but also reveal which key logs were made in which app.

The key logs are divided app wise. Therefore, to view the key logs of any app, say WhatsApp, you can select that app when you click on the keylogger tab.

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In case you are looking for an Android keylogging feature, ClickFree has an array of 35 additional features that are going to be very useful for you. These include:

Additional Features

Social Media Apps:

ClickFree has a dedicated monitor for every popular social media application, such as FB, WhatsAp, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, etc. You can see the messages that the user has received as well as what they have sent.

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Call Monitor:

Call monitor keeps a track of all the incoming and outgoing calls of the user. You can even record the calls if you like.

Location Tracker:

Location tracker lets you know about the live location of the user as well as their recent locations. It even has the Geofencing functionality enabled.

There are a lot of other features to explore. To check out ClickFree’s Android keylogger and the other features, you can see its demo here.

Part 2: Cocospy


If any stands on the same as ClickFree and gives it a tough competition, it is Cocospy. Cocospy is an established brand that provides keylogging solutions for Android phones.

You can use it remotely and track the credentials, messages, and whatnots of any Android device. You will only need to access the target device just once.

My favorite thing about Cocospy is its user interface. The dashboard is very beautifully designed and offers convenience to users who do not have much technical knowledge.

Also, Cocospy is also a web application and doesn’t need installation on your phone or PC. An added advantage is that Cocospy does not require you to root the target device in order to work.


Features of Cocospy

There are many things special about Cocospy that makes it rank so high on the list, just after ClickFree. Some of these include:

Awesome Customer Support

I have seldom seen applications in keylogging sector provide any sort of after sales support. However, Cocospy is different. They don’t forget you once you get the app.

Cheap Pricing Model

Cocospy offers such attractive discounts all year round that once can get the app for almost free. There is no other app that compares to it when it comes to pricing.

Application Based Keylogging

All the key logs are organized by the application in which the user is making them. For example, the web browser searches can be found under Chrome or any other web browser.

As you can see, all these things make Cocospy something that is hard to say no to. In any case, it also offers a free demo if you want to check it out. There is no signup or download required.

Part 3: iKeyMonitor

While its name may give you the impression that it works for iPhones only, iKeyMonitor is a diverse app that supports a variety of platforms. However, providing Android keylogging solutions is its speciality.

Although it is not as accomplished in the sector as ClickFree or Cocospy, there are many other added advantages of iKeyMonitor.

The primary purpose of iKeyMonitor is to allow parents to keep an eye on their kids. While Android keylogger is same or similar on most apps, the additional features matter too.

So when you are considering additional features and you aren’t a parent, iKeyMonitor might not be a perfect fit for you. But considering Android keylogger only, it ranks third on my list after ClickFree and Cocospy.

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Part 4: Spyier

SpyierThe good thing about Spyier is that it doesn’t fall prey to outdated versions. Spyier keeps following technology trends which keep it in game with its competitors, earning it the fourth spot.

It can get you the key logs of the Android phone without rooting the target Android phone, like our other top picks.

Further, the design of the dashboard is very simple and convenient.

However, the price of Spyier is in a whole different bracket as compared to ClickFree or Cocospy.

Spyier charges way more than ClickFree, for the lesser quality of service than ClickFree provides. This is the only thorn that stings me when it comes to Spyier. Otherwise, it is a very good app.

Part 5: Flexispy

Flexispy is another big name when it comes to phone tracking solutions, especially advanced ones like Android keylogger. However, the people who use Flexispy are in a very different category than people who use ClickFree or Cocospy.

FlexiSPY-Text Messages Interceptor

ClickFree or Cocospy do not require for the target device to be rooted. All their services can be used without root. Therefore, you can use these apps without the target user knowing about them.

However, Flexispy requires you to root the target Android phone in order to work. This means that the other person has to definitely know that you are tracking their key logs. How else would you convince them to root their phone?

Not only that, even with this big shortcoming, Flexispy charges one of the highest prices of any available Android keylogger.

This is why Flexispy ranks in the middle of this list, despite its big name and number of services.

Part 6: Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is a lesser-known Android keylogging and phone monitoring solution. However, this does not make it any less awesome.

It has a simple dashboard that focuses more on ease of use than other things. The user will find all the features neatly arranged on the left-hand side, Android keylogger being one of them.


While there is no demo you can try, the pricing is low so you can give it a shot if you feel that the top picks aren’t working out for you.

All in all, Hoverwatch is a good app that gets the job done.

Part 7: Spyfone

Spyfone is another popular keylogger for Android that is reviewed well by its peers. It provides other phone spying features as well, which makes it worth using.

Spyfone requires app installation on the target Android phone in order to work. However, unlike the top holders in this list, the Spyfone app that will be installed on the target phone is not so stealth base as was the case with ClickFree or Cocospy.


The other concern about Spyfone is that while its basic pricing plan is cheap, there is no useful feature it offers. If you want to use its Android keylogger and other advanced features, you will have to shell out a lot of money.

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Part 8: Xnspy

Xnspy is very widely used Android keylogging software that does not miss out on any keystrokes. It is reliable and quick in getting you the information.

Further, there are other useful features that you can use to monitor the other person’s calls, messages, and similar data.


However, in order to make full use of Xnspy, you will have to root the target Android devices. If you do not root it, most of its important features will not work.

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Part 9: Spybubble

Spybubble (also known as prospybubble) is a phone monitoring solution that has a workable Android keylogger. It also serves a wide array of devices other than Android.

It can give you access to complete data of the target device, including their pictures, messages, and of course, their key logs. Click here to spy on your wife


However, there is no demo that it offers. Therefore, if you want to try it, you will have to buy it.

Further, the pricing plans of Spybubble is way higher, considering it does not even offer a fraction of what our top picks offer at a considerably lesser price.

However, when it comes to Android keylogging, Spybubble stays in the competition. This earns it the ninth spot on this list.

Part 10: SpyHuman

SpyHuman is a decent Android keylogger that you can use if all else fails. It is designed for parents to keep an eye on their children.


It has an average number of features, and it doesn’t claim much. It stands true to the idea behind it- providing basic phone monitoring solutions.

It does not require rooting and there is a customer support team to handle the queries. The pricing of SpyHuman is not that high too.

Which App to Choose?

Deciding which app to go with narrows down to a variety of factors, and you can decide based on these factors which is the most suitable one for you. In my opinion, the following factors matter the most when it comes to an Android tracking app:

Root vs No Root:

If you followed the list thoroughly, you might have noticed that some apps like ClickFree and Cocospy required no rooting whereas apps like Flexispy do not work without rooting.

Apps that do not require root are obvious the better choice for a number of reasons. They are not only more secure for your data, they also ensure more stealth while tracking Android key logs.


Price is another important factor when choosing an Android keylogger. There is no point shelling a thousand dollars yearly for an app like Flexispy when you can get an app like ClickFree for a few bucks per month, the latter offering better services.

Stealth Mode:

Since Android phones require spy apps to be downloaded to the target device, stealth is an important factor. You need a phone spy app that is specially designed to be hidden. ClickFree and Cocospy, both are my favorite picks in this regard.

User Interface:

Another important factor is that the app you are using has to be simple and convenient to use. It is pointless if you have to spend hours trying to figure out where the Android keylogger feature is present in the app.

All of our top picks win when it comes to user interface. They all have a dashboard interface which is easy to use.

There might be other factors as well. You should list out the factors that matter to you the most and rate these apps based on them.

Otherwise, I think the factors that I have listed will be enough to make a judgement.

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If you are wondering about the best of the best Android keyloggers, I don’t think it is even a matter of debate. ClickFree clearly wins the title with Cocospy being a close second competitor.

Therefore, if you are looking for an Android keylogger for you, I suggest you go with these apps too.