How to View Private Instagram

How to view a private Instagram account?

If this is the question giving you sleepless nights, you have come to the right place.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks that let you see videos and photos made from users across the world. All those pretty pictures are awe-inspiring. While Instagram is fairly social, it comes with strict privacy policy.

If someone doesn’t want unnecessary attention, they can lock down their Instagram account making it utterly private.

But, what if that someone is your crush?


You want to know about your kids’ Instagram activity.

Well, in these cases, failure at peeping into a private Instagram account can lead to migraines.

Don’t lose heart. Like always, we have got your back this time as well and come up with 3 easy yet workable hacks to see the private Instagram account. So, let’s get started.

How to View a Private Instagram Account?

ClickFree- Your best ally ever.

Getting to the bottom of all your queries about ‘how to view private Instagram profiles’ is easy and out of harm’s way, only if you are using remote monitoring app ClickFree.

Built with powerful machine learning technology and AI, ClickFree has garnered much of name and fame in the world of remote monitoring.

In the world where mobile phones are becoming more of a bane than a boon, ClickFree is helping parents of 190+ countries to keep an eye on their kids’ social media, phone usage, and messenger activity without hovering over their head.

The best part is that it works on every iOS and Android-based devices. You can track down the activities happening on a mobile phone and tablet. 100% discreet operations and more than 30 monitoring features make it rule over the remote monitoring world.

Can you see private Instagram using ClickFree?

Yes, of course, you can. With the help of ClickFree, you see the images and videos posted on the targeted account, check the private messages, and view the follower lists. (Check demo).

It can do more than what a private Instagram viewer tool can ever do.

ClickFree can perform many power-packed remote monitoring actions at once. You can peep into all the activities happening on a targeted device. So with it, ‘how to view private Instagram profiles’ won’t remain an unsolved puzzle for you.

For instance, you can –

  • Check the call logs and contacts.
  • Track the live location of the device.
  • Check who is calling, and for how long.
  • See which images/messages/videos are being shared with whom.

It can track a whole suite of social media apps like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Snap chat, Skype, Tumblr, etc. Also, you can keep an eye on the internet browsing history.

Long story short, you will get 100% value of the money spent with ClickFree. No other remote monitoring app available in the market is capable of doing all of this.

To know more about ClickFree, check its features page

Why the world is going ga-ga over ClickFree?

You must be thinking that what makes ClickFree a gem of its kind. Well, here are the reasons.

You play safe with ClickFree

ClickFree has made with such perfection that it doesn’t demand a jailbreak or rooting to gain access to the targeted device. Both these actions are highly risky and can lead to many hassles in the near future.

ClickFree sets you free from all these worries and helps you remote monitoring the way white hackers do.

You will never be caught in the act

No matter how important it is to see a private Instagram account, you will never want to get caught in the act. That is why ClickFree runs in stealth mode and makes you do the things being incognito.

If you are spying on an iOS device then you can monitor it without having any access to the device. Not even once. Yes, you read it. ClickFree’s iOS app is a web-based app and can be operated from any browser. Its operations are download/installation free for iOS.

For iOS device monitoring, you just need to know the iCloud credentials, create your account on the ClickFree’s iOS remote monitoring official webpage, submit the iCloud credentials, and start monitoring from your control panel. No one will ever trace your actions.

The same is true in the case of the Android platform. Though tracking on the Android platform requires the one-time app download, you can hide the app icon both from the drawer and app list.

Also, being an ultra-light app, ClickFree Android app doesn’t consume much of device space and battery. Its bug-free performance is an added performance. In short, you can be an undercover agent as long as you want. No one can ever find you.

Using it is a cakewalk

With easy user-interface, using ClickFree is a cakewalk. You need not be a hacking connoisseur to see a private Instagram account. There is also a demo provided by the developers to have a better idea of ClickFree’s functioning.

If at all you face any hassles, their around-the-clock assistance is at your service. So, have hassle-free remote monitoring with ClickFree.

It won’t dig a hole in your pocket

Sometimes remote monitoring can be the need of the hour. If that is the case with you then you are bound to hire a professional hacker or spend your hard-earned money on pricey remote monitoring software/apps.

Check the price list of ClickFree here and you will be surprised to know that feature-rich and hassle-free remote monitoring with ClickFree will cost you as much as lunch. Even the premium subscription is highly affordable.

How to see private Instagram accounts using ClickFree?

Setting up ClickFree to view a private Instagram account is easy than making cupcakes. Here are the steps to be followed.

Step 1 – Signup with the ClickFree’s official website using a valid email ID and password.

Step 2 – Fill in the details related to the targeted device you want to monitor. Choose your monthly subscription pack based upon your requirements and proceed with the payment. You can monitor more than one device at a time depending upon the subscription availed.

Step 3 – Complete the ClickFree Set-up Wizard.

This step works slightly different for iOS and Android platforms.

If the targeted device is using iOS platform

  • You need to click on the ‘Start monitoring’ link that you have received in your email box once payment is done. This link will take you to the Control panel of the web-based iOS ClickFree app.
  • After that, you need to enter the targeted device details like iCloud credentials, passwords, and names. Verify the iCloud details and ClickFree is ready at your service.

  • Look for the ‘Social Apps > Instagram’ option in the menu list located at the lift side and you can view the private Instagram account.

If the targeted device is Android 

  • Change the target phone’s settings and install the app, as explained in the Android installation guide.
  • Once the set-up in the finish, choose to hide the app from the app list and ClickFree will work in stealth mode.
  • Login to your ClickFree account from any of the devices and browsers and open the control panel. Search for the ‘Social Apps > Instagram’ option in the menu list located at the lift side and you can see private Instagram account activity happening on the targeted device.


What are your chances with ClickFree?

Well, we are glad to tell you that you can be 100% successful with ClickFree and view a private Instagram account without being the fear of caught red-handed.

As the app doesn’t require any jailbreak and device rooting, there are no risks involved while you are hacking a private Instagram account.

As far as its reliability is concerned, millions of parents, employers, and cybersecurity experts of 190+ countries are already swearing by its functionality.

If not very sure about its utility, you may try ClickFree through its Android live demo or iOS live demo. Its plethora of features and capabilities will surely interest you.

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Method 2 – How to View Private Instagram Profiles – The legitimate Way

If you want to opt for the easiest way ever then you should adopt the most straightforward and legitimate way to view a private Instagram account. That legitimate way is asking that person directly to accept your follower request.

The followers of private Instagram accounts can easily peep into the videos and photos posted by a user.

So, if you want to go via a legitimate way to view a private Instagram account then send a follower request. However, the user holds all the rights to accept or reject your request.

What are your chances with this method?

To be very honest, the success rate is pretty low in this method especially when the person has no whereabouts and considers you as a stranger. To increase your chances, you can drop a personal message stating that ‘we are high school friends or we met in a New Year’s Eve’.

But still, we would suggest that you shouldn’t be too optimistic.

So, what’s the other option?

In that case, moving to part 3 and finding out other ways to see a private Instagram account is the best option for you.

Method 3 – How to See Private Instagram Accounts – The Chancy Way

If your follower request is pending for ages then it’s time for some action if peeping into an Instagram account is more than important for you. In that case, you are left for two options.

First, you need to create a fake Instagram ID and then give it a second try. Second, you can use Instagram profile viewer tools available online.

Before you move forward, we would like to make it clear that both these two ways are a bit dicey about sufficing their purpose and safeguarding you throughout the process. Hence, our first advice would be ‘DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK’.

Method 1 – How to view a private Instagram account using a fake ID

Though doing this is a bit risky affair, you can still play safe by using below-mentioned steps –

  • Create a fake Instagram ID with a profile image of a girl. Now, you must be wondering why a girl’s image? Well, it works in both cases whether you want to follow a private Instagram account of a male or female.

Females don’t mind accepting a female follower’s request even if they are strangers to them.

On the other hand, a male is always so welcoming towards a female follower. So, it’s the best bet in each case.

  • Mention a realistic girl bio.
  • Try to keep your account private as well to give the impression that you are a serious account user.
  • Then send the follower request. If you notice that the targeted user is taking too long to respond towards your follower request then you can drop a personal message.

What are your chances with this method?

Your chances to see a private Instagram account are 50-50 with this method. The targeted user may and may not be impressed with your fake ID.

Method 2 – How to See Private Instagram Accounts Using Instagram Profile Viewer Tools

If you want to be extra sure about how to see private Instagram accounts then another trusted but risky way is using Instagram profile viewer tools without following the targeted account. There are many such tools available online.

Usually, they exist by the names like ‘WatchInsta’ or ‘Instaspy’ and claim to resolve all the queries about how to view private Instagram profiles without any download or payments. However, no matter what they claim, they all are likely to have a dubious background and fail to gain our trust.

Most of such websites are nothing but a way to steal your personal information. So, you can be a victim of an identity theft or virus attack.

But, if at all, you get successful to find a genuine one then you can view the hidden pictures and videos of a restricted//private account. The only thing we would suggest to you before using them is ‘Use Them on Your Own Risk’.

To use such apps, you need to visit the web-pages, fill-in your account details, and follow the instructions for some clicks here and there.

What are your chances with this method?

Your chances with this method are fairly near to zero.

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As we come to a conclusion…

Whatever may be the reasons, how to view private Instagram profiles is never easy and hassle-free as it is with ClickFree. Though there are few other options as well, their dependability is highly very dubious and is hardly recommended.

With various features, 100% discreet performance, and bug-free operations, ClickFree is indeed is the best way to view a private Instagram account and keep a note of every activity happening on it. So, give it a try now and learn by yourself.