How to Track Someone’s Phone by Their Number

When you want to track someone’s phone by their phone number, you don’t have many options. You could try calling their cell phone operator for help. They might be able to track the person’s phone down with the help of their network.

However, they might not want to assist you. Cell phone carriers are forbidden by law to share tracking information with just anyone. Unless you have a court-backed order, you need a different method.

So how do you track someone’s phone by their number, then? Is there a practical, easy-to-implement way? Yes, there is! In fact, there are multiple ways to do so. We’ll show you the 4 simplest ways in this article.

We cover three broad scenarios in this article:

  • You want to track someone close to you by their cell phone number and SIM card – Part 1 and Part 2.
  • You want to track an unknown stranger by their cell phone number – Part 3.
  • You want to track your phone by its phone number because it’s lost or for some other reason – Part 4.

Part 1: How to Find Someone’s Location by Cell Phone Number

The first way to track someone’s location by their cell phone number is by using a specialized app: namely ClickFree!

ClickFree is a powerful monitoring app with advanced location tracking. The app makes a regular appearance on top platforms on the internet, including Forbes, BBC, Engadget, and The New York Times. Over a million people worldwide use the app for location tracking.

You can use ClickFree to find someone’s location on both Android and iOS devices.

1.1 ClickFree – The Location Tracker That Offers Phenomenal Tracking Accuracy

ClickFree offers a slew of location tracking features. The app will allow you to track your target in real-time. Here are some of the top SIM card and location tracking features offered by ClickFree:

  • Track present location: You can track your target’s location on a virtual map. You can see the address, street name, neighborhood, and city information. The timestamp will tell you what time they visited.
  • SIM Card tracker: ClickFree will track someone’s SIM card and give you SIM card related information like their IMEI number. This can be used to track their phones.
  • SIM Card change notifier: The SIM card tracker keeps tabs on your target’s phone number, essentially. If they change their SIM card and phone number, you will be notified.
  • See location history: ClickFree offers a look at the person’s location history. You can see all the addresses visited, along with the geographical coordinates. This information will be pinned on a virtual map.
  • 3D Street view: With the 3D street view, ClickFree offers a way to take a closer look at the places your target has visited. This is the same 3D street view Google Maps use.

Besides location and SIM-card tracking, ClickFree offers multiple other features. The top ones include message reader, social media tracker, event tracker, browser history viewer, and much more!

1.2 ClickFree is a remote and discreet location tracker

How does ClickFree work? It works differently for iOS and Android devices.

For iOS devices, you can track the target device fully remotely. ClickFree for iOS is a remote, web-based app. It syncs with the target’s iCloud account to bring you the device’s location.

Because there are no software downloads involved, the app is untraceable. You need the target’s iCloud credentials to use ClickFree. You can use ClickFree remotely to track the target’s activity from your PC or smartphone browser!

The Android version of ClickFree is a small app. You will need to briefly physically access the target’s device and then install the app on it. This process is very easy and takes less than 5 minutes.

Once you have ClickFree for Android installed, you can hide it. The app runs in the background without slowing the user’s phone down or draining the battery. You can track their location remotely from any web browser in secret!

**Be advised: You can’t track someone’s location and SIM card on Android devices without a software installation first. If a service or a hacker is offering this, they are lying to you and just want your money. Stay safe!**

1.3 You only need 5 minutes to set up ClickFree

Do you want to set up ClickFree? You can do it in less than 5 minutes with your smartphone or computer! Don’t worry; you don’t need any advanced technical skills.

Here are the steps to follow if you want to use ClickFree to track someone’s phone along with their number on both Android and iOS:

Step 1: Get a ClickFree account first. You can use your email ID for the username.

clickfree sign up

Step 2: After that, purchase a monthly ClickFree subscription, depending on your target platform and the number of devices you want to track. You can track a single device with the Premium version of ClickFree. To track multiple devices, use Family.

Step 3: Installation instructions will be sent to you on the email you provided. For the iOS version of ClickFree, you will have to input the target device’s iCloud credentials. Afterward, ClickFree will sync with the iCloud account in a few minutes.

clickfree verify icloud

For tracking Android devices, you need physical access to the device for 5 minutes. Install a 2MB app on the target device. After the installation is done, you can hide the app. Then wait for ClickFree to sync with the device.

clickfree finish installation

Step 4: That’s all there is to it! ClickFree will now start tracking the target. You can access the dashboard from any PC or mobile browser. Here, you get an overview of the device’s activity. If you want to track the location, click on the “SIM Card” option to the left.

clickfree dashboard

1.3 ClickFree is backed by a million users

Over a million people put their faith in ClickFree to keep their children safe and to monitor their businesses. The app is used in 190+ countries worldwide. You get an array of location tracking features at rock-bottom prices:

  1. ClickFree is a no-root, no-jailbreak solution

Other solutions that find someone by phone number need you to either root or jailbreak the target device first. Rooting and jailbreaking aren’t recommended. They can cause data loss and void the device warranty.

Fortunately, you can use ClickFree to track a phone without either!

  1. Everyone can use ClickFree

As a cell phone tracker, ClickFree is very easy to install. You can do it from any phone or PC web browser. The installation instructions will be provided to you. The app also has an easy-to-understand interface. Someone with 0 tech knowledge can use the app.

  1. The app is covert

You can monitor anyone’s activity with ClickFree covertly. The iOS version of ClickFree is a web-based app. It doesn’t work with the phone directly and can’t be detected. The Android version of ClickFree works hidden, without the user’s awareness.

  1. It makes for an affordable solution

Many apps that find the current location by phone number are expensive. ClickFree, on the other hand, isn’t. You get multiple location tracking and phone monitoring features at a pocket-friendly price.

Wondering if ClickFree is for you? Try out the ClickFree free live demo before you buy it!

Part 2: How to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free with the Number of the Cell Phone

There second way we have for you to track a cell phone location with the number is with Minspy. This is a parental control app with GPS-based tracking as well as SIM-card monitoring features. You can use it to find the target’s current location by number on iOS and Android.

Minspy is a solution featured on top outlets worldwide, including Tech Crunch, TechRadar, and Android Authority. Parents looking out for kids are the app’s main users, though it’s also used by others like employers and people in relationships.

2.1 You can use Minspy to track a cell phone’s location remotely

Once you have Minspy installed, you can use it to track a cell phone’s location remotely:

  • Check someone’s location in real-time on a virtual map.
  • Track addresses, house names, streets, neighborhoods, and cities visited.
  • View location up-close with Google Map’s integrated 3D street view.
  • Track SIM card details, including the IMEI number.
  • Sign up to be notified if the user changes SIM cards.

2.2 Minspy is a super-popular parental control app and location tracker

With Minspy, you can track anyone’s location with the number with little trouble. The app is popular and user-verified:

  1. Minspy is used worldwide

The app is used in countries all over the world. The users include parents and employers, among others. Minspy is fully-virus free, so you don’t have to worry about that. The developers also offer a great privacy protection policy.

  1. Minspy offers powerful features

You can do much more than finding someone’s location with the app. Minspy offers several added features like a message reader, social media tracker, call log viewer, calendar activity tracker, and much more!  

  1. The app doesn’t need either root or jailbreak

One of the biggest advantages of Minspy is that you don’t need to jailbreak or root the app to use it! That makes it user-friendly and simple to install. You can set up Minspy for Android or iOS in minutes and start tracking the target’s location immediately.

Part 3: Type in Phone Number and Find Location

How do you track a cell phone number if you don’t have access to the phone? You can use a reverse phone number lookup service such as SpyDialer!

What’s a reverse phone number lookup service? Essentially, these services take a US-based phone number, find the owner’s information from a database, and share it with you. The information includes the owner’s whereabouts.


SpyDialer is a reputable service

SpyDialer has existed since 2012 and they have provided over 10 million free phone number lookups.

  • You can type in a phone number to find the phone’s location.
  • The service offers a limited number of free searches.
  • It’s the only way we know how to track a cell phone location for free with just the number of the cell phone.

Is there a catch?

There are some drawbacks to using SpyDialer:

  • You don’t get someone’s exact location. You only get a general-area location like a neighborhood.
  • There is no location history feature.
  • You can only track 10 numbers at a time for free.

If you want to track a phone location in real-time and more accurately, not to mention get a location history, then ClickFree is the better option.

Part 4: How to Find My Phone Location by Number

Our readers often ask the same question: “How do I find my phone’s location with my number?” A simple way is to get ClickFree installed on your phone.

If you lose it, you will be able to track it remotely with the app. Also, ClickFree will work even if the SIM card is changed.

Still, that won’t help if you’ve lost your phone and can’t install an app on it. In that case, the only real way to find your lost phone is to call your carrier and ask them for help. Either that or you can go to the police.


Because it’s your phone, you are legally allowed to track it. You may have to provide them with the IMEI number and other personal details. Proof of purchase may also be required.

However, if your phone isn’t lost and you want to track your phone location just for curiosity’s sake, we recommend the TechWelkin website. It shows you the neighborhood, city, and state the number is located presently.

All you have to do is input your phone number. Of course, this is not a real-time tracking solution like ClickFree or ClickFree. It’s also not useful if your phone is lost or in a foreign country.


We hope this article helped you figure out how to find someone’s location by their cell phone number.

We recommend ClickFree and ClickFree because they’re affordable, dependable, and offer powerful features. If there’s no other option, you can also use a reverse lookup service, though the information isn’t always accurate.