How to View Private Browsing History on iPhone

People surf the Internet frequently. Seldom, they switch to private browsing when they want to hide their browsing activities.

“Is it possible to view private browsing history on iPhone?”

To your surprise, the answer is ‘Yes, it is.’

Initially, in this post, we will briefly explain what is private browsing and why there is a need to view internet browsing history.

In the first part, we are going to discuss how you can check someone’s private browsing history on iPhone using ClickFree.

The second part will cover how you can see your iPhone’s Safari internet browsing history.

View Private Browsing History

What is Private Browsing?

Private browsing is also referred to as ‘Incognito browsing’ and ‘Browsing in the safe mode’. While browsing in the safe mode, the websites and pages you visit will not appear in Internet History.

This feature is helpful when you don’t want others to know what they are seeing and doing online. Incognito mode helps you open the restricted sites as well.

While private browsing mode offers several pros, it has some cons too. Your teens might be using private browsing to watch adult content and pornography.

It becomes essentially important for the parents to be able to keep an eye on their children’s internet browsing history. This helps parents to prevent children from online predators and engaging in harmful activities.

Part 1: How to Remotely Check Someone’s Private Browsing History on iPhone

ClickFree is a leading and professional cell phone monitoring solution that can be used for viewing someone’s internet browsing history. It is trusted by millions of users across the world to meet their cell phone monitoring needs.

The major well-reputed tech media outlets such as TechCrunch, Engadget, and Mashable have endorsed the Spy Cell Phone Monitoring Solution.

With its 35 monitoring features, ClickFree gives you access to the target phone’s data completely. You can remotely view anyone’s private Safari browsing history on iPhone with ClickFree iOS Solution. Nonetheless, ClickFree flaunts an impressive customer rate of 96%.

No Tech/Spy Skills Needed

You don’t need any technical expertise to set up or use ClickFree. It can be set up quickly within a few minutes by following the steps in Setup Wizard. The user interface is intuitive and self-explanatory which gives the user a pleasant experience.

Check Someone’s Browsing History Remotely without them Knowing

There is no need to install any app or malign the device’s operating system. There is no need to even touch the iPhone once to set it up for monitoring.

You can view the target’s private internet browsing history remotely. Log in to your ClickFree Control Panel from any web browser via any device. Go to the browser history and view the details. You can view the visited web pages, visit timestamp, bookmark and favorite webpages as well.

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View Other Activities

In addition to internet browsing history, ClickFree gives you access to a lot more data on the target phone with its 35 powerful features. You can view call history, read text messages, see conversations on social apps, view calendar events, and notes, go through the emails and see installed apps.

100% Secure and Legitimate

ClickFree Solution is a legitimate and 100% secure spy solution. The target phone’s data is neither saved on the ClickFree data servers nor it can see the data. This means that the person’s privacy is assured the target phone’s data remains secure.

No Jailbreak Solution

ClickFree is built with cutting edge technologies which makes it a powerful tool with amazing capabilities. There is no need to access the target device or install any app into it. You can directly spy on iPhone without installing software.

Moreover, there is absolutely no need for jailbreaking the iPhone to spy on the internet browsing history.

You can remotely check the target person’s phone internet history with ClickFree. You will only need the iCloud credentials of the person.

Upon verifying the iCloud account credentials, the data starts to synchronize using iCloud Backup services. The data from the target phone is retrieved after regular intervals so you can see the updated data every time.

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Compatibility and Affordability

ClickFree solution is compatible with all versions of iOS. You can get the Premium package for a minimal cost of 9.99 per month on an annual basis.

How to Remotely Check Someone’s Internet Browsing History

Step 1: Get onboard to ClickFree

  • Join the ClickFree family by signing up.
  • Get a Premium subscription plan.

Step 2: Configure the Target iPhone

  • Enter the device’s information.
  • Select ‘iOS’ as the OS.

  • Type in the iCloud credentials of the account associated with the target iPhone.
  • Hit Verify!

  • Note that the data synchronization may take a couple of minutes.

Step 3: Check Private Browsing History

  • Go to the ClickFree Control Panel.
  • Click on Browser History.
  • Check private internet browsing history on Safari!

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Part 2: How to View Browsing History on iPhone

2.1 View Browsing History from iPhone’s Website Data

You can see browsing history on iPhone Safari from the settings when you have access to the device. You can view the browser’s deleted history using this option.

Follow the below steps:

  • Go to the Settings option.
  • Scroll down and see ‘Safari’.
  • Tap to open it.
  • When opened, scroll down to the bottom and tap on ‘Advanced ‘.
  • Now, go to Website Data.





This will open the list of visited websites and browsing history. It contains the information of deleted browsing history as well.

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2.2 Recover internet History using iTunes Backup

Another option of viewing the deleted iPhone Safari private browsing history is to use the iTunes Backup option. You can use this option if the particular iPhone has enabled backup on iTunes.

It can be done through a couple of easy steps.

  • Go to iTunes.
  • From Devices, click on the iPhone icon.
  • Go to the Restore Backup option.
  • Select deleted browser history from backup.
  • Click ‘Restore’.


In this post, we have understood the private internet browsing and how you can view anyone’s browsing history. Private browsing mode is used to hide surfing activities from other people. This enables people, especially teens, to view anything they want which might pose several threats to them.

If you are facing such a situation where you want to monitor someone’s private browsing history on iPhone, you can use a ClickFree iOS monitoring solution. Also, we have learned how you can view the Safari browsing history on any iPhone through settings and using iTunes Backup.

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