Photo Gallery Viewer: Access Saved Pictures and Videos

Photo & Video Access

View all photos and videos saved on the user's phone or tablet.

What photos do they have stored on their phones or tablets?

  • See all self-shot photos and videos.
  • Browse saved images and clips.
  • Look for captured screenshots.
  • Find details like timestamps and locations.

Three Steps to Spy on Photos

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Set Up ClickFree

Install ClickFree on the user's device, which takes only a few minutes.

View Media Files

Access the dashboard to begin viewing saved photos and videos.

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Take a Look at Someone’s Media Files via Your Browser

ClickFree provides a hassle-free way to take a look at someone’s saved media files as well as monitor them long-term. You can install the app to work with any Android or iOS device in minutes and begin monitoring remotely via your web browser. It’s fast, safe, and easy.

If you have the app installed, you can access the Photos and Videos section from the dashboard, in the selection menu in the left. There’s a separate window for photos and videos. The windows track all of the photos or videos received on the user’s device, whether they were received from someone or made personally.

The Photos window gives you a look at all the photos saved on the device in thumbnail format. Click on any photo when you are ready to begin downloading it. Every photo comes with a time and date entry attached, allowing you to find out exactly when the user got access to the photos.

The Videos window is a collection of all the videos shot or received on the user’s phone. Note that even if the user deletes a photo or video on their device, an archived copy will still be available for you to access in your online account.

Photos & Videos Offer Much Information

Why would you want to monitor someone’s photos or videos? There are many scenarios where it may prove to be necessary, like if you’re a parent keeping an eye on your child or if you’re worried about your partner cheating on you.

Are you children in trouble of some sort? Or are they mixed up with people they shouldn’t be? Children often get targeted by perverts and people with bad intentions in general. You can keep an eye on your child’s photos and videos and keep them safe by frequently monitoring their activity through ClickFree.

Is your partner maybe cheating on you? Their saved photos and videos may clue you in. They may have taken pictures of themselves with their new friend with their phones. And they could also have shared photos of themselves with them. A quick look at their media files can clear things up.

No Rooting or Jailbreak

ClickFree gives you the ability to view photos and videos without the trouble of rooting or jailbreak. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to install the app. It only takes a few minutes. Uninstalling the app is likewise easy. There are no problems like data loss to worry about.

Secretly View Photos & Videos

With ClickFree, you can view photos & videos secretly from your web browser, without the user finding out. When installing the Android version of the app, you have the option to hide the app, which makes it invisible to the user. The iOS version of the app is fully web-based and can’t be detected at all.

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