Top 10 Best iPhone Keylogger

A keylogger is an amazingly useful program, there’s no doubt about it. It records the keystrokes made on the iPhone you install it on. These keystrokes are put in a log file and then shared with you.

Why should you use a keylogger? A good iPhone keylogger is enormously useful:

  • You can monitor your kids and see what they’re doing.
  • See if your employees are loyal to your business.
  • Check to see if your partner is cheating on you.
  • Make sure your device is protected. See if there’s fraudulent activity happening on your phone without your knowledge.
  • Capture critical information like usernames and passwords.

If you need a keylogger for an iPhone, you need to be careful. Not all the keyloggers out there can be trusted. Many will steal your personal information or just infect your device with a virus.

In this article, we bring you the top 10 best iPhone keyloggers on the market. Most importantly, all the apps on this list are trustworthy and are worth your time.

#1 ClickFree – The King of iPhone Keyloggers

ClickFree is the definitive name when it comes to keyloggers for iPhones. The app is used by over a million people from around the world and has an excellent reputation in the market.

Top platforms such as Life Hacker, The New York Times, Tom’s Guide, and TechRadar have featured the app previously. You can use ClickFree to logger stock iPhones as well as iPads with little trouble.

1.1 ClickFree can capture all kinds of information

ClickFree offers multiple powerful keylogging features. The app can track almost everything that happens on the target iPhone:

  • Message logger: ClickFree will record messages as well as iMessages for you. Even if the target deletes a message, you will still be able to read it.
  • Social media logger: The app comes with a powerful social media logger tool. You can see what messages the target iPhone is receiving or sending out on apps such as WhatsApp and LINE.
  • MS office logger: Does the iPhone have MS Office apps such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel installed? If the answer is yes, then all the information typed on these apps will be shared with you.
  • Web browser logger: ClickFree also offers a web browser logger that allows you to view browsing history on iPhone. All the websites visited on the target iPhone will be shared with you. You get information like site descriptions and most frequently visited sites.
  • Email logger: If your target is using an email app such as Gmail, then ClickFree will capture the emails typed for you to view afterward.
  • Notes logger: ClickFree allows you to logger popular note-taking apps such as Google Keep, Samsung Notes, and Evernote.

1.2 ClickFree is an ultra-discreet web-based app

ClickFree for iPhones is a fully web-based app. You can install it remotely and also use it to logger an iPhone remotely from any web browser. This includes your iPhone or PC web browser.

Instead of working with the iPhone directly, ClickFree accesses the iPhone indirectly via the iCloud backup. There is no direct interaction with the target iPhone. You don’t need to download any app on it or jailbreak it either.

Because ClickFree operates remotely via the web browser and there are no software downloads involved, it can’t be detected at all! You will be able to monitor the target iPhone without the target being aware of you.

1.3 You can set up ClickFree in a jiffy

How do you start keylogging an iPhone with ClickFree? The process is very easy. All you need is your computer or smartphone with a working internet connection. You’ll also need the target’s iCloud credentials. Then you can spy on the target iPhone without installing software.

Here are the steps to follow to set up ClickFree on iOS:

Step 1: Get a free ClickFree account online. You’ll need your email ID as the username.

Step 2: Choose the right ClickFree monthly subscription. If you want to use the iPhone keylogger on a single device, choose the Premium plan. If you’re planning to use the iPhone keylogger on multiple devices, then choose the Family plan. Corporate users can pick Business.

Step 3: The setup instructions should be emailed to you. Set the target platform as iOS. Afterward, enter the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone. Then wait for ClickFree’s servers to sync with the device. This takes only a few minutes.

Step 4: That’s all there is to it! ClickFree should now be up and running now. You can log into the ClickFree control panel remotely from your smartphone or PC. The dashboard gives you an overview of the iPhone activity. The various program features are to the left.

1.4 ClickFree has won the hearts of a million users

The ClickFree iPhone keylogger is used by over a million people across all 5 continents. Users include parents, employers, and people in relationships. Most users subscribe long-term. The app is guaranteed to be bug-free and virus-free.

Here are some top reasons to try the app:

  1. ClickFree works without the hassle of jailbreak

Many iPhone keyloggers need to be installed on an iPhone with jailbreak. Jailbreaking is a complicated process. It voids the Apple warranty and also opens the device up to malware, so we don’t recommend it.

ClickFree is one of the only iPhone keyloggers that allows you to spy on iPhone without jailbreak, seeing as it’s built with advanced technology. You can have it set up quickly without compromising the target iPhone.

  1. The app is risk-free

Sometimes you need a discreet keylogger, like if you’re keeping tabs on your loved ones. They might not like it if they find out! Using ClickFree is risk-free because the app is undetectable. The target will never know you’re logging their activity.

  1. The app is affordable

Some iPhone keyloggers cost an arm and a leg. ClickFree, however, is a very affordable app. It costs a reasonable monthly fee to use. You pay about as much as a small meal at a restaurant if you want to monitor a single iPhone. There’s a group discount available too.

  1. Your privacy is protected

ClickFree doesn’t have access to any of the personal information that is logged. You don’t have to worry about your confidential information being stolen or compromised. The app has been found to be trustworthy by its users.

  1. You need zero technical skills

You don’t need to be technically gifted to use ClickFree. In fact, you need absolutely zero technical skills to use the app. The app installation is straightforward. Clear instructions are provided to you. Using the app is also simple.

Want to try the ClickFree before buying it? Here’s the free live demo of ClickFree iPhone keystroke logger!

#2 Cocospy – The iPhone Keylogger Crown Prince

cocospy-boxThe second name on our iPhone keylogger list is Cocospy. Cocospy is a very popular parental monitoring solution. The app is used by parents from both the west and the east to keep tabs on their children.

Cocospy has been featured on big platforms such as CNET, TheVerge, and Tech Advisor. We recommend this iPhone keylogger because it offers multiple powerful features at a pocket-friendly price. The app is also highly discreet.

2.1 Cocospy offers many cutting-edge features

You get many powerful features with Cocospy. Here is an overview of what you can do with the app:

  • You can log messages and iMessages.
  • You can view the web browser activity and history.
  • The app allows you to check social media app activity.
  • With Cocospy, you can retrieve even deleted messages.

Cocospy offers over a dozen unique features in total. The app offers more than enough information to track someone’s activity on an iPhone or iPad 24/7.

2.2 Why should you use the Cocospy iPhone keystroke logger?

There are many reasons why you should use Cocospy for iPhones. Here is why the app is top-rated:

  1. Cocospy is 100% web-based

One of Cocospy’s top features is that it’s web-based. You can install Cocospy from any web browser or PC remotely.

The remote iPhone keylogger app works with the target iPhone’s iCloud account instead of the device itself.

There are no software downloads involved.

  1. You can’t be detected

Cocospy, being a web-based app that works remotely, can’t be detected! You can use the iPhone keylogger without worrying about being found out by the user. This is what makes Cocospy a handy tool for parents.

  1. Cocospy is trustworthy

Not all keyloggers for iPhones can be trusted. Cocospy, however, can be! The app has been around for a long time and is a tried-and-true solution. The app has countless users around the world, including parents, employers, and cybersecurity experts.

  1. The app is user-friendly

One of the reasons why Cocospy is top-rated is because the app is user-friendly. You can get it up and running easily with just your smartphone or PC. To use the app, you just need to log in to the control panel. You won’t need any specialized knowledge to operate Cocospy.

You can purchase Cocospy at a reasonable price. Take a look at the Cocospy keylogger for iPhone live demo!

#3 Spyier

SpyierSpyier is an iPhone keylogger that’s mostly used by concerned parents to keep tabs on their children. The app is legitimate, trustworthy, and has a solid reputation overall.

Here is why Spyier is a great all-around iPhone keylogger:

  • It tracks messages and social media apps.
  • You can check the internet history.
  • It offers photo logging.

Spyier was hacked recently

Unfortunately, we can’t wholeheartedly recommend Spyier because of recent privacy breaches. The app was hacked recently and some critical user data was stolen.

While this can happen to any unfortunate iPhone keystroke logger app, Spyier may not be the most secure solution for now.  

#4 iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is one of the best iPhone spy apps with an in-built iOS keylogger function. The app offers many remote iPhone monitoring features. The app is popular and bug-free, so it’s worth your time.


Here are some of the top features of the iKeyMonitor iPhone keylogger app:

  • iKeyMonitor offers messages and social media logging.
  • You can catch passwords and usernames.

You will need to jailbreak

The biggest drawback of iKeyMonitor is that you will need to jailbreak the target device before you can use it.

Jailbreaking, as we mentioned previously, is not a good idea. It voids the device warranty and may make the owner suspicious. There are no-jailbreak solutions out there like ClickFree.

#5 Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is an iPhone keylogger that’s made a name for itself in recent years. The app was featured on media outlets like USA Today and Newsweek.


Mobile Spy makes for a great iPhone keylogger:

  • The app logs messages and iMessages on the target device.
  • It comes with a screen keylogger feature.

There have been privacy breaches

Like another app on this list, Mobile Spy was also hacked recently by a malicious group. User data like pictures and videos were stolen. While they are handling the issue, the app may not be the best bet at this point in time.

#6 Minspy Global

Minspy Global is number #6 on our list. The app isn’t featured higher because while it’s a great app, it offers a limited set of features for iPhones. The Android version is better, but you need an iPhone keylogger right now.

 Below are some of the top attributes of the app:

  • The app can log calls and messages.
  • It comes with a contact book access feature.

Minspy Global is the prettiest app

As we mentioned previously, Minspy Global only offers a handful of features for iOS devices. Also, you may find the user interface a little too old-school for your liking. The interface needs a makeover, though it’s still usable.

#7 Copy9

Copy9 isn’t an established name like ClickFree. However, the app offers a decent set of features, including a good iPhone keylogger. It will get the job done in a pinch.


Here is what makes the app an excellent tool:

  • Copy9 can help you crack someone’s username and password.
  • The app comes with a full suite of features.

Copy9 requires a jailbreak

The one big disadvantage of Copy9 is that you will need to jailbreak the target device. So if you want a hassle-free iPhone or iPad keylogger, this isn’t it. You need some serious technical skills to be able to jailbreak an iPhone.

#8 Mobistealth

Mobistealth is a well-known iOS keylogger. The app offers a full suite of phone monitoring features. It’s used by parents, people in relationships, and employers, among others. You could even use this app to spy cheating spouse.


Here are some of the best features of the Mobistealth keylogger:

  • The app records messages as well as social media messages.
  • Mobistealth also comes with a nice iPhone call logger.

Mobistealth is not an economical iPhone keylogger

The biggest drawback to using Mobistealth is the price. The app costs a staggering $70 per month to use. The more the devices you want to install the keylogger on, the bigger the bill.

While the app works great and you get many features, an app such as ClickFree offers the same for a far more reasonable monthly price.

#9 GuestSpy

The 9th spot on our list goes to GuestSpy. GuestSpy hasn’t been around for long, nor does it have a stellar reputation in the market. Still, from our experience, the app is a reasonably good iPhone keylogger.

This is what you can expect from GuestSpy:

  • Log the target iPhone’s messages and iMessages.
  • Multiple iPhone keylogger features such as call logging.

It’s not always user-friendly

However, note that GuestSpy isn’t the most user-friendly app. There aren’t any tools and guides for it around. Also, the user interface isn’t the best we’ve ever seen. Still, it works as advertised.

#10 Spyera

Spyera is the final iPhone keylogger we have for you today. This is a good app with a strong feature-set. It’s number #10 because of two major drawbacks, which we list later.



Spyera is a solid iPhone keylogger:

  • You can intercept login credentials.
  • The app offers extra features like a message and a call logger.

Spyera needs jailbreak and is expensive too

The two big cons of Spyera are that the app needs you to jailbreak the target device and also that the app is super expensive. Jailbreaking isn’t always a good idea.

And Spyera costs $189 for 3 months if you want to monitor a single device, which is a little steep in our books.


We hope the iPhone keyloggers listed here are to your liking. All the apps on this list are 100% working solutions. If you want our opinion, we’d go with #1 or #2, which is ClickFree and Cocospy. Both apps are reliable, affordable, and work without jailbreak!