Top 5 iPhone Call Logger Apps

“For hours, who’s my teen talking to?” “Who is negatively influencing my child?” “Who is consoling my partner in my absence?” “Should I be worried about his office’s new secretary?” “Do my employees share the secrets of the company with the competitors?” “Are you a journalist, lawyer or manager and want to record your own iPhone calls?”

You may want to see somebody’s call logs for one reason or the other. We are not questioning you. We’re here to help you through this article.

This post will discuss the top 5 paid and free iPhone Call Logger Apps. The first two apps are helpful if you want to track anyone’s call history.

You will find other apps useful if you want to record your own phone calls on an iPhone. You can choose the one that best suits your needs of viewing call logs.

App # 1: Cocospy Call Tracker – Best iPhone Call Logger App

Cocospy is the world’s leading and reliable phone call tracker app. It is trusted and used by millions of users in over 190 countries.

With a customer satisfaction rate of 96%, Cocospy enjoys endorsements from well-reputed media outlets such as Tech Advisor, Mac World, The Next Web.

Call Tracker of Cocospy allows you to remotely monitor all calls being made and received. You can log in to your Cocospy Control Panel from any web browser via any device and see the call log of the target device. The user interface is intuitive and embraces you with an aesthetically pleasant spy experience.

In the dashboard, you can quickly glance over the list of the most frequently connected contacts. View complete call history by going to the ‘Calls’ section. You can see the details of the call including the contact name, profile photo, call duration, timestamp, and the call type.


It takes only a couple of minutes to get started with Cocospy. Sign up for an account and you will be guided through the Setup Wizard. There is no need to install any app or jailbreak the target iPhone device.

You can set up the target device for monitoring without even touching it. iCloud account credentials are the only thing that you will need to set up Cocospy Call Tracker in the target device. The iCloud backup data service is used to retrieve the target device’s data. This data is synchronized over the Internet and displayed in the Cocospy Control Panel.


How about checking the Free Live Demo right now?

Play around the demo and you can see that Cocospy is much more than a mere call logger. You can track location, read text messages, view social apps’ activity, follow up calendar events and view emails with Cocospy cellphone monitoring solution

Cocospy Phone Call Tracker solution is compatible with both iPhone and Android. It is available for a minimal cost of $9.99 per month all year round. Professional and friendly customer support is readily available if you need any assistance.

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App # 2: Spyic iPhone Call History App

Spyic Cellphone Monitoring solution is another reliable and trusted application to spy on anyone’s call history. You can view the complete call history of the target phone. This history includes the details of the contact, call duration, timestamp and the type of call.

Spyic works on all versions of iOS. You can get the Spyic iOS solution to set it up within a few minutes and start tracking call logs.

There is no need to get physical access to the target device. Just enter the correct iCloud credentials and Spyic will get the target phone’s data for you. You can access this data online through any web browser.

Besides call logging, Spyic has more than 35 monitoring features to give you complete control over the activities happening on the target device. This feature-rich tool has a simplified user interface that is loved by its satisfied customers.

Spyic has a monitoring solution for your Android devices too. So, there’s no need to worry about finding another spy tool if the target person has switched from iPhone to Android phone.

Give Spyic a chance and you would wonder what you have been doing without Spyic till now!

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App # 3: TapeACall – iPhone Call Log App

TapeACall is an iPhone call logger app for recording the calls on your iPhone. You can record and playback as many iPhone calls as you like. It enables you to easily record the incoming and outgoing calls, download and share the recordings, upload recordings to the cloud storage services through a user-friendly interface.

TapeACall requires your carrier to support 3-way calling. When you want to record an ongoing call, the app will dial the TapeACall recording line and the call recording will start as soon as it connects. The call recordings are available instantly after you hang up the call.

Avoid the hassle of searching through the long recording list by giving an appropriate name to your recordings. It is really easy to share the call recordings with TapeACall.  You can download the recordings to your computer, email the recordings in MP3 format, upload to Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote and share the recordings through SMS, Facebook, and Twitter.

It works around the world. The app is compatible with iPhone running iOS 11.2 or later.  It comes with a fully functional 7- day trial. However, you can upgrade to the Pro version when you are satisfied with the performance of the app. The paid version is available for $29.99 per year.

The app is updated on a regular basis to improve the reliability and performance of TapeACall.

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App # 4: Call Recorder – Save and Listen to iPhone Calls for Free

Call Recorder is a free top call recording app for the iPhones. This app has several features that distinguish it from other call recording apps. Besides the recording of incoming and outgoing calls, you can record voice memos as well. The app offers a high quality of call recording so the voices are quite clear when you listen to the recordings.

Another interesting feature of Call Recorder is its ability to translate the recordings into text with just a tap. You can also type a word you spoke on the phone to find the conversation or call record. By adding a passcode, you can protect your recordings from anyone who listens to calls.

The Call Recorder app makes the most of the latest iOS version. It supports the Dark Mode to ease the pressure on the eyes. Moreover, it tracks your choice of themes that you use on your iPhone and applies the same in the app automatically. It is integrated with Siri so you can see actions in Call Recorder app as shortcuts when you type ‘Voice’ or ‘Call’.

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App # 5: Call Recorder Lite – iPhone Call Log App Free

Call Recorder Lite is a simple and free iPhone Call Log App. You can record the incoming and outgoing calls with Call RecorderLite. Moreover, you can download and share the recordings via Email, iMessage, Twitter, Facebook, and Dropbox. The playback controls give you better control while listening to the recordings.

Like TapeACall, it will require your carrier to support a 3-way calling. When you start call recording, your phone will dial the Call Recorder Lite recording number. Once connected, the recording will start. The trial version allows you to listen up to only 60 seconds of the recording. You will need to upgrade the subscription package for unlimited access to the recording.


In this post, we have discussed a few paid and free call loggers for iPhone. TapeACall, Call Recorder – Save & Listen and Call Recorder Lite are your options if you want to record your own phone calls, download the recordings and share them with colleagues. Call Recorder – Save & Listen has several advanced features that give it a competitive edge over its competitors.

There is a limitation with the aforementioned apps though. You can not see Call history of anyone else with these apps. Cocospy and Spyic give you the freedom to track anyone’s call history and call details without touching their device. The powerful features allow you to access complete data of the target device.