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Spy on Snapchat

Keep tabs on someone's Snapchat via your web browser, remotely and discreetly.

Find out what they're doing on Snapchat with ClickFree:

  • Read their personal and group Snapchat messages.
  • Retrieve auto-deleted Snapchat messages.
  • View contacts and traded media files.
  • Install discreetly in minutes from your web browser.

3 Simple Steps to Spy on Snapchat

Sign Up Free

Use your email ID to sign up for a ClickFree account.

Install ClickFree

Install ClickFree on the target Android or iOS device.

Start Monitoring Snapchat

Use your web browser to start monitoring Snapchat.

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Monitor Snapchat From Your Web Browser

Monitoring Snapchat has never been easier thanks to ClickFree. You can monitor someone’s Snapchat messages over a prolonged period of time with the app, without them finding out. The app is discreet, easy to install, and provides you with periodic activity updates, conveniently accessible from either your phone or PC.

After you have ClickFree installed, you can monitor the user’s messages from your web browser through the dashboard. Look for the Snapchat option under the Social Apps selection in the navigation menu to the left. Click on it to load up the Snapchat window.

The Snapchat window contains a collection of the user’s Snapchat messages, arranged in reverse chronological order. You also receive details such as time and date entries, contact names, exchanged media files, and more. Even deleted messages are visible to you.

Learn What You Need to Know

Always wanted to take a look at someone’s Snapchat activity, but couldn’t because of the auto-delete feature? ClickFree creates and maintains an archive of Snapchat messages as soon as they are sent out. You will always have access to their messages, even if Snapchat’s servers auto-delete them.

If you’re a parent, you can monitor your child’s messages and keep them safe from threats. Your child may fall victim to bullies, scammers, and perverts that especially love Snapchat’s auto-delete feature. You can keep an eye on their activity with ClickFree, though, and make sure they remain safe.

If you’re in a relationship with someone who might be cheating on you, you can use ClickFree to keep an eye on their behavior. If they’re cheating, chances are they’re doing it on Snapchat, where the auto-delete option provides added safety. But ClickFree offers a workaround to that, allowing you to monitor them regardless.

Install Without Root or Jailbreak

ClickFree was designed to work without rooting and jailbreak. You can use the app to monitor any Android or iOS device without voiding the device warranty or accidentally causing data loss. It’s easy to install. Note that support for Snapchat for iOS has been discontinued recently, though it may be reintroduced in a later update.

Use ClickFree While Remaining Hidden

You’ll be able to monitor Snapchat on both Android and iOS without fear of discovery. The Android version of ClickFree is small and can be hidden after you install it, making it run invisibly in the background. The iOS version of the app works remotely without software installation and can’t be detected at all.

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