Snapchat Tracker: How to Monitor Snapchat

Are you a parent worried about your kid’s online activity? Do you want the peace of mind in knowing who they are interacting on social media apps such as Snapchat? If yes, you are in the right place.

Social media can be a boon as well as a bane, depending on how it is used. Even though apps like Snapchat set a minimum age for a user to sign up, there is no way of verifying it. Kids are therefore able to exploit this vulnerability and create accounts.

On searching the internet for Snapchat monitoring apps for parents, you will have hundreds of thousands of results. They all make tall claims but it is difficult to verify them. You are at the risk of losing your hard-earned money by falling into the trap of buying a shady software that doesn’t actually do anything.

Part 1: Can Snapchat be Monitored by Parents?

If you run a basic search for the phrase how to monitor Snapchat, you will get hundreds of thousands of links. All the websites and apps will make tall claims about their Snapchat monitoring products. Users later learn it the hard way that they are far from their claims.

There are a few genuine products that actually deliver on their promise and allow you to track the way your child is using Snapchat. The catch is that they are way too complicated – an average phone user does not have the expertise to root or jailbreak his device in order to install these apps.

All is not doom and gloom, by the way. Our extensive research on spy apps has revealed some trustworthy products as well. Before we get to that, let us have a look at what a parent actually wants from a Snapchat monitoring app.

These are the primary features parents want a spy app to have:

  • Trustworthy
  • Simple to Install
  • Easy to monitor
  • Compatible
  • Affordable
  • Secure

As a parent, what you are looking for is a product that is secure, comes from a trusted brand and is very easy to install and monitor. Sounds too good to be true? Read on and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Part 2: How Can I Monitor My Child’s Snapchat?

ClickFree is one product that checks all the boxes on your wishlist. It is the ideal product for parents, giving them peace of mind. It is user-friendly, secure, affordable and delivers on its promise.

It is an established global brand that has a loyal customer base in over 190 countries. It has been around for over a decade now, nearly as long as the smartphone itself. A number of top media outlets have featured Cocspy favorably, some of them being PCMag, Android Authority, Forbes, Mashable, CNET, and many more.

2.1 Introducing the Best Snapchat Monitoring App – ClickFree

ClickFree is the all-in-one app that lets you monitor your kid’s activity over Snapchat at all times. It is simple to use and you do not need to be a technology geek to install and use it. You can give your kids the freedom they want, without worrying about them being vulnerable to online predators.

ClickFree leverages the power of cloud computing to let you monitor your child’s activity from anywhere, anytime. No matter which browser you use, you will have an online dashboard available round the clock.

2.2 How to Monitor Snapchat on iPhone Without Jailbreak

Apple devices are perceived as the most secure, setting them apart from the competition. However, when it comes to setting up ClickFree, it is simpler to do it on an Apple device!

In case you’re wondering whether you need to jailbreak it, we have more good news – you do not. All you need is the iCloud credentials of the target device and you are good to get started. You do not need to install any software.

ClickFree for iPhone is a completely web-based solution. You can access it from any device you like. The icing on the cake is that it works with all popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

As there is no software installed on the target phone in the first place, it will go undetected. Not just Snapchat, you can monitor many more iOS applications without breaking a sweat. Check out all the features of ClickFree for iPhone.

Easy instructions to set-up ClickFree monitoring on a target iPhone:

Step 1: Sign up for ClickFree and purchase a subscription plan that suits your requirements. Make sure you choose the iOS plan, as there is an Android version as well.

Step 2: Enter iCloud credentials of the target device into ClickFree

Step 3: Wait for some time. ClickFree will sync in a few minutes. Once complete, click the ‘Start’ button and have all of the target iPhone’s data on your fingertips!

ClickFree’s dashboard is very easy to operate and understand, with all the monitoring options neatly stacked on the left. The rest of the screen is dynamic and changes according to the selected menu option.

Now that you know how to set up ClickFree for iOS target device, give it a try!

2.3 How to Monitor Your Kid’s Snapchat on Android

ClickFree for Android is an equally versatile product for monitoring Snapchat on Android phones. It requires installing a small file (< 3 MB) that takes less than five minutes. Once done, the app icon can be removed.

From that point onwards, ClickFree will work in the background, quietly monitoring your kid’s Snapchat activities. The small file size and stealth application ensure there is minimal battery utilization.

Your data is completely safe with ClickFree, as it does not store anything on its servers. As and when you want to uninstall it, you can do it remotely with just a click. Click here to know the complete feature list.

Before we proceed to the ClickFree installation steps for Snapchat monitoring on an Android device, here is a disclaimer for your reference:

The architecture of the Android operating system mandates installing software for tracking its applications. Beware of websites that claim to do this without installing an app. They are fakes looking to steal your money and data.

How to install ClickFree on Android devices?

ClickFree for Android does not require you to root the device. Just follow these 3 easy installation steps and you are good to go:

  1. Register
  2. Install ClickFree on your kid’s Android device
  3. Monitor Snapchat

For a detailed installation guide, click here and follow the simple instructions.


Now that you have explored and experienced ClickFree yourself, there will be little doubt in your mind about its credibility and functionality. It answers all your concerns about how to monitor Snapchat.

Whether you are looking to monitor Snapchat without jailbreak or searching a Snapchat tracker for Android in a secure manner, you are in safe hands with ClickFree.

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