How to Track My Daughter’s Phone Without Her Knowing

All of us want to take good care of our children. There’s nothing stronger than a parent’s instinct to protect their kids – especially when they feel something’s wrong.

Do you think your daughter is behaving strangely? Does she seem to be distant and cold? Something is probably amiss. And in many cases, particularly during puberty – she might not want to tell you about it herself. Nevertheless, you still need to know what’s going on.

These days, kids’ entire lives are found in their phones, and your daughter is no exception. And wherever she goes and whatever she does, her phone is always with her. While that may be annoying, it also gives you a chance to find out what she’s up to when you’re not looking!

You’re probably wondering – is there a way to track my daughter’s phone without her knowing? You can find many suggestions online, and many of them are free. However, they’re also very unreliable. That’s why we’re going to recommend you go with the #1 solution: ClickFree!

Part 1: How to Track My Daughter’s Phone Without Her Knowing

If you search for ways to track your daughter’s phone, you’re bound to come across ClickFree one way or the other. It’s one of the premier brands on the market, found in many big outlets like TheGuardian, The Verge, Tom’s Guide, TechRadar, etc.

In fact, parents all around the globe successfully use ClickFree to keep a watchful eye on their children! Seeing as millions of concerned parents in more than 190 countries use it to know where their daughters are, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it either.

This app for child monitoring has a couple of extremely useful monitoring features. And most importantly – you can easily learn how to track your daughter’s phone with this application. Without any technical knowledge, you can swiftly learn where your daughter is going.

1.1 Why should I use ClickFree? Is it reliable?

When looking for ways to keep tabs on their kids, many people wonder how to track their daughter’s phone for free. After all, there are a lot of free apps online – surely there are some which could help with this as well?

While you’ll find plenty of free phone tracking apps, a quick glance is enough for you to realize that they’re rarely up to snuff. If you want a tried-and-true solution, you need something reliable like ClickFree.

Firstly, because it’s completely legal to use, if you want to keep an eye on your underage daughter. Plus, you always want to go with an app that many people have tested before you. And more than a million people have successfully used ClickFree for such a purpose!

If you’re worried that your daughter will find out that you’re tracking her, starting a nasty family squabble; don’t worry! ClickFree is impossible to detect on both iPhone and Android devices. It will smoothly run in the background, with your daughter being oblivious to her phone being tracked.

1.2 How does the ClickFree stealth mode work? Do I need to jailbreak or root the device?

For Android phones, we’re talking about a very tiny app, taking up less than 3MB. And once you install it, you can simply remove the app icon; it will continue to work, and your daughter will never even know it’s there.

On the other hand, if you want to track an iPhone: you don’t even have to install anything! ClickFree’s iPhone tracking system is based on iCloud backups, so there’s not even an app you have to dabble with.

Also, you’ll find that many phone tracking apps require you to root or jailbreak your daughter’s phone. That’s not a very good idea, as it makes the target device more vulnerable to viruses and other malware.

But with ClickFree, there’s NO need to root or jailbreak the phone you’re going to track! Besides being dangerous, that’s always a big hassle as well – something ClickFree lets you completely avoid.

1.3 How to Track My Daughter’s Phone Location Without Her Knowing

So, you’re wondering how to track your daughter’s phone without her knowing using ClickFree? It’s really simple! First of all, you’ll need to register your ClickFree account.

Once you’ve made a ClickFree account, log in. You’ll be greeted with the ClickFree control panel. That’s when you’ll spot the Location tab, in the panel on the left of the screen. Click on it to begin tracking your daughter’s device.

As you can see, the Location screen gives you a very detailed description of the user’s movements. All of the info you see is gathered by the GPS and Wi-Fi data from your daughter’s phone. There’s an interactive map that you can use to observe all of the locations she visits.

Below the map, you’ll find more details about those locations: including time logs, longitude and latitude, and the address. So, you can see her exact coordinates on the map, the address she’s at, and precisely when she went there! In short – everything a caring parent needs.

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Using ClickFree, tracking your daughter’s phone becomes easier than you could’ve imagined! To put it simply, this app is everything you need it to be. Apart from tracking the phone’s location, the app actually has countless other features: from call tracking to reading website history. If you want to learn more, check out this guide to track any phone number

So, it’s powerful, undetectable, and ridiculously easy to use. You can get it up and running in a matter of minutes – and then rest easy, always knowing that your daughter isn’t up to no good!