Remotely Spy on Text Messages and iMessages

Text Messages Reader

View all SMS and iMessages present on the target device. Do it 100% invisibly.

Learn what they're talking about and with whom via ClickFree.

  • Read their incoming texts and iMessages via ClickFree.
  • Retrieve deleted messages via the archive function.
  • See details like timestamps and contacts information.
  • Install quickly and monitor from your web browser.

3 Simple Steps to Text Messages Monitoring

Sign Up

Use your email ID to register for a free ClickFree account.

Set Up ClickFree

Download and install ClickFree on the target user's device or use completely remotely on iOS.

Read SMS

Access their text messages via the ClickFree dashboard on your web browser.

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Keep an Eye on Them

You can monitor someone’s text messages through your web browser with ClickFree. Once you have the app installed, which takes only a few minutes, you’ll be able to access the text messages and iMessages from the dashboard, via the selection menu.

spy on text messages with ClickFree

Supervise Your Kids

It’s every parent’s job to look after their children. In modern times, it means keeping an eye on them when they’re using their phones. You can monitor your child’s messages and ensure they don’t fall in with the wrong sort of people or get targeted by scammers and perverts.

Monitor Your Workers

Is there a problem employee at work you’re keeping an eye on? You can better keep an eye on them via their company-issued phone through ClickFree. If they are exchanging messages with a competitor or are sabotaging their work in any way, you will know through the app.

Are They Cheating?

Do you think your partner might be cheating on you? If the answer is yes, you can take a look at their text messages for confirmation. Not only will you be able to read their texts, but also check out their contacts and media files, not to mention review deleted messages.

Works Without Rooting or Jailbreak

ClickFree works without rooting or jailbreak, meaning you can install the app quickly and begin monitoring the target phone or tablet without having to void the warranty or risk causing data loss. The no-root, no-jailbreak requirement also makes the app easy to use, install, and uninstall.

Read Texts in Stealth Mode

Want to keep an eye on them without them finding out? ClickFree works in secret on both iOS and Android. The iOS version of the app requires no software installation and so can’t be detected. The Android version is a small app that you can download, install, and then hide, making it impossible to find.

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