Secretly Spy on Viber

Viber Messenger Spy

Use ClickFree to monitor their Viber activity remotely from your web browser.

Quickly find out what they're doing on Viber with ClickFree:

  • Read their personal and group chats.
  • Take a look at their exchanged media files.
  • View any of the user's deleted Viber messages.
  • Find Viber contact names, numbers, and other details.

3 Steps to Spying on Viber

Sign Up

Get a ClickFree account with your email ID as the username.

Download ClickFree

Download and install ClickFree on the target user's device.

Monitor Viber

You can begin monitoring their Viber account via your web browser.

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Spy on Someone’s Viber Via Your Web Browser

ClickFree provides an effective, easy way to spy on someone’s Viber. After you install the app, you can monitor the target user’s Viber account from your web browser. Setting up the app is very easy, as is using it. You get periodic updated delivered to you via the internet.

Assuming you have ClickFree installed, you can access the user’s Viber from the dashboard. The Viber option will be in the Social Apps section in the selection menu on the left. Clicking on it will bring up the Viber window, which contains an overview of their Viber activity.

The Viber window tracks all the user’s messages in reverse chronological order. Details like time and date stamps, the Viber contacts, media files, and other information is also recorded. Deleted messages also appear in this window. If the user deletes a Viber message on their phone, it will still be accessible here.

Learn What They’re Keeping From You

If they’re talking to suspicious people on Viber, you can use ClickFree to keep an eye on them. Not only is the app a suitable way to quickly read recent messages, but it also allows you to track the user over a prolonged period of time.

Is your child in danger when they’re chatting on Viber? If you think they’re being targeted by harmful people, you can use the ClickFree app to monitor their activity. ClickFree also provides a convenient way to monitor your child over a prolonged period.

Are you in a relationship with someone but think they’re cheating on you? A look at their Viber activity may confirm your suspicions. If they’re cheating on you, they could be talking to the person on this app. You can also find out details about the new person via the Contacts screen.

Use Without Rooting

You can use ClickFree without having to root the user’s Android device. You don’t need any special skills to install or use the app, and uninstalling the app is possible with a single click from the dashboard. Please be aware that that Viber monitoring on iOS has been disabled recently pending a future update.

Access in Secret

You’ll be able to use ClickFree in stealth mode and spy on someone, if that’s a necessity. After you install the app on any Android smartphone or tablet, you can hide it. Afterward, the app will run in the background without the user’s awareness. ClickFree for iOS can’t be detected because it’s browser-based and works without a software installation.

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