How to Spy on iPhone Without Installing Software

Is it possible to spy on iPhone without installing software? Contrary to what you might think, this is actually extremely easy. There are several reasons why someone might want to spy on a target. Parents might want to keep a tab on their kids’ activities, for example.

So, how do you proceed? In this article, we will see an ingenious way to monitor a target iPhone remotely. Remote, cloud-based technologies are an excellent way to spy on a phone in the most discreet manner possible.

Spy on iPhone Without Installing Software

Part 1: How to Spy on iPhone Without Installing Software

We will now see how to spy on iPhone without having the phone. The process is greatly simplified if you use a spy app. A phone monitoring app functions by tracking all activities and conversations on the target phone. It will capture all data and send it to you remotely.

There are numerous spy apps in the market that can make the choice of the right app really difficult. However, when it comes to spy apps, reliability and trust are paramount. It is essential to examine consumer reviews when choosing an app.

ClickFree is one of the most powerful iPhone spy apps in the market today which is trusted by hundreds of thousands of consumers. The company has a lot of following in 190+ countries the world over. When you choose an app that is so popular, you can automatically rest assured about safety concerns.

What’s more, ClickFree has been featured by big media outlets including TechRadar, Tom’s Guide, Mashable, and Digital Trends. This stands as a testimony to the app’s power and reliability in addition to the tons of positive reviews from around the world.


1.1 ClickFree: The Powerful All-In-One Spy Solution You Need to Use Now

ClickFree is one of the most powerful spy apps available today. It is a very lightweight app that offers a completely cloud-based solution for iOS devices. This means you do not need to install the app on an iPhone to track it. Everything happens in the cloud.

The ClickFree iOS solution thus works remotely and is the best way to track someone in a discreet manner. Since no app is installed on the phone, the battery is not drained faster, neither is any space occupied on the storage.

The best part is that this is a no-jailbreaking solution. Most spy apps will require you to first jailbreak the iOS device to be able to perform social media monitoring. These are considered as advanced functions which require jailbreaking the phone.

ClickFree, however, is different. With ClickFree, you do not need to jailbreak your target iPhone and can perform even advanced monitoring without jailbreaking.

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1.2 How to Setup ClickFree Spyware App for iPhone

ClickFree can be easily used on an iPhone following just a few simple steps. We will now see the process step by step.

Step-1: Proceed to the official website of ClickFree and register yourself for a free account. This is a straightforward process and should only take a few minutes at the most.

Step-2: Once you’ve signed up for an account, you should now use the iCloud credentials of the iPhone you wish to monitor. Yes, that’s the only thing you will need since the solution is cloud-based and works completely remotely. No physical access to the device is needed.

Once you enter the iCloud credentials of the account, ClickFree will begin syncing all information. This process might take a little while depending on how intensive the data on the remote phone is. Once it’s done, you’ll be able to track every activity on the phone remotely.

Step-3: Now that the syncing process is complete, you can log on to your ClickFree Control Panel on your remote device. Use the same credentials that you used when creating an account. Proceed now to the Dashboard section and you will see several options in the left pane.

Click on the respective option in the navigation pane to access the target’s GPS location, read iMessages, and social media conversations. You will be able to scan through the sent and received messages on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and several others.

The best way to see ClickFree working is to try the ClickFree live demo yourself. It’s just like using the real app yourself! You will be able to try the various features of the app and see how each of them works.

1.3 How to Use ClickFree App to Spy on iPhone Without Installing Software

How do you use ClickFree to spy on a target iPhone? Well, we already saw the process of setting up all systems and getting ready with the iOS solution. Let us now see the main features of ClickFree and how you can use them.

One of the best features of ClickFree is social media monitoring. Click on ‘Facebook’ on the Dashboard to see the Facebook messages that have been sent or received. You will also be able to see media files that have been exchanged.

In a similar way, you might want to see Instagram direct messages and WhatsApp chats as well. You will also be able to see the Snapchat messages even after they have been deleted from the phone.

You can also track the GPS location of the target phone using ClickFree. It is also possible to set up geofencing alerts. This way, you will receive real-time alerts whenever the target moves across specified locations and boundaries.

ClickFree also allows you to see the iPhone call history on the remote phone. You can see who the target called and for how long the conversation took place.

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If you want to spy on iPhone without installing software, you will find that there are a number of different keylogger apps to choose from. However, it is really important to pay particular attention to the security of the app you use.

ClickFree is a highly trusted and reliable spy app that has stood the test of time. Featured in the biggest media outlets of our time, the app has a user base that is millions strong. The ClickFree iOS solution is completely cloud-based so there is no need for any installation.

Everything is done remotely and you can use any browser to access and track the data on the target.