Remotely Monitor WhatsApp

WhatsApp Spy Feature

Read their WhatsApp incoming and outgoing messages.

Check out their WhatsApp activity safely with ClickFree:

  • Access all their private and group conversations.
  • View contact information like phone numbers and DPs.
  • Download exchanged media files like photos and videos.
  • Install ClickFree quickly and start spying in minutes.

3 Steps to Monitor WhatsApp

Sign Up Free

Sign up for a ClickFree account with your email ID.

Install ClickFree

Install ClickFree on the target Android or iOS device.

Follow WhatsApp Activity

Get started with the WhatsApp tracking by logging into the dashboard

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Spy on WhatsApp Stress-Free

Spying on WhatsApp with ClickFree is very easy. You just need to install the app and get it working with the target user’s device first. Then you’ll be able to monitor their device from your web browser, without the user knowing. It’s safe, secret, and only takes a few minute of your time.

Once the app has been installed, you’ll be able to access WhatsApp from the dashboard. Look for the Social Apps > WhatsApp option in the selection menu on the left of the dashboard. Clicking on the option will load up the WhatsApp window, which is a collection of all of the user’s latest WhatsApp activity.

The WhatsApp window will track details like the user’s WhatsApp messages, their contact names, time and date logs, and even deleted messages. You can take a look at the exchanged media files through the Photos or Videos screen. Finally, for more information on saved contacts, take a look at the Contacts option.

WhatsApp spy

What’s Their WhatsApp History Telling You?

Should you be worried about someone in your life? Taking a look at their WhatsApp activity could put your fears at rest. ClickFree offers a safe, easy way to monitor their WhatsApp use from your web browser. It’s safe to install and easy to use.

Are you a parent worried about your child? They might be targeted by bullies on social media like WhatsApp, or maybe they are mixed up in something that could land them in hot water. You can keep them safe by monitoring their activity on WhatsApp 24/7 with ClickFree.

Are you in a relationship and think your partner could be cheating on you? Their WhatsApp activity could give you the clues you need to be sure. They could be in touch with the person on WhatsApp. You can keep tabs on their activity over a period of many weeks with the app without them knowing.

Use Without Root or Jailbreak

You can monitor WhatsApp without having to root or jailbreak the user’s device. This is not something many other apps in the market can do, making ClickFree a market leader. The app allows you to safely monitor any Android or iOS device without voiding its warranty or worrying about malfunctions and data loss.

Works in Stealth Mode

ClickFree enables you to monitor anyone’s WhatsApp without them knowing, if necessary. The Android version of the app is small and can be hidden after installation. The iOS version is fully web-based and works without a software download, making it impossible to detect on the user’s iPhone or iPad.

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