10 Best Private Instagram Viewer Apps Without Human Verification or Survey

At times it can be necessary to have a look at someone’s Instagram activity to figure a lot about them. In this era, when technology has changed the dimensions of our living, it has also given us solutions to make sure we stay safe.

You can use Instagram spying apps for many reasons. Maybe you are a mother, and you are worried about your child’s Instagram activities. You might want to know what pages your child follows if they are appropriate or not? Or who your child talks to? What they talk about?

In a growing age, these checks are essential if you want to keep your children on the right track.

In such a case, you can use the Instagram spying to collect evidence before you call your spouse out or ask your children what they have been doing. It will be a good idea to know for sure before blaming anyone, or it can crack your relationships.

Considering the needs of today, I am putting all the fantastic private Instagram viewer with no survey apps here so you could know about your spouse’s suspicious behaviour or monitor your child before it is too late.

10 Best Private Instagram Viewer Apps Without Human Verification or Survey

I must tell you; it took me a while to come up with these spying apps since so many apps on the internet were bogus. So when I say that these private Instagram viewers are the best, take my word.

I tried these private Instagram viewers, and I saved myself from a toxic relationship, watching my spouse get cheesy with another woman was painful, but I knew exactly what I had to do next.

So let’s get started on the best Instagram private profile viewer no verification apps that you can use.

#1. ClickFree

1.1 What Does ClickFree Do?

ClickFree  is the best app you can find for phone spying. Millions of users around the world use it to spy on smartphones. Moreover, the most prominent media outlets, including Forbes, PC World, and others, speak highly about ClickFree.

This is because ClickFree is the master of all spying apps; it can do all that you might have never imagined. ClickFree has all the superpowers from reading text messages to monitoring someone’s location and viewing private Instagram account. Name it, and ClickFree can do it. Moreover, ClickFree provides a free demo so you can check it out yourself.

1.2 What can your target’s Instagram activity tell you?

ClickFree works fantastic if you want to spy on someone’s Instagram activity. It allows you to check the messages that have been sent and received with timestamps, so you know when the target has been using Instagram and for what.

Moreover, ClickFree’s Instagram viewer allows you to have all the contact details that you need. What’s better than that?

1.3 More Features

No Rooting and Jailbreak:

ClickFree has a standard edition that does not require root or jailbreak at all! You can enjoy ClickFree features such as access to Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social apps, without any jailbreak or rooting. All other monitoring applications on the market need to be rooted or jailbroken. It is their requirement. But not ClickFree! Which is a big advantage.

Stealth Mode:

ClickFree can operate on Android devices in stealth mode. You can hide the icon after downloading the app. It will then run in the background. ⠀Moreover, ClickFree doesn’t even consume a lot of battery. Isn’t that great? The app does not slow down the app, and hence the target can never know that they are being spied on.

The web-based version of iOS renders it nearly undetectable.  You will not have to download the app on the target phone and you can do it through the iCloud credentials of the target. This way the target will never know that anyone is spying on them.

Keylogging Feature to Figure Out the Password:

You’ll know exactly what it is when the person whose Instagram images you’re trying to access types in their ID and password of their Instagram account! You can then use their username to sign in to their account later and view their messages and posts

1.4 Setting Up ClickFree:

Setting up ClickFree is very easy. Here is a step by step guide to set up ClickFree:

Step 1: All you need to do is to make a free, online account on the ClickFree website.

Step 2: If the target phone is Android, you will need to download the app on their phone, it will take hardly 2 mins.

However, if the target phone is an iOS, you can use ClickFree via a cloud-based system. All you would need is to put the iCloud credentials.

Step 3: You are done. Now you can easily spy over the target phone’s Instagram activity.

Now that you know how to use ClickFree, why not give it a try by clicking here

#2. Cocospy

2.1 What Does Cocospy Do?

Cocospy is the best Instagram viewer app available on the market. It is an app used in more than 190 countries by millions of people. It is also very reliable, with a 96 percent customer satisfaction rate.

If you are willing to spy on someone’s Instagram without getting caught, Cocospy is the right choice. Here is what it does:

View Instagram Feed:

Cocospy allows you to see the Instagram activity of people from the dashboard. You will be able to view all incoming and outgoing account texts, including information of the sender.

You will also be able to view all the media files posted by the Instagram account of the target, both publicly and privately. When you think you’re getting cheated on by your significant other, Cocospy will let you find out the truth to save you.

2.2 What makes Cocospy great?

Stealthy: Cocospy doesn’t have to be downloaded on the target device at all for iOS devices. However, it needs to be download on the targeted phone if it is an Android. The software is very small for Android devices, consumes a very small battery, and is 100% invisible.

No jailbreak or root required: Cocospy can work without a jailbreak for iOS devices. You don’t need to root your phone for Android devices to access key features – like the keylogger utility.

Easy installation: Cocospy is a cloud-based software for iOS devices. In a few minutes, it can be configured. You need to download the app if the target phone is an Android and follow simple setup instructions.

#3. Spyzie

Spyzie provides an easy way to get in on somebody’s private Instagram account.

Spyzie doesn’t need you to jailbreak the iPhone or to root the Android on which it is installed.

Spyzie can let you spy on somebody’s Instagram account. Additionally, you will be required to use the built-in keylogging function:

The keylogger tool will track every single keystroke in the iPhone or Android phone of the target. The log will help you determine out the ID and password for the Instagram account of the target.

Spyzie will let you read all messages sent and received and Find out who the followers are. It will also allow you to Check archived Instagram activity and Block people and delete photos

The app can run in stealth mode.  The Spyzie app icon will immediately disappear after it is installed on the target’s phone. The target will never realize that there is something suspicious on their phone.

3.1 How to Set Up Spyzie:

Follow these steps to set up Spyzie easily:

Step 1: Make an account on the Spyzie official website

Step 2: Type the target’s credentials

Step 3: make sure that the iPhone has a jailbreak while an Android is rooted.

Step 4: once the app is installed, look for the keylogger in the control panel, and you’re good to go!

#4. Spyier

SpyierWith two of the most relevant features for Instagram, Spyier can be your savior:

Instagram viewer:

Spyier has an Instagram viewer function that allows you to access Instagram messages. But this feature only works with rooted Android phones. If your target uses an iPhone device, you’re lucky!


Spyier has a keylogger function that works with both Android and iOS phones. This data will be visible to you when the target logs into their Instagram ID. You will be able to see their ID and password.

Other features:

Spyier is an excellent app if you are looking to spy on someone’s Instagram. It runs in the background, and your target will never know about it. Moreover, the app Icon can be hidden. You will be able to see all the Instagram activity by the target and will have the power to monitor all their messages.

4.1 How to Set Up Spyier:

Step 1: Go to the website of Spyier and purchase one of their plans.

Step 2: You will receive a link, click on it, and select if the target device is an iPhone or an Android.

Step 3: Install Spyier following the instructions that will be sent to you in the link. You will be able to find the Instagram and key logger option in the control panel.

#5. Spyine

Spyine is a very effective, spying app for Instagram. It is powerful, has several useful features, and many people from all over the world find it reliable. However, the app requires that the target device must be jailbreak or rooted. Here are the top features Spyine has to offer in association with Instagram:

Instagram viewer: You will be able to view Instagram messages and multimedia files once the app is downloaded on a jailbroken or rooted target phone.

Keylogger: You can get the Instagram account ID and password of the target using the keylogger.

It is easy to set up. Spyine provides really good customer care.  The user interface of the app is also easy and quick. Once it has been set up, the icon for the app can be concealed, so it is also discreet, and the target will never know that they are being spied on.

#6. iKeyMonitor

You can directly view somebody’s private Instagram account with iKeyMonitor. However, you need to jailbreak the iPhone or root the Android device to access this option. That takes a lot of effort on your part.

However, the iKeyMonitor app has some beneficial features to make your time worth it:

Instagram viewer: The iKeyMonitor app will allow you to see all the messages shared on the Instagram account, along with details such as time and information about followers.

Keylogger: The keylogger feature allows you to find out the ID and password of the Instagram account.

Screenshot maker: while using Instagram or other apps, screenshots of the screen of the phone can be taken.

iKeyMonitor is easy to use the app. Provided that you follow the instructions closely, the app can be set up within a few minutes. To use iKeyMonitor, you will have to pay a monthly fee. But they have a three-day trial, so before you commit to buy the premium version, you can try it out.

#7. PrivateInsta

PrivateInsta is an application that works on the internet. The app works without downloading anything. You also don’t need the target device to root or jailbreak.

Here are PrivateInsta’s top features:

View photos from Instagram: All you need is the Instagram user name of the person you’re trying to spy on to use PrivateInsta. The app does the rest.

Multiple Accounts Access: There is no limit to the number of Accounts that PrivateInsta can access.

Be anonymous: Since PrivateInsta is web-based, there is no danger that the target will ever know that they are spied on.

We know that PrivateInsta is very good, but there are some things you must be careful about.  It won’t allow you to hack into the Instagram account of the target.  You’re not going to find their ID or password, and you won’t see any private messages or details of the followers as well.

#8. Minspy

Minspy works on both iPhone and Android. However, you will need to root the Android device and jailbreak the iPhone to have full access to the features of Minspy. Although it is difficult to install and set up, the app is covert. Minspy has some distinctive features that can be useful in relevance to Instagram:

Access private photos: You can access the messages, and other data of the target once Minspy has been enabled on the target device.

Retrieve deleted photos: do you think the person has deleted some incriminating photos? If Minspy has been installed on the target phone, you can view deleted pictures as well.

Keylogger: Turn on the keylogger feature and wait until the target types in their Instagram password for full access to the target’s Instagram account.

You must know that Minspy is costly and a little difficult to install. Nonetheless, it is a successful app and works as it claims.

#9. IGExclusive


IGExclusive and PrivateInsta are very similar, as both of these are web-based software that allows you to view online private Instagram profiles. You don’t need to have physical access to the target’s phone or get jailbreak and root done. Here are the IGExclusive’s top features:

View photos on Instagram: IGExclusive will let you view the Instagram photos of the target in a trouble-free manner. You only need the Instagram handle of the user.

Access multiple accounts: you can access multiple Instagram accounts with IGExclusive if you are willing to wait 30 minutes at a time.

See anonymously: IGExclusive operates discreetly at 100 percent as it is a web-based software.

IGExclusive works well. But it has disadvantages as well. Just one private Instagram account can be accessed every 30 minutes. You need to purchase a costly monthly VIP subscription to view unlimited accounts.

IGExclusive also provides limited access to the Instagram target account. You can see the uploaded photos. But you’re not going to see the texts they sent or the people they spoke with.

#10. Instalooker


Instalooker is a simple app, with no advanced features. It’s web-based, so to use it, you don’t have to download software on the target phone. Here are the Instalooker’s top features:

View private Instagram photos: You can view all their private photos and videos on Instalooker with only the target’s Instagram handle. It only takes a few minutes to get started on the website.

No download required: no downloading of the app is required to spy on the targets Instagram. Besides, the entire process is 100% legal and anonymous.


Here are a few authentic and reliable private Instagram viewer apps that I found on my little mission to spy on my husband’s Instagram. Let’s hope that they are useful to you too and you can access all the data that you want.