How to Spy on iPhone Without Jailbreak

‘Can I spy on an iPhone?’ is a question that comes in the mind of almost every iPhone user. You might be surprised by the answer- YES.

iPhone has always been known for its walled garden policies that protected the data within an iPhone. This is why, spying on an iPhone was always thought to be unimaginable.

However, technology has evolved since then. Today, I will tell you about an app that has crossed all technology barriers and made available iPhone tracking for you.

The best part is that this method does not even require jailbreaking the target iPhone or your iPhone.

So without wasting our time, let me tell you about this secret way I have found to spy iPhone without jailbreak.

Part 1: How to Spy on iPhone Without Jailbreak

If you begin looking for an iPhone spy app in the market, you will find them a dime a dozen. There are countless such apps available in the market offering a variety of services (most of which seem like a miracle).

However, to tell you the truth, most of them are plain quackery. They are not so clever attempts to rob you of your time and money.

At times, downloading these apps can infect your system with malware that can steal your private data. Otherwise, they can lead to stealing of financial credentials to take your money from you.

This is why you need an iPhone spyware that stands out from the rest; an app that actually does what it claims to do. Here is one such app:

1.1 ClickFree iPhone Spy- Even Ninjas Couldn’t Do a Better Job Spying

ClickFree is a phone spying software that you can use to get the data of ANY iPhone remotely. It is used by millions of users all over the world to get the data of the target iOS device.

In fact, I have seen favorable reviews of ClickFree in huge media outlets like PCMag, Forbes, TechRadar, etc. I read them when I did not know something like ClickFree exists, and reading them made me want to try it.

And once I tried it, I never saw iPhones the same way again. I realized how easy it was to track their data and learn everything about the other person.

ClickFree iOS Solution

ClickFree iOS solution works without jailbreaking the target iPhone. While this may seem like a herculean task, it has been made possible by the next gen technology used in ClickFree. Here is how it works:

iOS devices like iPhones and iPads are inherently equipped with the iCloud backup feature. All the data present on the iOS device gets regularly synced to the iCloud server.

ClickFree utilizes this cloud data backup to extract vital information about the target device. This information includes its location, messages, and so much more.

This is why you wouldn’t require to touch the target iOS device even once to spy on its data. All you will need is the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone and you are golden.

What Can You Do With ClickFree iOS Spyware?

ClickFree iOS spy enables you to do things that you earlier thought are unimaginable. These things include:

iPhone Keylogger

ClickFree keeps a track of all the keystrokes that are made by the iOS user. This even includes vital information like the messages they type and even their usernames and passwords for social media sites.

Social Media Manager

If you want to know about a person in this day and age, all you have to do is log into their social media profile. However, you cannot do this since you wouldn’t know the person’s passwords and other methods of authentication.

ClickFree makes it possible for you. It has dedicated social media apps with models for Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. You can not only view the chats of the person but also the images that they have shared with other people.

Location Tracker

ClickFree takes location tracking to the next level. You can no monitor the target user’s live location 24×7. Not only that, you can even get to see their recent locations along with the timestamps. You will know where the person was at any given time.

Further, the location tracker has an added Geofencing feature available. It enables you to set a boundary for the person’s location on the map. If they cross that boundary, you get an alert on your phone.

Call Monitor

You can also view the entire iPhone call logs of the person, including the calls they have received as well as made. You will also see the information about the caller identity.

Further, to take it up a notch, you can even record phone calls so you know exactly what the person was talking about.

If these features aren’t enough, ClickFree has a lot of other things for you to try. I know it can be hard to imagine just through words. This is why I suggest you try out the free demo that they offer. You would not have to download any app or sign up for anything.

1.2. How to Spy on iPhone with ClickFree

Spying on an iPhone is a very easy thing to do if you are using ClickFree. All you have to do is follow these steps and you are good to go:

Step 1: Sign up for ClickFree and get a subscription plan for iOS devices (ClickFree works on Android too. So if you are going to spy on an iOS device, make sure you choose iOS plan only).

Step 2: Verify your iCloud credentials with ClickFree.

Step 3: Give ClickFree a few minutes to sync the data. Once done, you can hit on the ‘Start’ button to spy on the target iPhone.

You will then be taken to your dashboard. All of ClickFree’s phone monitoring features are available here on the left-hand side.

You can do everything from here including the things I mentioned (like call recording, social media monitoring, etc.).

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1.3 What Makes ClickFree The Best iPhone Spy?

Now that you have seen how easy it is to spy on an iPhone using ClickFree, let us see what makes ClickFree the best iPhone spying app there is in the market:

Web Interface:

ClickFree has a web-based interface that you can open on any browser. You do not have to download any app on your phone or PC in order to spy on the target iPhone. This keeps your system secure too.

No Jailbreak Required:

If you have searched around for iPhone spyware, you would see that each and every one of them require you to jailbreak the target device. However, ClickFree offers every single feature to you without requiring a jailbreak.

35+ Features for Next Gen Monitoring:

With over 35 features to spy on iPhones, ClickFree can make it seem like you are living in a James Bond movies. You will find all you need here, including the other user’s pictures, videos, messages, and so much more.

Customer Service To Assist You:

ClickFree is not like other mediocre apps. It is a global brand with millions of users worldwide. Therefore, as obvious, it has a customer support team ready to assist you 24×7.

There are just a few of the things that make ClickFree so special. If I start talking about all of them, it would require pages and pages. So why don’t you save me some trouble and find out why I love ClickFree by checking its demo?

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Spying on an iPhone is not unimaginable as you might have thought. All you need to know is the right app for the job and the whole process becomes a matter of few minutes. Luckily, now you know about Clickfree and how it can help you through it all.