10 Best Spy Apps to Spy on Cell Phone Without Installing Software on Target Phone

A couple of weeks ago I had just woken up from sleep when I found out that there were 7 missed calls on my phone from my best friend Sean. I thought that it was an emergency and called him back as soon as I was in my senses.

He was frantic on the phone when I called him. He said that last night he saw his wife texting someone after she thought he had slept. He couldn’t get a clear view but from the looks of it, he was sure she was cheating on him.

However, with no proof or a sure-shot way of knowing, he was losing his mind. He didn’t know what to do and he was desperate for any help he could get.

Being a tech blogger knowing my way around in this world, I walked him through a process which would help him to spy on his wife’s phone. At first, he didn’t believe it that the process could be this simple.

However, after I explained to him everything and he tried it out, he amazed that he had his wife’s iPhone data on his laptop screen WITHIN FIVE MINUTES.

I realized that this is a concern for many people. Therefore, I have written this guide with the hope to help out everyone who is facing similar issues.

Necessity of a Phone Spy App

In the old times, if someone needed to keep an eye on a person, they had to hire a private investigator. It was not only a costly affair but cumbersome as well. However, fortunately, times have changed since then.

Today everyone has their world on their phones. To know about a person, all you need is access to their cell phone.

However, no one is going to allow you to check their phone if they have anything to hide. Therefore, you need a stealth method that will give you the entire data of the person’s phone.

Further, you need a method that will make sure the other person doesn’t find out that you are spying on their data. You want them to be oblivious of the fact that someone is keeping an eye on them.

A phone spy app is perfect for this purpose. It will give you everything you need to know while being completely hidden.

Part 1: How to Spy on A Cell Phone Without Having It

Spying a cell phone without having it might seem unimaginable at first. However, it is one of the easiest things you are ever going to do. All you have to do is follow this guide closely and there is nothing that will be hidden from you.

There are many apps that can offer you phone spying without having access to the target phone. Yet, rarely any of them fulfil their promises that they claim.

However, I have found one app that is not just good but in fact the best in the sector. It will do everything that it claims and even more. You will be surprised that an application can accomplish so much.

1.1 ClickFree- The Swiss Knife of Phone Spy Apps

ClickFree is the best possible thing you can find in phone spying apps. It is used by millions of users all over the world for spying on cell phones. In fact, I have seen the biggest media outlets like Forbes, Times, and others talk highly of ClickFree.

This is because when it comes to spying on a cell phone,  there is nothing in the world that ClickFree cannot do. From reading text messages to tracking someone’s location, ClickFree has all of the superpowers.

Salient Features of ClickFree

There are a lot of things that make ClickFree what it is, i.e. the best phone spy app in the market. Here are a few of them:

1. ClickFree Doesn’t Require Root or Jailbreak:

Most spy apps that give you a phone’s data make it necessary to root or jailbreak the target phone in order to work. This is because rooting or jailbreaking a phone compromises the security of a device and makes it easier to exploit.

However, this also makes the other person aware of what you are up to. Further, third parties can also exploit the device if it is rooted or jailbroken.

This is why ClickFree has employed the next-gen technology to offer what is best to the users. It doesn’t require you to root or jailbreak the target phone in order to work.

2. ClickFree Works in Stealth Mode for Android:

Clickfree understands your needs and that is the best part about it. It works in stealth mode which runs completely hidden and undetected.

For Android, any phone spy app would require you to install software on the target phone to spy on it. You cannot monitor an Android device without installing software on it. ClickFree is the same.

However, ClickFree’s app size is less than 2 MB and it installs within seconds. Once installed, the app icon vanishes from the app menu of the target phone. To open the app, you have to dial a secret code that only you will know.

Once the app is installed, it always runs quietly. It is not going to send any notifications on the target phone. Further, it doesn’t drain the battery at all. Therefore, the user will never feel that something suspicious is going on with their phone.

And when you feel like uninstalling the app, you don’t have to access the phone ever again. You can uninstall through the control panel of the dashboard.

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3. Phone Spy App Without Software Installation for iPhone:

If the person you want to spy uses an iPhone, it makes your work even easier. ClickFree for iPhone doesn’t require you to access the target phone at all or even install any app on it.

To spy on an iPhone, you just need the iCloud credentials of the device you wish to monitor. iPhones inherently come with the iCloud backup feature that uploads their data on a cloud server.

ClickFree utilizes this cloud backup and gives you all the information about the target phone, without you even have to do anything at all!

4. Web-Based Interface:

You don’t have t any app on your phone or computer to use ClickFree. It runs through a web-based interface from any web browser. Therefore, you can open it on your computer or phone or tablet and monitor any phone from there. It just takes a few seconds since no app downloads are needed.

I know that it can be hard to believe all that I say. After all, not everything you find on the internet is true. This is why ClickFree offers you a free live demo on its website.

1.2 How to Spy on Cell Phone Without Installing Software on Target Phone

Installing ClickFree is very easy and you can do it for yourself without any serious hard work. It is a matter of fewer than five minutes and you wouldn’t need any technical knowledge.

The steps are a bit different depending on whether the phone you wish to spy is an iPhone or an Android phone. Therefore, I will give you the steps for both of them.

Configuring ClickFree for iPhone

For iPhones, ClickFree doesn’t need you to access the target phone even once. All you will need to have is the iCloud credentials of the device. Therefore, spying on an iPhone becomes very easy. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Go to ClickFree’s website and sign up with your email and password. Once you do, you can choose ‘iOS’ on the next page where it asks to choose the operating system of the target phone.

Step 2: Buy a subscription plan of ClickFree for iOS. There are many options available with different add on features. You can also choose the time period for which you want to subscribe. I suggest opting for a longer period since it leads to bigger savings.

Step 3: Verify the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone. The system will take around a minute to verify. Select the device from the list of devices that are linked to that iCloud account you wish to monitor.

Step 4: Once all this is done, hit on ‘Start’. You will be taken to your dashboard. You can access all the ClickFree features here.

As you can see, these four steps that take less than four minutes will give you all that you need. However, they will work only if the person uses an iPhone. If they use an Android phone, you should read the next section.

Configuring ClickFree for Android

ClickFree for Android is very easy and, as I mentioned before, completely hidden. All you will need is a one time access to their phone and everything will be good.

It is important to note that there is no app in the world that can spy on an Android phone without having access to the phone or without installing software on it. This is due to the special design of Android phones.

Step 1: Go to ClickFree’s website and sign up for an account. Once you do, select the Android icon where it asks you to choose an operating system.

Step 2: Follow the on-screen setup wizard. It will guide you through the installation process. You will be required to enter the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone when prompted.

Step 3: Hit ‘Start’ and you will be ready to monitor the device. You will be taken to your dashboard. You can access all the features here.

What Can ClickFree Do For You?

ClickFree is loaded with an array of features that are just going to make your life easier. It will take me ages to write about all its features since there are so many of them. However, I can tell you about a few of my favorites. These include:


The keylogger feature keeps a track of all the keystrokes that are made by the target user. This even includes their username and password for sites like Facebook, Instagram, and everything else.

Social Media Monitor:

ClickFree has dedicated modules for every popular social media app there is. You can go to these tabs on the left side of the dashboard and keep an eye on the platform of your choice. This even includes the private messages and pictures that the person has shared with anyone.

Calls Monitor:

Call monitor module keeps track of all incoming and outgoing calls of the target phone. You get complete details like call duration, caller identity, etc.

Further, there is even a feature that allows you to record phone calls. You can now know everything about what the other person is talking about.

Location Monitor:

Location monitor gives you the live location of the device at any time. Not only that but you will also get their recent locations along with the timestamps.

Further, ClickFree takes location monitor to the next level. You can even set up boundaries for the device’s location. If the device crosses these boundaries, ClickFree sends you an emergency alert.

This is just a little glimpse into the world of ClickFree. To get a good idea of its features, I suggest you use its free demo which I mentioned before. You might be amazed at what you find.

ClickFree is definitely the phone spy app of my choice. I have never found an app that even comes close to what ClickFree can accomplish. Even so, I will keep the list going on and tell you about the other phone spy apps that you might like.

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Part 2: How Can I Spy on A Cell Phone Without Installing Software on The Target Phone?

When it comes to spying on a cell phone, the best and the ideal way to do it is without installing any software on the phone you wish to spy. Visible software traces can make the other person suspicious that there is something suspicious with their phone.

Therefore, it is only natural to prefer that a spy app does not require software installation.

However, if the other person has an Android phone, there is no way to spy on it without installing software. This is why it is always wiser to prefer an app like Cocospy which has a stealth mode enabled.

I wish all cell phone spy apps had a stealth mode feature which made the app impossible to detect. Unfortunately, this feature is found in rare apps.

One of these apps is Cocospy and it ranks second on our list.

2.1 Cocospy: A Phone Spy App That Works Like Magic


I know what you are thinking- magic doesn’t exist. And you are totally right. Yet, if you try using Cocospy for once, you will start believing in miracles; just take my word for it.

However, it is no miracle. The wonders of Cocospy have been made possible by the brains behind this cool app and the high-end technology that they put in use.

I have always loved using Cocospy due to the cool web interface that it offered. Using Cocospy feels like you are working with something from a James Bond movie. It has a sleek design and the features seem to be something that came from the future.

With so many phone spying solutions available in the market, it is obvious to ask ‘Does Cocospy have what it takes to be at the #2 position?’ The answer is short and clear- YES.


Cocospy’s Web Interface

Cocospy’s interface is my favorite thing about it. To use Cocospy, you don’t have to install any app on your device. It is a web-based service.

This means that you can open any web browser on any device that is connected to the internet and run Cocospy on it. There is nothing to install and nothing to download.


This is a very useful feature for more reasons than one. It increases the portability of the app and makes sure that you can use it to monitor a device from someone else’s phone or computer without installing any app there.

Further, this also makes the app very versatile. I face trouble with phone spy apps that ask me to install software on my own system. Firstly, those apps are a risk to my own security and they also take some hard work to find their correct version suited for my system.

However, with no app downloads or installs, Cocospy eliminates all of that unnecessary hassle, making the whole process very easy.

You can find an idea of how this web interface is going to work through Cocospy’s free demo here. A free demo just makes everything better, especially when it requires no signup or software installation. Once you try it out, you will surely get a clearer picture of Cocospy.

Spy on ANY Phone Using Cocospy

Cocospy works on both- Android and iPhones. I am not going to bore you with the entire step by step guide on how you can configure Cocospy for yourself, since the steps involved are the same as I mentioned in Part 1.

You can set up Cocospy for iOS phones through this link. If you want to set up Cocospy for Android, you can visit here.

As you will see, the installation process is quite easy and simple. The thing that I like about Cocospy is that if you face any hiccup at any point, their customer support team is always ready to assist you. However, I don’t feel that you will face any problem in such an easy process.

What Makes Cocospy The Crown Prince of Phone Spy Apps?

Cocospy is the only app in the list that can give a tough competition to Cocospy. It is designed keeping in mind what the users would want.

They have kept their interface simple and minimalistic so that no technical knowledge is required from the end-user. You could barely remember the keys of the keyboard; yet, Cocospy would be a child’s play for you.

Further, like Cocospy, it does not ask you to root or jailbreak the target device. It works on the device in an ‘as is’ condition. You wouldn’t have to prep the device in any way.

How about you try out Cocospy and share your own experiences with me? I don’t think you would disagree with me one bit.

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Part 3: How to Spy on Someone’s Phone Without Touching It

Spying on someone’s phone without touching it… At first thought, it seems like there is a trick to it. However, if you try out Hellospy, you will find that there is none.

Hellospy is an awesome software solution that takes phone spying to the next level. It has an array of features that will give you everything you need from the person’s phone.

So does Hellospy earn its #3 spot on our list? Let’s see.

HelloSpy: What I Love and Hate About It?

HelloSpy is also a feature-loaded phone spy application, just like ClickFree and Cocospy. It doesn’t let the target user hide any content on their phone. Whatever it is, be it a text message or a browser history entry, HelloSpy tells you everything they are up to.


With so many cool things, it might come to mind that why HelloSpy does not take the top two spots?

Well, while HelloSpy does have features that can match our top contenders, it lacks the creativity with which the user interface is created.

Further, the thing that stings me the most about HelloSpy is that it REQUIRES JAILBREAK in order for you to spy on the target user’s iPhone.

I do wish that in the future the HelloSpy team puts in more effort into the app’s design and technology. However, based upon its present design, HelloSpy will have to be content with third place in our list for now.

Part 4: How to Spy on Someone’s Phone Without Target Phone

What good is life without options? While our top picks are enough to access ANY data that is present on target users, I am still going to give you several other choices anyway so that you can pick your best.

While offerings of the entries on our 10 best spy apps are more or less the same, what differs is the way through which you can access these features.

Since we are moving from the best to the ‘not so best’, the fourth entry of our list lies in the middle of the scale. It is not the best; yet, better than most.

Minspy Global- Simple in Every Way

Minspy Global is like that person in your office who is dedicated, sincere, and wouldn’t miss their deadlines; with the only con being that they have a limited skill set and wouldn’t give you the best there is out there.

To put it simply, Minspy Global is very good at what it does even though what it does might not be very much. It is a very useful app if what you need is the messages and phone location of any user.

It doesn’t have a user interface to boast about or features that will blow the roof off. It is designed to be simple and it will do the simple things that you ask of it.

Minspy Global Android&IOS Monitoring Service

While Minspy Global offers services for all platforms, be it Android, iPhone, iPad.

When it comes to Android, it supports almost all Android versions. You wouldn’t really face any problem when you are using Minspy Global for Android.

Further, the prices are also as affordable as the top picks on our list. This gives Spy Mobile a right to be in the fourth place of our list.

Part 5: iKeymonitor – Spy on Cell Phone Without Installing Software on Target Phone Free Trial

At times, it is helpful to have a software that is not just limited to Android and iOS. As an example, there are apps in the market that can, in addition to phones, spy on Windows and Mac PCs as well.

When you want a 360 degree view of a person, including their browser history, you should realise that computers are also a vital part of their life. They might not use it as much as their phones, but they still use them at times.

iKeymonitor is one such app that lets you spy on someone’s phone and computer.

iKeymonitor- Spy on Mobiles and Computers

iKeymonitor is a decent phone spyware that can give you access to a person’s phone and computer data. It is designed for parents to keep an eye on the activities of their children.


While I like the idea that I can monitor a computer as well with iKeymonitor, the prices they charge me for monitoring a single device is too high. Further, the biggest disadvantage of this app is that it requires you to root the target Android phone or jailbreak the target iPhone.

If it were not for that, this could have been at a bigger spot on this list. I guess they can improve that as their technology advances.

Part 6: Tispy – Free Spy App for Android Without Target Phone

It is nice to have a little fun when you are using such an app. Most of the spying apps have a simple interface that is to the point and solves the purpose.

Tispy is one such app that has a very fun interface (as well as a cool name). It is colorful and playful and I love using it just for the fun of it.

Spies On Android, Windows, and Mac

Like iKeymonitor, Tispy can monitor computers as well as phones. It offers as many features as our top picks, and I like that about this app. However, if you are looking for an iPhone spy, Tispy might not be the one for you.


When installing Tispy on Android, the installation process is a bit of a headache. There are a lot of settings to configure which I wish Tispy should have done on its own automatically.

There are a lot of verifications, a lot of things that you would need to enable, and a lot of things that you would need to disable. For a person who isn’t much in touch with the technical aspect, this can be a deal breaker.

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Part 7: Auto Forward – Free Spy Phones Without The Phone You Spying On

I like phone spy apps that work with minimal supervision. I don’t like wasting hours of my time in configuring the thing to get it working, and then facing a trillion issues in between.

This is why apps like ClickFree and Cocospy top my list because they set up everything on their own. All that is required for me is to do a few clicks here and there.

Auto forward is one such app that needs minimal interference from the user to set it up or configure it. This makes it earn a spot in our top ten list of best spy apps for phone.

‘Auto’ is in its Name

Auto Forward’s automatic setup feature is the best thing about it. It gives you no trouble at all when you are using this app. All you have to do is connect it with the target phone once and the rest will be done by Auto Forward itself.

One thing I miss in Auto Forward is that it offers you no demo to see it in action. To try it out, you got to purchase the app. That is kind of something that is off putting and can make one unsure about even trying the app. Other than that, it is all good and worth a shot.

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Part 8: Phonespector – Remote Cell Phone Spy Software Without Target Phone

Phonespector is similar to working in Autoforward. It is a secure phone spy app that automatically sets up on the target phone that you wish to spy.

All you need is a one time access to the target phone if you wish to spy on an Android phone. If you want to spy on an iOS phone, you wouldn’t need to have the target phone at all.

There is no feature of a live demo so you cannot try it out before you buy it. The prices for this app lies in the middle of the scale, meaning they are neither too low or too high.

Part 9: Phonesheriff – cell phone spy without access to target phone

Phonesheriff is a very good phone spy solution designed for parents to keep an eye on their kids. It works on Android phones only and is not compatible with iOS or Blackberry phones.

It is good for reading the texts of a phone and monitoring what your kids are browsing on the internet. It can also give you application control over your child’s phone.


While it is not the best in terms of features, it is very cheap and affordable. However, if you plan to use this app, you would have to tell your kids beforehand that you are spying on them. This is because this app is not that hidden when it comes to phone spying.

Part 10: Spytomobile – Download Free Spyware Without Touching Target Phone

Spytomobile likes to call itself as a ‘data aggregator’ for cell phones. If you are wondering what that is, well, it is just a fancy way of saying cell phone spy.

It is designed to give you the data of your child’s phone without them knowing. The features mostly include message spying, location monitor, call monitor, and access to the phone’s contacts.

Well, I know what you might be thinking- that’s just not enough. It is just that some people do not want much and Spytomobile is perfect for that.

Their fee is charged on a per day basis and it is costly to use this app if you want to use it in the long run. However, if you just want a one time access to the phone to go through their messages or call logs for a day, Spytomobile might be a good choice.

Part 11: Frequently Asked Questions

I know that there are still doubts in your mind about which apps to choose and certain other things. This is why I will answer the questions that users most commonly ask themselves. Here it goes:

Q: What is the importance of no root/jailbreak spy app vs an app that requires rooting or jailbreaking?

A: Rooting or jailbreaking a device compromise its security, making it vulnerable to hackers. Therefore, apps that work without requiring root or jailbreak are way better.

Q Is it possible to monitor an iOS phone without accessing the target phone at all?

A: With apps like ClickFree and Cocospy, YES. All their features for iOS work without accessing the target phone.

Q Is it possible to monitor an Android phone without accessing the target phone at all?

A: No, there is no app that can monitor an Android phone without accessing it at least once. However, apps on top of our list work in a hidden mode on Android, so it is just as good.

Q: If I am spying on someone, would they find out?

A: Depends on the app that you use. Most apps that I suggested work without being caught.

Q How much do I have to pay for a phone spy app?

A: Again, this varies from app to app. You can get the same features for a negligible amount from apps like ClickFree and Cocospy for a few hundred dollars from other apps.


So now you know about the best that the world of phone spying has to offer. Choose one of these apps now and save money on detectives. Not only that, but it is also going to keep you and your family safe too!