How to Track A Phone Number: A Definitive Guide

Are you looking for a reliable way to track a phone number? Perhaps you need to keep an eye on someone close to you. Or maybe you have been receiving calls from an unknown number and want to trace them back to the source.

Tracking a phone number is, in fact, easy. You don’t need expensive, specialized equipment. Further, you don’t need any technical skills either.

Track a Phone Number

In this article, we show you how to track a phone number online in 5 minutes or less. We cover two major scenarios in this article:

  • You want to track a mobile number owned by someone you know (Part 1 and Part 2).
  • You want to track a mobile number owned by an unknown stranger (Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5).

Part 1: How to Track a Mobile Number

The most pain-free way we know to track a mobile number is by using a phone spy app with specialized SIM card tracking features. All you have to do is set up the app and it’ll do the tracking for you!

ClickFree is an app with an excellent SIM card tracking feature. To give you some background info, ClickFree is a crowd favorite phone tracking app with a user base that spans 5 continents.

The app has been featured on popular platforms such as Mashable, Digital Trends, TheVerge, Tom’s Guide, and LifeWire.

If you use ClickFree, you can track a phone number that’s being used on any Android or iOS device. The app is compatible with all the latest versions of Android and iOS.

1.1 ClickFree – The phone number tracking marvel

Of course, when you’re tracking a phone number, you don’t want the target to find you out. That could lead to all sorts of trouble and maybe even permanently destroy your relationship with the person. Fortunately, ClickFree is near undetectable.

The Android version of ClickFree is a small app of less than 2MBs in size. Once you install the app to the target device you want to monitor, you can hide it. The app will work in the background without draining the battery or slowing down the phone.

Note that the app icon doesn’t appear in the installed apps list or in the drawer. The app sends data back to you secretly. Essentially, you can track the phone number remotely from any web browser. The phone’s owner will never know!

**Beware: No Android app can track a phone number without an app install first. If some app is claiming to be capable of this, it’s a lie, a scam, or a phishing attempt. Don’t fall for the cheap trick!**

ClickFree also works to track iOS devices. ClickFree for iOS is a fully remote utility. It works from any smartphone or PC browser, without any software downloads or installs. You can set it up with just the target’s iCloud credentials.

Because the iOS version of ClickFree works with the iCloud backup and not the phone directly, it’s impossible to detect! You can track the person’s phone number securely. There is absolutely zero risk of discovery.

1.2 ClickFree comes with a powerful SIM number location tracker

What can ClickFree do exactly? It comes with a useful SIM tracking tool. Here is the information ClickFree can provide on the target:

  • SIM Card information: With ClickFree, you get access to the target’s relevant SIM card details. These details include the phone carrier information, the IMEI number, the MCC, and other relevant details.
  • SIM Card location: The SIM card location will be tracked by ClickFree. This is how you can track a cell phone location by phone number. ClickFree shows you the target’s location on a map, with the exact address and geographical coordinates.
  • Continuous phone number tracking: What happens if the person decides to get a new phone number? Can you still track the phone number? No problem! ClickFree can continue tracking the phone number if it happens.
  • SIM Card change alert: You can sign up for a SIM card change alert if you want to be notified when the person you’re tracking decides to use a new SIM card. ClickFree will email you if that happens.

ClickFree also offers multiple added features that you may find useful.

  • Track calls and messages: ClickFree logs all calls made from the phone number or received on it. You can see a list of the top 5 most popular contacts. Also, note that ClickFree allows you to read texts and iMessages.
  • View social media activity: Further, ClickFree can monitor a host of social media apps. This includes WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat!

1.3 Setup ClickFree in 5 minutes on Android or iOS devices

Interested in using ClickFree to spy on any Android or iOS device? We show you how to do it in just a handful of minutes. All you require is a phone or a computer with a net connection.

Here’s how to track a phone number with ClickFree on iOS and Android:

Step 1: First, get a free ClickFree account. You need to use your email ID for the username, so the installation instructions can be emailed to you later.

clickfree sign up

Step 2: Buy the right ClickFree monthly plan. If you want to track a phone number on one device, choose Premium. If you want to track multiple phone numbers, pick Business or Family, depending on the target platform.

Step 3: The installation instructions will be emailed to you. For iOS devices, you just need to input the target’s iCloud details in the blank form field. ClickFree will sync up with the iCloud back up in a few minutes.

clickfree verify icloud

To track an Android device, you will need to briefly access it. Then, you need to download and install ClickFree on it. This takes only a few minutes. Wait for ClickFree’s servers to sync with the target device.

clickfree finish installation

Step 4: You can now log in to the ClickFree dashboard from any web browser. The dashboard gives you an overview of the phone activity. To track the phone number, go to “SIM Card” in the selection panel on the left.

clickfree dashboard

1.4 Top reasons why ClickFree is such a popular call number tracker

Why do we recommend ClickFree? ClickFree provides the biggest bang for your buck:

  1. You can track a phone number without jailbreak or root

Other phone number tracking apps only work with jailbreak or root. It takes a lot of time to jailbreak or root a phone. Also, once the process is done, it’s hard to reverse. And there’s always a chance of data loss and malware infections.

ClickFree is one of the only apps around that’s capable of tracking a phone number without jailbreaking or rooting the target device. It’s built with cutting-edge technology and is a breeze to use.

  1. ClickFree can be controlled from any web browser

You don’t need to be anywhere close to the target device to be able to track it. ClickFree works remotely from any web or PC browser. The app is designed to be super-easy to use and set up. Anyone can do it, no tech skills needed.

Also, if necessary, you can uninstall ClickFree remotely with a single click from the control panel.

  1. You get access to the person’s whole phone

With ClickFree, you get access to your target’s full phone activity. Anything the person does on their personal device will be shown to you. You can track messages, events, emails, calls, contacts, web browser activity, and more!

  1. ClickFree isn’t expensive

Many phone number tracking methods out there burn a hole in your pocket. ClickFree is reasonably priced, however. You can use it for the price of a DVD rental per month.

  1. You can trust ClickFree

Finally, ClickFree is a trusted app. You can rely on it to work as advertised. It’s used by 1 million people from 190+countries around the world. The users include parents, employers, and people in relationships!

Interested in trying out ClickFree first-hand? Take a look at the ClickFree live demo here!

Part 2: How to Track Someone’s Phone by Their Number

Our second recommendation on how to track someone’s phone by their number is Spyic. Spyic is a parental control app with over a million satisfied users around the planet. The app has been featured on top platforms such as MacWorld, CNET, and The Wall Street Journal.

You can use Spyic to track the phone number of anyone you know. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can have it up and running in no time!

2.1 Spyic works to track someone’s phone number without them knowing

Spyic is a discreet phone number tracking solution. By that, we mean that the person who owns the phone number will never know you’re tracking them!

How does it work? Spyic for iOS is a remote, web-based app. You don’t have to download any software to the target device. Instead, Spyic for iOS extracts the target’s iCloud account online. This makes Spyic virtually undetectable!

The Android version of Spyic is a tiny app. You can hide the app after you install it on the target device. It’ll share the device data with you without draining the battery or slowing down the phone. The user will never know it’s there!

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2.2 You can track mobile phone numbers online with Spyic

Note that once you set up Spyic, you will be able to track the mobile phone number online from any web browser or PC. Here is an overview of the tracking related information Spyic has to offer:

  • You can view the target’s phone carrier network.
  • See the target’s SIM card details like the IMEI number.
  • Track the phone number’s location.

Additionally, you can sign up to be notified if the target happens to change their SIM card.

2.3 ClickFree is an A+ phone number tracker

Spyic makes for a great SIM number location tracker.  The app offers a boatload of features for a pocket-friendly price:

  1. You can track a mobile phone number with just a PC or smartphone

With Spyic, you can track any mobile phone number with just your PC or smartphone. It’s not complicated. There are no hidden requirements or surveys to fill. The app is simple to set up and use.

  1. The app is a trusted phone number tracker

Not all cell phone tracking solutions out there are trustworthy. Some are scams, while others steal your personal data. You don’t have to fear that with Spyic. The app is a legitimate, highly trusted solution. It has over a million active users.

  1. Spyic works without jailbreak and root

Spyic is a no-jailbreak and no-root solution. It’s one of the only apps in the market that works without either. This makes it very convenient to set up.

  1. Spyic is a full-blown phone monitoring utility

You can do much more than track a phone number with ClickFree. The app offers an array of useful phone monitoring features. You can track call logs, messages, social media apps, calendar dates, and many other phone events!

  1. You don’t have to pay through your nose

Finally, Spyic won’t empty your wallet. The app costs a reasonable amount of money per month to use. Many other solutions out there with fewer features cost two or even three times as much as Spyic.

Part 3: How to Track Someone by Phone Number

You can track someone by their phone number online with TruePeopleSearch. This solution is useful if you don’t have access to the target device in question. If you received a call from a strange number, for example, you can verify the owner’s identity with this service.


TruePeopleSearch is a “people” lookup service. The site was founded in 2017. It allows you to input an unknown phone number in a search engine and returns information about the owner.

Find the phone owner’s personal details

You receive the unknown phone number’s details with TruePeopleSearch:

  • Get the owner’s full name and known aliases.
  • Find their present address, including neighborhood and city.
  • Get links to social media profiles.
  • Check phone carrier details and line type.

This is enough information to find out who’s calling you. You can track the phone number and see what the owner is like.

However, TruePeopleSearch is not a real-time phone number tracking solution. You don’t get the phone’s exact location as you do with ClickFree or ClickFree.

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Part 4: How to Track A Cell Phone Location for Free With The Number of The Cell Phone

Do you have a cell phone number and want to track the owner’s location with the number alone? This is possible with the use of a reverse phone number lookup service like ZabaSearch.

ZabaSearch is a well-known reverse phone number lookup service. It’s been featured in many big outlets like Fox News. ZabaSearch allows you to track phone numbers for free.

Reverse phone number lookup services like ZabaSearch maintain databases of cellphone and landline numbers in the US. ZabaSearch will take your unknown number and look for a match in its database. It will fetch the owner’s info, including the phone’s location.


You can track a cell phone’s approximate location with ZabaSearch

Here is an overview of the kind of information ZabaSearch can bring you:

  • Find out the owner’s neighborhood, city, and state.
  • Take a look at the owner’s past address history.
  • See employment status.

ZabaSearch may also bring you other personal details that may be relevant to the phone’s location, such as the name of the person’s associates who may live nearby.

As you can tell, ZabaSearch is not a real-time location tracking solution. You can find out where the phone number is approximately, but you need an app such as ClickFree for exact geographical coordinates.

Part 5: How to Track A Cell Phone Location by Number

The last solution we have for you is BeenVerified. BeenVerified is a premium reverse cell phone lookup service. They provide information on any cell phone or landline number that’s registered in the US, from any major carrier.

Essentially, you enter a cell phone number and BeenVerified will bring you information about the owner. The website also generates extra background information reports on someone if you are willing to pay a little extra.

Track a cell phone’s neighborhood with BeenVerified

With BeenVerified, you get the following location-related details about a phone number:

  • The phone number’s approximate address, including the street and city.
  • The owner’s past movements.
  • Information about the owner like their assets.

Again, BeenVerified is not a real-time location tracker. You can’t accurately track a phone by its cell phone number with a reverse phone lookup service. If you have access to the device, a full phone number tracker like ClickFree is a better option.


So how do you track a phone number?  You use a cell phone tracker like ClickFree for pinpoint location tracking. Or you can use a service like BeenVerified to find a phone number’s approximate location.

We personally recommend ClickFree because it offers more features and is affordable, but both methods will work in a pinch.