How to Track Someone’s iPhone

Technology is an enormous boon. Before cell phones were invented, you had to wonder what your loved ones were doing. When they traveled, you had to worry about their safety.

Now, you can know how your loved ones are doing simply by calling, messaging, or just by tracking their cell phones. It can bring you a lot of peace of mind.

Of course, your loved ones might not want you to track them, but that’s a different story!

How do you track someone’s iPhone? It’s surprisingly easy. You don’t need any technical skills or special gear. You can do it from home with just a smartphone or PC.

In this article, we offer 3 simple ways to track someone if they own an iPhone. The three methods cover three distinct scenarios:

  • You want to track someone’s iPhone activity but don’t want them to know, for whatever reason.
  • You want to track an iPhone location discreetly.
  • You want to track an iPhone for free.

Part 1: How to Track Someone’s iPhone Without Them Knowing

Occasionally, you might want to know how to track an iPhone without the user knowing. Why? Maybe you have a rebellious child who keeps getting into trouble. Or perhaps you think your partner is getting too close to someone else.

So can it be done? The only reliable way is with a specialized iPhone tracking and monitoring app such as ClickFree! The other solutions are either not secret or don’t work as advertised. You may end up paying money for nothing or compromising your personal information.

ClickFree, if you don’t know, is an acclaimed phone monitoring app. It’s used by over a million people in 190+ countries to keep tabs on their children, loved ones, and businesses. The app has received rave reviews on big platforms such as PC World, Digital Trends, and TheVerge.


1.1 Why should I use ClickFree? Is ClickFree reliable?

There are several compelling reasons why ClickFree is the best way how to track someone’s iPhone:

  1. ClickFree is a covert, 100% undetectable iPhone tracker

ClickFree for iOS can’t be detected! You can track your target’s iPhone and see their phone activity in secret.

How does this work? ClickFree for iOS is a web-based app. You don’t have to download or install anything on the user’s phone. Instead, you use their iCloud credentials to link ClickFree to their device. ClickFree will extract their iCloud backup to bring you their phone activity.

Because you don’t have to download or install anything, there is nothing to detect! ClickFree works 100% remotely in stealth mode.

  1. ClickFree is loaded with amazing features

ClickFree offers multiple iPhone tracking features. You can do all the following with ClickFree:

  • Read messages and iMessages: You can check all the messages received on the target device or sent out from it with timestamps. This includes both text messages and iMessages.
  • View social media apps: Does your target use social media apps such as WhatsApp or LINE? ClickFree will bring you the person’s activity on those apps.
  • Check media files: Is your target exchanging photos, videos, or other media files with someone? You can download their gallery and view all the traded files.
  • Check browser history: You can see all the websites the person visits, including their favorite ones. One line site descriptions are also offered.
  • View calendar events: You check if the person is meeting up with someone in the future or if they have any important dates or events to attend.
  • Track location: You can see the places the person visits in real-time. You also get a location history on a virtual map, including addresses, time and date logs, and geographical coordinates.
  • View call logs: Who is calling the target person? You can see their favorite contacts, call details, conversation durations, and much more.

You also get other advantages and features with ClickFree, such as the ability to retrieve and read deleted messages, a powerful keylogger, the ability to see their contact book, and much more!

  1. You won’t need to jailbreak the person’s phone

Many iPhone trackers in the market require you to jailbreak the target iPhone or iPad before they work. Not ClickFree, however. It’s one of the only apps in the market that allows you to spy on iPhones without jailbreaking. This saves you hours of effort and stress.

  1. You’ll be able to track the iPhone activity remotely

You can use ClickFree to track the iPhone remotely via your PC or smartphone browser. The iPhone can be anywhere on the planet. As long as it connects to a WiFi connection or a phone network every once in a while, you can continue to track it.

  1. The app offers your money’s worth

ClickFree is a reasonably priced solution. You can track an iPhone with little trouble for the price of a small meal at a restaurant. If you want to track multiple iPhones at once, you get a group discount.

  1. ClickFree is dependable

ClickFree is a reliable, trustworthy app. Over a million people actively use the app worldwide to track their kids and loved ones. Also, the app is completely virus-free. Further, the developers have a strict privacy policy. They can’t share your information with anyone.

1.3 How to Secretly Track Someone’s iPhone

Setting up ClickFree to track an iPhone is extremely simple. You just need a computer or a smartphone, along with the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone.

Here are the steps to follow if you want to set up ClickFree:

Step 1: Get a free ClickFree account. You need to use an existing email ID for the username.


Step 2: Pick the ClickFree plan you need. If you want to track a single iPhone, pick the Premium plan. If you want to track multiple iPhones, then choose Family.

Step 3: The setup instructions be sent to you. You can install ClickFree for iOS remotely. You won’t have to download any app as we mentioned earlier.

Just set the target platform to iOS. Then you only need to enter the target’s iCloud username and password.

clickfree verify icloud

Step 4: Allow some time for ClickFree to sync with the iCloud account. This process takes 5 – 10 minutes. ClickFree will now be installed!

Step 5: You can access ClickFree’s dashboard from any smartphone or PC. The dashboard shows you an overview of the iPhone activity. If you want to track the iPhone’s location, go to “Location” in the selection panel on the left.

clickfree dashboard

Try out the ClickFree live demo here before you decide to buy it!

Part 2: How to See Someone’s Location on iPhone

Next, we give you a simple way to track someone’s location on an iPhone. Note that this is a discreet solution. The target won’t know you’re checking their location.

What’s the solution? It’s ClickFree, a well-known parental control app! ClickFree is a top parental control tool used by parents to keep an eye on their kids. The app offers advanced app tracking features such as 3D street view and geofencing.

ClickFree is a trusted app and has been featured on prominent platforms such as BBC, Life Hacker, and Wired. To use ClickFree, all you need are the target’s iCloud details. You’ll be able to track their location remotely from your PC or smartphone.

2.1 ClickFree offers pinpoint GPS-based location tracking features

With ClickFree, you get a bird’s eye view of someone’s movements on a virtual map. The app offers excellent location tracking:

  • Track location: ClickFree will track the iPhone wherever it goes. You can see building names, street names, and neighborhood information.
  • Virtual map: All locations are clearly pinned on a large, interactive map. You can zoom in for a closer look.
  • View location history: ClickFree saves the location history, so you can see all the places the target has visited the past few weeks.
  • Geographical coordinates: All places are tagged with exact geographical coordinates to avoid confusion. Also, there are time and date logs.
  • 3D street view: Finally, ClickFree supports Google’s 3D street view. You’ll be able to see what any visited place looks like with the help of satellite imagery.


2.2 ClickFree is the maximum value for money

You get maximum value for money with ClickFree. Here’s why it’s a recommended iPhone location tracker:

  1. You need zero tech skills to use ClickFree

Anyone can use ClickFree. The app is very easy to set up. You are provided with easy to follow instructions after you sign up for an account. The app also has a nice user-interface, which you can use from your PC or smartphone.

  1. The app works remotely from any browser

ClickFree is a remote iOS location tracking solution. Essentially, you can use it to view the iPhone’s location from any PC or smartphone web browser. It’s also discreet because it works remotely, without any software downloads or installs.

  1. ClickFree is a user-verified solution

Finally, ClickFree is a well-known app. Many people around the world make use of ClickFree in their daily life. The user base includes parents, employers, and even cybersecurity experts. The app offers a solid array of features for an affordable price.  

Interested in checking out ClickFree? Click here for the live ClickFree demo!

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Part 3: How to Track an iPhone for Free

The third solution we have for you is free. Be aware that this isn’t a full-fledged phone spy app. Instead, you use Apple’s in-built services to track an iPhone.

Also, note that you will need to have “Find My iPhone” settings enabled on the target device. This setting can be found in Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone.

3.1 Using Apple’s Find My App to track an iPhone

Apple offers an app called Find My iPhone that’s preloaded on all iPhone devices. If you want to track someone’s iPhone, you can use the Find My app on your iPhone for it:

Step 1: Open Find My app on your Apple smartphone or tablet.

Step 2: Enter the Apple ID linked to the iPhone you want to track.

Step 3: That’s it! The iPhone will pop up on a virtual map. You can start tracking it immediately.

3.2 How to track an iPhone without an app with iCloud

You can also use the iPhone’s linked iCloud account to track it. This can be done by logging into the account online:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Enter the device’s iCloud credentials. In the “Two-Factor Authentication” screen, choose the “Get quick access to: Location” option at the bottom.

Step 3: Start tracking the iPhone on a map!

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The most hassle-free way to track an iPhone is with an app such as ClickFree. Not only can you track the iPhone discreetly, but you also can do it at an affordable price. It certainly beats paying a private eye $50 an hour to keep an eye on your loved ones!