SIM Card Monitor: Track SIM Card Remotely

SIM Card Checker

Access SIM card details from your web browser.

Use ClickFree to monitor their SIM card and access important details:

  • Find details like the phone network operator and IMEI number.
  • Follow the network-based location of the SIM card.
  • Get notifications when the user changes their SIM card.
  • Install ClickFree via your PC or smartphone in minutes.

3 Simple Steps to Tracking the SIM Card

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Set Up ClickFree

Get ClickFree working with the target device in a few minutes.

View the SIM Card Details

Access the SIM card details from your dashboard.

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Track the SIM Card Via Your Browser

ClickFree offers an easy way to keep an eye on someone’s SIM card and phone number by extension. You can install the app in minutes from your phone or PC and start monitoring from your web browser. The app is both discreet and easy to use, not to mention protect your privacy.

Once you have the app installed, look for the SIM card option in the selection panel on the left. The SIM Card window contains an overview of the SIM-related information. You can see crucial details like the network carrier information and the IMEI number in the log to the left of the window.

The SIM Card Alert feature will send you a notification if the user happens to change their SIM card and replace it with a new one. You just need to provide your email. There’s a location tracking option at the bottom, which allows you to follow the phone’s movement based on their network-based location. This is not as accurate as GPS-tracking.

sim card tracker

Learn If They’re Hiding Something

Sometimes keeping an eye on someone’s SIM card can reveal a lot of information about them. If they’ve been keeping secrets from you, monitoring their phone can help you find out the truth, whether you are a parent, an employer, or a person in a troubled relationship.

If you’re keeping an eye on someone and they change their SIM cards when they’re out of the house, it’s a sign they’re keeping something from you. You can track the new SIM card and phone number from your browser. You will receive alerts every time they change their phone number.

Note that the IMEI number and remote location tracker may come in handy if you have lost your cell phone.

Use Without Root or Jailbreak

ClickFree is an advanced phone spy app that works without rooting or jailbreak. You can install it in a matter of minutes, with little tinkering or advanced technical skills needed. The app is easy to use and works effectively, without problems like data loss or malware infections.

Access SIM in Stealth Mode

ClickFree works in stealth mode, allowing you to monitor target devices without the user knowing, if that’s a necessity. The Android version of the app is small, works invisibly in the background, and can be hidden immediately after installation. The iOS version of the app works from your web browser, needs no software installation, and can’t be detected.

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