10 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps

Has WhatsApp taken over a loved one’s life? They could be behaving strangely and glued to their phones all day. Further, they won’t tell you who they’re chatting with.

Should you be worried? It could just be a passing phase. But then again, maybe it’s something more serious. Here’s what could be happening:

  • If it’s a child, they may have entered into a relationship. In rare cases, they might have attracted the attention of a scammer or even a sexual predator.
  • If it’s your partner, they may be reconnecting with someone. And that someone could well be their ex.

Unless you take a look at your loved one’s WhatsApp messages, you can’t know for sure what’s happening.

But how do you take a look at your loved one’s WhatsApp? The safest, most stress-free way is to use a WhatsApp spy app. These apps can show you what your loved ones are talking about, and with whom. Best of all, these apps are built to be discreet.

In this article, we give you the 10 best WhatsApp spy apps out there:

#1 ClickFree– The Gold Standard of WhatsApp Spy Apps

Have you heard of ClickFree already? ClickFree is a popular parental control and child monitoring app with an included WhatsApp reader. The app has been featured extensively on prominent media platforms worldwide, including Mashable, Tech Adviser, and The Next Web.

The app makes the top of our list because it’s powerful, reliable, and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. It’s compatible with the latest versions of iOS and Android.

1.1 ClickFree offers unrestricted access to WhatsApp messages

If you’re looking to get access to someone’s WhatsApp, ClickFree can deliver. Here’s what the app can do for you:

  • Read private messages: ClickFree will provide unrestricted access to anyone’s private WhatsApp messages. You get a full transcript of all the conversations happening on the app. Every conversation is accompanied by a timestamp.
  • Check on group chats: Besides private conversations, ClickFree is also capable of fetching group chats. Every conversation is fitted in a neatly-organized report, which you can peruse at your leisure.
  • See contact info: Who are your loved ones talking to on WhatsApp? ClickFree lets you see phone numbers, names, email addresses, display pictures, and much more.
  • Access deleted messages: What if the person whose WhatsApp messages you want to read deletes a particular message? No problem. WhatsApp saves a copy of all messages onto your private account.
  • Download media files: If your loved one is chatting with someone, chances are they have sent them media files. With ClickFree, you can download all pictures, videos, and audio clips exchanged on WhatsApp.

1.2 ClickFree has an A+ reputation

Not all WhatsApp readers in the market are trustworthy. Fortunately, ClickFree is a tried-and-tested app:

  1. ClickFree has made a name for itself

Over a million people in 190+ countries trust ClickFree. This includes parents, employers, people in relationships, and even cybersecurity experts. You can rely on the app to work as advertised – and not to steal your personal information.

With unknown WhatsApp spy apps in the market, you always run the risk of having your private data stolen. Some of these apps may also infect your phone with a virus. Note: you should be okay with the apps on this list.

  1. You don’t need to jailbreak or root

Most WhatsApp spy apps in the market work only after you jailbreak or root the target device. If you jailbreak or root said device, you leave it open to malware. Also, the owner is going to suspicious to find their device suddenly jailbroken or rooted.

Luckily, ClickFree was made with cutting-edge technology. The app doesn’t need you to root or jailbreak the device to allow you to spy on WhatsApp. It’s compatible with the latest Android as well as iOS devices – both smartphones and tablets.   

  1. ClickFree reads WhatsApp messages discreetly

What happens if your loved one finds you spying on them? They aren’t going to be happy, to say the least. Your relationship could be damaged. If it’s a child, they may find new ways to rebel and find more privacy.

ClickFree, since it was built to be a parental control app, the app is 100% discreet and secure. The Android version of ClickFree, once installed, can be hidden. It runs in the background, without draining the battery or making the user aware.

The iOS version of ClickFree, on the other hand, works as a web-based app. You don’t have to download any software to set it up or use it, making it impossible to detect. You can operate the app remotely from any web browser.

Essentially, you can read anyone’s WhatsApp messages with ClickFree without being discovered.

  1. The app is a full-fledged phone monitoring tool

Your loved one isn’t going to use just WhatsApp all day. They’re also going to use other social media apps. They may choose to call someone or text them. Also, they may meet up with them in real life, now or in the future.

A simple WhatsApp spy app may not be enough to keep track of your loved one. ClickFree has you covered, though. The app is more than a simple WhatsApp spy utility. It offers over a dozen dedicated phone monitoring features. You can track your loved one 24/7.

  1. ClickFree costs only as much as a cup of coffee

Finally, most WhatsApp spy apps on the market are expensive. You will end up paying a princely sum to use them. It’s common for apps to cost as much as $50 per month. If you want to spy on multiple target devices, you pay twice or thrice as much.

ClickFree is a very affordable WhatsApp spy app, in comparison. It only costs as much as a cup of coffee at a Starbucks. You also get a big discount if you want to spy on multiple devices: for example, if you’re a business owner keeping tabs on employees.

1.3 You can set up ClickFree in 10 minutes flat

Step 1: Sign up for a ClickFree account. You’ll need an existing email ID, which becomes the username.

Step 2: Pick out a suitable monthly subscription. You can check on WhatsApp on a single target device with the Premium plan. To spy on multiple devices, sign up for either Family or Corporate.

Step 3: Follow the provided setup instructions, starting with choosing between iOS and Android. You can set up ClickFree for iOS remotely from any browser.  You don’t have to download or install an app. You will just need to verify the target’s iCloud account.

For Android devices, you’ll have to download and install a tiny app that’s less than 2MBs in size.

Step 4: ClickFree will now sync with the target device. It only takes a few minutes. That’s it! You’ll now have access to the control panel. You get an overview of the phone activity here. To read WhatsApp messages, you can go to “Social Apps > WhatsApp”.

**Beware: You can’t read WhatsApp messages on a target Android device without installing a software. If a service claims it can do so, it’s a scam or a phishing attempt. We recommend you steer clear!**  

Try the ClickFree live demo before you buy it!

#2 Cocospy– Powerful, Fast, and Super-Stealthy

Cocospy is another WhatsApp spy app that’s made waves globally. It’s mainly used by parents looking to keep an eye on their kids and employers who need to know if their employees are loyal to their business.

Cocospy is #2 on our list because it’s popular, trustworthy, and works as advertised. The app has been featured on top web portals such as BBC, Engadget, and The Verge.

2.1 Cocospy is an advanced WhatsApp tracker

You get a ton of WhatsApp-related tracking and monitoring features from Cocospy:

  • Cocospy will fetch your target’s private messages as well as group chat
  • Every message will be accompanied by detailed timestamps.
  • If there are any media files, you can download them.
  • Cocospy allows you to retrieve deleted messages.
  • Who is your target talking to? You can get access to your target’s contact book.

The app fetches periodic updates for the target’s WhatsApp activity. To sum it up, you can see what your loved one is doing on WhatsApp 24/7.

2.2 You need no technical skills to set up Cocospy

You don’t need any technical skills to set up Cocospy. All you need is a computer or a smartphone with a working internet connection. You can have the app up and running within minutes.

Cocospy for iOS is a web-based app. There are no software downloads involved. You can use the app remotely from any web browser.

Cocospy for Android is a tiny app. Once you install the app on the target device, you have the option to hide it. The target will never know it’s there. You can control Cocospy for Android from any web browser.

2.3 5 reasons why Cocospy makes for an excellent WhatsApp reader

We give you 5 key reasons why we think Cocospy is a quality WhatsApp spy app:

  1. Cocospy is user-friendly

You don’t have to be technically gifted to use Cocospy. You can set the app up within minutes. You’ll be given easy-to-follow installation instructions. Once the app is up and running, you can control it conveniently from any web browser. All in all, using Cocospy is a breeze.

  1. The app comes with a powerful keylogger

Cocospy happens to have an in-built keylogger. That means the app will not only track your loved one’s activity on WhatsApp, but also across a host of other apps, including Microsoft Office, Chrome Web Browser, and Gmail.

  1. Users worldwide love the app

As we mentioned previously, Cocospy is a tried-and-true app. You don’t have to worry about spam, phishing, or viruses if you use Cocospy. The app has a user base comprising of over a million people around the world.

  1. You can read WhatsApp messages invisibly

Seeing as Cocospy for iOS is a web-based app, it’s impossible to detect. The Android version of Cocospy works hidden. It small and doesn’t use much system resources, making it next to impossible to detect. You’ll be able to read the target’s WhatsApp message discreetly. And you can also use it to spy on WhatsApp messages without the target phone.

  1. Cocospy is a no root, no jailbreak solution

Finally, Cocospy is one of the rare few apps you can use to spy on WhatsApp chats without rooting or jailbreak. We don’t recommend jailbreak or root. The process can go wrong. Also, the phone becomes vulnerable to viruses and malware.

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#3 Spyier

SpyierSpyier is a phone monitoring app with a WhatsApp message spy feature built-in. The app is compatible with all Android and iOS devices. Additionally, you can use it to spy on Windows and Mac OS X.

Spyier offers several good features

Spyier is a suitable WhatsApp spy app:

  • You can read your target’s WhatsApp messages remotely.
  • It has other features like a unique stealth camera mode.

Spyier is pricey

Unfortunately, Spyier is expensive:

  • The basic version of Spyier costs $29.99 per month but doesn’t include the WhatsApp spy feature.
  • To use the WhatsApp spy feature, you need the Premium version of Spyier, which costs $69.99 per month.

Some essential features, like a keylogger, are missing. While Spyier is a good app, it’s hard to truly recommend because of the steep asking price.

#4 SpyToMobile

SpyToMobile is mainly an employee monitoring tool. The app is capable of monitoring WhatsApp messages, but it only works with Android phones as of now. Still, it’s a reliable app.


SpyToMobile offers solid features

The app offers some good features:

  • You get access to WhatsApp as well as other social media apps.
  • The app offers email notifications and live location tracking.

You need to root the target device

However, SpyToMobile has some serious drawbacks:

  • To get the target device to work, you need to root it.
  • The app only works with Android devices.

Note that SpyToMobile is offered for € 0.99 per day, which is slightly on the expensive side. If you want to monitor multiple phones with it, it can be a bit pricey.

#5 SpyHuman

SpyHuman is a popular parental control app. It offers several advanced phone monitoring features and is available for an affordable price.


SpyHuman is a dependable WhatsApp spy utility

The app is reliable and offers solid features:

  • You can read someone’s WhatsApp and Facebook messages.
  • The app offers extra features like SMS monitoring, call tracking, and browser history.

It only works on Android

 SpyHuman does have some drawbacks:

  • SpyHuman will only work on Android phones and tablets.
  • Your account gets deleted after a period of inactivity.

While SpyHuman doesn’t cost a lot, it’s only usable on Android devices. Further, we think the fact that they delete your account after a month of inactivity is a trifle unfair.

#6 Minspy Global

Minspy Global is a well known WhatsApp spy app. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. The app’s users comprise mainly parents and employers.

Minspy Global does a good job of spying on WhatsApp

We think Minspy Global offers a nice collection of features:

  • You get full access to someone’s WhatsApp activity.
  • You can view call logs, locations, and messages.

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#7 Mobistealth

Mobistealth is #7 on our best WhatsApp spy apps list. The app does a good job of spying on Whatsapp. Besides that, it also offers a nice collection of phone monitoring features.


Mobistealth is stealthy

As the name suggests, the Mobistealth is discreet:

Mobistealth will empty your wallet

However, Mobistealth isn’t exactly affordable:

  • You pay $69.99 to spy on WhatsApp chats on one device per month.
  • There are no discounts if you want to spy on multiple devices.

While Mobistealth offers some nice features, it’s hard to recommend because of the steep asking price.

#8 TheTruthSpy

The TruthSpy app is a popular Android monitoring app with an excellent WhatsApp reader. While the app technically works with both Android and iOS, it only offers a limited set of features for iPhones and iPads.


Spying on WhatsApp is easy with The TruthSpy

The app offers an array of useful features:

  • You can spy on your spouse’s WhatsApp and other social media apps like Snapchat.
  • The app offers other features like a call log and contact book access.

It has a somewhat dated interface

The TruthSpy has some significant drawbacks:

  • The app only offers WhatsApp spy features after rooting.
  • The interface is somewhat dated and hard to operate.

It costs you $25.99 per month to subscribe to The TruthSpy, which is somewhat expensive but doable. Note, though, you don’t get a full set of features with The TruthSpy for iOS.

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#9 SpyBubble

SpyBubble is a monitoring app that works with Windows, Mac, and Android devices. It offers several powerful features. Most notably, the app also includes a WhatsApp spy feature.


SpyBubble is chock-full of useful features

  • You can spy on three platforms: Windows, Mac, and Android.
  • The app is undetectable.

You don’t get to see WhatsApp for iOS

If you’re looking to spy on an iOS device, you’re out of luck:

  • SpyBubble doesn’t offer an iOS WhatsApp spy service.
  • Some key features like calendar events and SIM card tracking are unavailable.

For $24.95 per month, SpyBubble costs about as much as an average spy phone app. However, note that you get fewer features and there’s no spying on iOS devices.

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#10 GuestSpy

The final entry on our list is GuestSpy. This app is a new entrant to the WhatsApp spy scene. It offers a solid set of phone spy features, including a WhatsApp message reader.

The app works as advertised

We think GuestSpy is a solid offering:

  • You can read WhatsApp messages and spy on some popular IMs like Facebook.
  • GuestSpy offers

It only works on Android

GuestSpy, while it works, has some limitations:

  • GuestSpy only works on Android devices.
  • It’s not tried-and-tested.

GuestSpy, while it works, hasn’t been around for a long time. It also doesn’t work with iOS devices, which means we can’t recommend it wholeheartedly.


To sum it up, Clickfree, Cocospy, and Spyier app are the three best WhatsApp spy tools on the market at the moment. They work well, are reliable and, best of all, don’t cost a lot.

You can also try any of the other apps we mentioned on the list. They’ll work, but they either cost more or don’t work as well as our top two selections.